E.U. looking to impose new economic sanctions ON ISRAEL, could create a ‘Jew-free’ state

The EU is now developing economic sanctions against Israel so that any private entity that wants to deal with the EU financially can’t have any ties beyond the ‘green line’ or the 1967 borders. According to CBN News, “New economic guidelines would prohibit money going from E.U. member nations to Israeli communities beyond what’s called the green line, also known as the West Bank.” This also includes the Golan Heights and East Jerusalem.

The implications of this could be the creation of a Jew-free state, according to Andrew Tucker, executive director of Christians for Israel International. He says “the guidelines put Europe in the position of creating a Jew-free state.”

“I think the thing that concerns us most is the signal that it’s giving,” Tucker told CBN News. “And we’re concerned that Europe is on the slippery slope toward forcing the creation of a Palestinian state and it will be a Palestinian state where Jews will not be welcome.”

As many of you know already, the “West Bank” is called “Judea and Samaria” in Israel because it is a part of Israel. To say they can’t live there or have any ties there is ludicrous and these economic sanctions are clearly anti-Semitic.

They vote on these sanctions on January 1st.

CBN’s Chris Mitchell explains it all below:

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