Eastwood: Chrysler ad wasn’t about Obama. It was about America

As Levin just said on the radio, I give Eastwood the benefit of the doubt on this one. He says the ad, from his perspective, was supposed to be about the spirit of America, not about pushing Obama’s agenda:

FOX NATION – Following the fall out over the controversial Chrysler Super Bowl halftime ad, Clint Eastwood spoke exclusively with O’Reilly Factor producer Ron Mitchell…

“I just want to say that the spin stops with you guys, and there is no spin in that ad. On this I am certain.

l am certainly not politically affiliated with Mr. Obama. It was meant to be a message just about job growth and the spirit of America. I think all politicians will agree with it. I thought the spirit was OK.

I am not supporting any politician at this time.

Chrysler to their credit didn’t even have cars in the ad.

Anything they gave me for it went for charity.

If any Obama or any other politician wants to run with the spirit of that ad, go for it.”

That said, if the ad had been for Ford instead of Chrysler and hadn’t mentioned Detroit, it would have been the best of the night.

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88 thoughts on “Eastwood: Chrysler ad wasn’t about Obama. It was about America

  1. Scoop: That said, if the ad had been for Ford instead of Chrysler and hadn’t mentioned Detroit, it would have been the best of the night.

    You’re Dead on Accurate. Anyone with a brain hears Chrysler thinks bailout, crony socialism, unions (overpaid, underworked, liquid lunches), unconstitutional.

  2. I think Mark Levin and most of ya in here have all lost your minds. That ad was so obviously in support of BO. Or does the spirit of America now lie in the hands of foreign nations? Because Chrysler et al were all bailed out ( bought ) by the federal gov. Then to pay off the feds the auto co.’s refinanced their loan to FIAT and others. This was a short sale as the foreign buyers did not think the companies were worth what their mortgage amount was for. So our government sold short of the note by about 3 billion dollars. We are all upside down. Nothing sells for what it is worth. Soon maybe we will short sale the United States to the loan holders. So this ad to support America is ridiculous. The auto company is not American. It is owned by foreigners and manufactured on foreign soil which means support for this ad is support to short sale America. Is that the new American way! HEY great, lets all support it. I think Levin needs a vacation or is he selling out too?

  3. We all KNOW the advertisement was propaganda primarily designed to ease the fears of the sheeple and a distant secondary purpose was to advertise for Chrysler.

    The ad was actually filmed in New Orleans, not Detroit – so – who knows where that factory depicted in the ad really is – it could be in Finland where Obama gave the last auto mfg. contract (probably belonging to some Marxist or Islamist buddy).

    As it turns out, BLS statistics are fictional and made up for political purposes as well: http://www.businessinsider.com/david-stockman-its-true-the-bls-data-is-made-up-2012-2

    Now we know what BLS really stands for, don’t we?

    The question remains – Who is telling the truth?

    Not the government, politicians, media. Even Politi-fact was caught lying about Michele Bachmann.

    The US government has gotten so far from God’s law that our laws enable or force us to break all of God’s Commandments. The Constitution and laws are being ignored from the top on down. Politicians and candidates are lying to us without shame. (Romney was caught in at least seven lies on stage in last debate)

    Even OWS in NYC was a violation of city laws ignored by Bloomberg, the mayor for political reasons and cost the city millions. Same in every other place the filthy protest occurred.

    We have opened the door to all manner of evil, lies and lawlessness.

    Even many parts of the church are in outright rebellion, apostasy, heresy and syncretism, led by unregenerate opportunists and hirelings.*

    Some cannot even trust their own families due to fractures by divorce, addiction, abuse, dishonesty, differences in political and religious views and other problems.*

    It feels like we are living in a House of Mirrors struggling to find the way out to the real world.*

    Think of it – If Romney wins the GOP nomination, our choice will be between two followers false prophets, both feeling entitled to the Presidency because of their spiritual and biological fathers, both fueled by ambitions to fulfill prophecies of their religions, to undo and vindicate past martyrdoms, both ruthless, both backed by untold fortunes and powerful entities.

