Dude. Biden OPENLY endorses high gas prices before pitching gas tax gimmick and media does NOT care.

The media have done a LOT of stories recently about high gas prices and the pain at the pump and so on and so on and so on. They do it for ratings, to fake being non-partisan, and because they know if they doom it up now, when the election comes around if it is even one PENNY less at the pump they can pitch it as a super duper win for Biden.

And that’s why they don’t care one bit about the fact that he is OPENLY giving the whole game away. The game being that he and the whole DNC want the gas prices high because that is their intent. They intend to impose a green agenda and forcing middle and lower class Americans out of their cars and into public transportation or simply covid lockdown is the PLAN.

And Biden can’t help admitting it accidentally.

That’s an endorsement. It’s an admission. It’s a signal to the greens that this is the product of his efforts on their behalf, and adding the word “lousy” is just butt-covering disclaimer. It’s like saying “good things are worth hardship.” It’s not saying he’s AGAINST the hardship.

And then he pitches the gas tax gimmick, which is what Obama called it in 2008, and nobody calls him out!

And why is Biden pitching it? BECAUSE it’s not going to do anything to the war on the oil companies! He wants a short term gimmick to improve his poll numbers without undermining their efforts to do long-term harm and kick Americans out of their cars.

I’m not baffled. They ARE cheering high gas prices. The gas tax holiday is a ruse, and not even a good one.

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