Dr. James Dobson cuts a brand new ad supporting Ted Cruz — [VIDEO]

Dr. James Dobson, a well known Christian author and psychologist who founded Focus on the Family, has cut a new ad for a Super PAC supporting Ted Cruz, telling voters that a vote for any other candidate other than Ted Cruz is really a vote for Donald Trump:

“This is Doctor James Dobson. As private citizens, Shirley and I urge you to support of Ted Cruz for President. Other Republicans are worthy of consideration, but at this point it looks like a vote for anyone other than Ted Cruz is a vote for Donald Trump. For people of faith who care about religious liberty, life, and marriage, it’s time for us all to rally around Ted Cruz. Senator Cruz has the intelligence, the courage, the grasp of domestic and world affairs, and the solid foundation in faith and family to stand firmly in support of our conservative values. This is James Dobson.”

I like how the video isn’t narrated by anyone else and is just Dobson laying out what he thinks of Cruz. However I’m not sure how effective the anti-Trump portion will be. He’s clearly trying to paint the election as a two-man race even though that’s rapidly changing in the polls.

I think this will play well,though, in South Carolina and other southern states where I’m guessing it will be put on the air. Dobson has huge name recognition and respect among Christians.

It also makes a great radio ad as well.

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