    *Only reading Scripture and worship, finding good, balanced, Christ-centered, Biblical preaching and teaching, offers reliable respite, counsel and light…encouragement and strength.

    1. The US government has gotten so far from God’s law that our laws enable or force us to break all of God’s Commandments.

      According to our friend 911:
      “The LORD is a man of war” (Exod. 15:3, KJV).


      “…We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…

  4. I am just not buying it. I watched that ad several times now. I see a political ad, benefiting the auto bailouts and benefiting the Obama Administration. It was what I saw the first and last time I watched it. Perhaps Mr. Eastwood truly believes what he is saying. However, he did a political ad whether he chooses to accept it or not. Also, I have been reading that the spot was not filmed anywhere in Detroit. It was filmed in New Orleans and Los Angeles. Interesting.

  5. Originally I thought this ad was basically safe. However, seeing the nature of debate it has caused here I’ve had to reevaluate my opinion.

    Here is the problem (as I see it) with the ad. Eastwood, per se, aside for the moment, the ad itself is androgynous. It could easily go either way. As soon as you say it’s Obama propaganda everything that is not Obama comes to the forefront. But then you say it’s not Obama at all and everything Obama comes to the forefront.

    It’s about the American spirit and everyone pulling together as Americans, but what spirit and what does it mean to be American? It used to be plain what that meant. However, the marxists have been working overtime to gut our language of its meaning and assign new meanings to our terms. The dialectical deconstruction, redefinition, and refreezing of what the American spirit is and what it means to be American is the reason we are not clear on the interpretation of this ad. We want to see it according to the correct interpretation — the interpretation we have always had. however, we find it impossible to settle comfortably in that interpretation because it is so heavily compromised by the marxist implications of Detroit/the Chrysler bailout.

    The ad itself should be patriotic and encouraging. And if it had come out, say, right after 9/11 it certainly would have been and there would be consensus on just what was meant by the American spirit, etc. Remember that song Proud to be an American? We knew exactly what that meant. It captured the real American spirit perfectly and there was no debate about what he was really saying. But in the current climate with our very identity being forced into flux though the words (American, American spirit) remain the same, this ad cannot have the same effect. Instead it produces controversy, the goal of which is to come to a new consensus on what American spirit means.

    I believe this ad is quintessentially Hegelian. It has the thesis (Eastwood as standard American identity) and the antithesis (Obama/marxism, “fundamentally transformed” American identity) together in praxis, leaving an unsettled and frustrating confusion behind. Consequently, I have to reevaluate my original position and say it is marxist propaganda of the worst possible sort and Eastwood is being used.

    1. You are not a “newbie”. You’ve hit it bang on. Cultural Marxism coupled with the tactic of critical theory throws everything on its head. The fact that there are no longer commonly held beliefs, no more cohesive conception of the world in our culture produces the reaction we are now seeing to this ad.

      Eastwood was played for a rube. I suspect Axelrod is behind it. He gave himself away commenting on the ad and then he asked the question if Clint produced it. How innocent sounding of him! ABC’s Amy Walter saw it as a reelection ad in responding to Axelrod. They know what they’re doing… and conservatives are being played for rubes… Eastwood being played the most. Eastwood was very quick, falling into fake liberal sanctimony, to ensure everyone understood his fee went to charity.

      One of the big deficiencies in the conservative world is conservatives’ ignorance of Cultural Marxism, its origins, it’s intent, it’s strategy to destroy Western civilization and to grind conservatism into oblivion. Liberals and the Democrat/left love Cultural Marxism. They live it, yet have no clue what it is themselves. That’s the streamlined beauty and the evil genius of the Frankfurt School in implementing the strategy on the culture. No one knows what it is, they just live by it.

      Although I’m not a big fan of Pat Buchanan, his “Original Intent” is certainly worth watching for the neophyte on this subject. This is just a short clip from the longer presentation.

