Dylan Byers ADMITS reporters tell a progressive story defined by Obama and Hillary

This is a VERY good realization that Dylan Byers made on CNN, but it was made WAY in the middle of the night when no one but underpaid Mexican bloggers were paying attention. (We do the jobs, et cetera et cetera.)

Watch below:

It really is worth listening to a few times because he says some key things about how the press is really looking at itself and wondering why people have such hostility. And if he’s right, they’re coming to some semblance of an understanding of how we on the right see what they’re doing, some intentionally, and others accidentally. Pretty good stuff.

I mean you have to hand it to him that he at least admits most reporters are stuck telling the story of the progressive future as envisioned by Obama and Hillary – that is an insight that most in the media seem physiologically incapable of making….

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