DUDE! CNN host totally gets TRIGGERED when conservative guest uses the “M” word on-air!

That’s right, I said “M” word not “N” word.

So what pray tell is this “M” word that gets CNN’s Brooke Baldwin so uptight and bothered?

It’s “mob”. Totally not kidding.

Here’s what happened. Matt Lewis was explaining that the enthusiasm on the Left was already high and what happened with Kavanaugh getting voted onto the Supreme Court didn’t really change much. Rather it was Republicans who needed the jolt, and he argued that the overreaction by the left has definitely done just that.

He then cited an example of this overreaction saying “when you see people like Ted Cruz getting chased out of restaurants by a mob…”

Brooke Baldwin immediately responded “Ohhh you’re not going to use the “mob” word here…” and then starts shaming him by saying “Matt, Matt, Matt” while Lewis explained that it was absolutely a mob.

This begins a back and forth where Baldwin denies the reality that what we saw in the restaurant with Ted Cruz and at the Supreme Court last week was a leftist mob, while Lewis continues to defend why these were absolutely examples of leftist mobbery.

The beautiful Mary Katherine Ham basically ended the debate when she sided with Lewis saying “yeah and if it were Tea Partiers we’d call it a mob, for sure. C’mon, let’s be serious.”


Watch the video for the entire insane back and forth.

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