      1. This is also why they absolutely under no circumstances want Newt as the nominee. Newt really does produce an actual clear contrast between which people must chose. He is “black and white.” He does not provide for the dialectic’s various shades of gray. Romney produces no such stark contrast and this is why they want to run him. Not merely because he would be sure to lose to Obama. Rather, because whether or not Obama loses, if Romney is the other choice they still win, just not as much all at once. But that’s OK. As long as they don’t actually lose ground, as they would big time with Newt, they will take it.

        Marxists are looking at the big picture. They are out to win the war and they know they will need to lose (or appear to lose) a few battles to accomplish this. They are quite willing to take 2 steps backward in order to gain 3 steps forward later. If they can gain the 3 steps without having to lose the 2 steps, so much the better. But they are realists about it and will take what they can get.

        You are not a “newbie”.

        Heh. Thanks. Maybe I’ll change my screen name to politicalsophmore. 🙂

        1. That’s why all this Newt hate is stunning. It’s so obvious to those of us who understand the culture.

          Liberals don’t understand culture… they are a cog in a machine and unwittingly do their part. Conservatives also don’t understand culture and are extremely susceptible to the default political and cultural assumptions. That’s our Achilles heel.

          If that weren’t bad enough we’ve also got libertarians running around thinking they’ve discovered the wheel with a form of conservatism, while grasping at every socially Marxist assumption, be it abortion, or drugs, or some new form of ultra-freedom. Traditional conservatives who have a Judeo-Christian understanding of the nature of man have been pushed to the sidelines and are at pains to reassert themselves and to wrench society away from the cliff.

          The Newt hate so obviously in-your-face.

      2. Excellent video, las. I, too, am not much of a Buchanan fan, but this Gramsci book, ‘Prison Notebook’, looks to be a must read. Thanks.

  6. Picture what that commercial would look like if they’d hired Danny Glover, Leonardo DiCaprio or Al Sharpeton or Rachel or Jesse or Magzine or Barbara Jackas*….

    I think we were lucky here gang.

  7. I find it interesting how many people are dumping on Eastwood because of the ad. Admittedly I don’t know much about him other than some claim he is Republican lite, libertarian even. Despite Eastwood’s appearance in the ad, Eastwood himself is irrelevant.

    It’s Chrysler who’s relevant. It’s Chrysler who took bailout money. The ad hits the exact notes that Obama himself sang during his various SOTU addresses and his other nauseous speeches.

    There’s an unseemliness to the ad… a cognitive dissonance whereby on the one hand lofty sounding language is employed extolling Americans’ ability to pull together while on the other hand scolding those evil undefined and unidentified forces who divide America. It’s Obama’s language. It’s clear and obvious… go back and read or listen to Obama spewing the same stuff.

    Was Eastwood duped? I think so. It should be a lesson to any conservative who gets co-opted for putatively neutral yet liberal memes just so they can appear as uniters in the face of unnamed and nefarious dividers.

    It’s only when really partisan bickering takes place that the liberals take the gloves off and identify their greatest enemy dividers of America: those “bitter clingers”, those Tea Partiers, those “One Percenters”, those obstructionist Republicans; those conservative racists. It’s all class warfare… and it’s toned down just enough to make a Chrysler ad appear palatable… noble even. And who better to deliver such a message than a putative conservative like Eastwood.

      1. Very good… Rshill… it’s fantastic… really good stuff. My toupe off te yee. That’s what makes this blog so good.

        My heart may be on my sleeve, as you so astutely discerned, yet my reasonings are in my head and on my finger tips. And now that we can clear the fog of ad hominem away from the subject… Al Sharpton or something… we can tackle the arguments at hand. You can see some of my reasoning in the various postings I have done, one of them being above.

        In summary here’s what I think is going on… I could be wrong… you decide:

        Eastwood, as conservative/libertarian and all round good guy he may be, he was used as a rube.

        I believe Axelrod was behind the ad given his tweets on said ad, feigning innocence by asking if Eastwood produced it. ABC picked it up as a political message. It’s a hunch… but like everything Axelrod… Astroturf abounds. Do I have proof? No. But like the attacks on Cain… a walking duck abounds. Axelrod is so often the deepest layer in the onion.

        The language of the ad is Obamian. You can see this from SOTU addresses and in various really partisan speeches by Obama. The language imho was unmistakable. And it’s not just me, but other right wing “code” speakers picked it up as well. I’m still searching, but I am sure I’ve heard Obama use these very words that Clint used: “The fog of division discord and blame made it hard to see what lies ahead.” I know I’ve heard Obama express these very thoughts if not the exact words. To me it’s unmistakable.

        Chrysler is riding on the success of Ford (of all things) and the bailouts to pump this obtuse bilge into the public’s mind. The sheer chutzpah to have the taxpayer to pay for a political ad. When Chrysler pays for commercial ad… I won’t fault them… but it’s a political ad. Who’s at half time? What is half time? Eastwood says America is at halftime. As you point out is halftime 230 years? No! The answer is Obama’s at halftime…Obviously! It’s not about no stinkin’ football game.

        It’s all image, language and cultural manipulation. Initially it looks good at first blush… it’s absolutely beautiful with an authorative looking Clint walking solemnly and talking with froggied voice. But the ad is deeper… much deeper and has to be seen in the context of the events swirling around Obama. And in that respect… it’s brilliant but full of deceit… and as great as Eastwood is… he fell for it.

        But to emphasize… the ad’s not about Eastwood… it’s about Obama’s putative bailout success and his reelection.

        1. Let me once more wax poetic and expose nothing but the wick: Okeedokie, that’s it. (just kidding)

          Ok, Yes, they kinda threw one by him and he swung his trusty bat at it. We haven’t yet seen where the ball rests, as the sound of either the bat hitting the ball or the ball hitting the catcher’s mitt is too imperfect to discern which is which. Is the ball in the glove or somewhere over the fence? I don’t know. The glove is closed and the fence is high.

          By the way, I neglected to say that your picture painting soliloquy, was exquisite.

          *He bows, doffs his hat, and exits, stage right. Whereupon finding himself alone in the wings, sticks a feather in said hat, calls it maccaroni, and whistles for his pony*

          Have a great day sir! That was fun.

          1. Ball … bat… glove… I’m at a loss with the metaphors being pitched around here… with the metaphors being batted around… with the metaphors being grasped at with leathered glove.

            I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come on here with one set of ideas in my head, only to have them completely turned around in a different direction.

            Now back to more snow shoveling, in place of the other kind of shoveling.

  8. It was a lame ad… the fact that they tried to make it deep, dark and Detroit-patriotic fell flat.

    Clint, I love ya… but you backed a dog on this one. But a paycheck is a paycheck.

  9. I’m a conservative and found nothing subversive about it. I’m sorry but my fellow people get way ahead of themselves sometimes. Not everything is left wing subliminal messages.

    Clint Eastwood isn’t a democrat anyway. He clearly stated he isn’t for Obama. I’ve seen every interview Clint, almost, and he has stated many times that he is right leaning. Cool your guns guys.

    1. Not everything is left wing subliminal messages‘ – Ryan

      In this politically-charged atmosphere that we are living in – yes, yes it is.

      I equate this ad about great American values using as an example a company bailed out by the government, its unions propped up by our taxpayer dollars, and then sold to a foreign company to an ad about the great virtues of our illustrious military and then using ‘My Lai’ as an example. We have to be careful of everything.

  10. Clint should just stick with his quiet man of action persona. That commercial was the longest speaking role I’ve ever heard from him and it fell flat IMO. I like him better when he just stares. So he should take Tuco’s advice and,”When you have to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk.”

  11. Caution is always wise…but…some things are exactly what they appear to be. People are going a little to far. Some of the descriptions of devious, stealth, subliminal, evil messages in the super bowl ads are down right ridicules. And Clint…c’mon. Eastwood is John Wayne incarnate. He’s the man!

    1. Here’s what I think: that ad was a great Exceptional-America idea, a pep talk to Americans, and it used good old exceptional Clint Eastwood, an American icon, to enhance its message. And it happened to be thought of by a car company – or its ad agency – in its never-ending pitch to consumers. Advertising people are not real smart or sophisticated about government and they probably never gave government a thought when they did the ad. I imagine the car company loved it when they saw it – they probably think they got themselves up off the floor and are just pounding their hairy chests in triumph over their comeback. I doubt that anybody involved – certainly not Eastwood (also not the brightest bulb in the box) – made any connection to Obama/bailouts/government.

      It is our political thinkers who see this insidious connection. And having seen it, they should keep it to themselves. There is no point in strengthening such an idea by pointing it out and harping on it.

  12. So, who here realizes that if it hadn’t been for the auto bailout – which Ford supported for its competitors – Ford would have been in serious trouble too?

    Supply lines, people, supply lines.

    1. The same results would have been accomplished with the bankruptcy laws. The companies were reduced dramatically and restructured anyway. The suppliers were affected just the same.

      Look at the numbers of sales right now. They are touting greater increases in sales, but the reality is the sales numbers are half what they were just before the collapse. If you had $100 and I took away $70, but then eventually gave you $20 back, would you be happy or sad with the final result?

      Bailout or bankruptcy, they ended up the same, except the Unions got propped up, paid off, and bolstered because of the bailouts and would have been diminished with the bankruptcy. That’s the difference.

  13. No, TRS, it still would be wrong, even if it was for Ford. Detroit is not leading the way in fiscal Conservatism or responsibility, no matter what name is used, and America is not looking at a bright future. Furthermore, ‘misunderstandings’ aren’t the problem: Big Government, Big Education and Big Labor are. Even if he claims it wasn’t for any political party, it still presents a falsely rosy picture of the US, and it’s present state of being; in fact, it’s dangerously wrong. Making cars aren’t the answer to America’s problem. Getting Big Government, Big Labor and Big Education out of everybodys’ pockets is.

  14. Yeah, sorry, but I’m just not buying that for a dollar. Clint may’ve not believed he was being used, but, in short, he was. The spoken text of that ad was pure propaganda, nothing short of it. I respect what he thinks about it, but I’m still entitled to see it for what it was.

  15. There was clearly a scene of protest in front of the White House with American flags flying, where Clint is deriding the “fog of division, discord, and blame.” How can that not affiliate him politically with Obama?

    Chrysler did indeed have cars in the ad – on the assembly line, but this was clearly a reelection ad for Obama, using taxpayer bailout money.

    A man’s got to know his limitations.

      1. People didn’t get time to look closely during the ad – it was just a flash. I didn’t recognize Clint’s voice, but the ad was about Detroit so I was waiting for the politics. That scene was it. I got a quick shot of American flags in front of what looked like the White House, and heard the voiceover deriding it. The message to millions of viewers was clear. I doubt but a handful hit the rewind button.

        Before that, there was also a couple of frames of some guy sounding off on a news show. Have no idea who it was, but the fact that it was a Chrysler commercial was all the context they needed to give.

        Maybe they just didn’t tell Clint how few frames they would flash of the union mob, or maybe they did but only in fine print. If he was taken in, I’d like to see him talking trash on Obama’s Chrysler, not the critics of the ad.

        It’s the same with the middle finger during Madonna’s act. This kind of stuff is right up Obama’s alley.

        1. Remember the Tucson, Az memorial where Obama had the auditorium filled with College kids, handed out T-shirts with the new campaign slogan ‘Together We Thrive’ and they all hooted and hollered every time he paused in his speech. It was a disgusting display, but once it was ratted out that it really was a campaign stop, they had to drop the slogan.

          I see this ad much the same way. If we make it clear to the populous, then he can’t use it like I’m sure he wants to.

          1. I hope that can happen.

            It does look like we hear more about the 1.2 million who gave up hope to find a job than we do his baloney unemployment numbers now.

            1. The wonders of the internet! That’s why liberals want the ‘fairness doctrine’ and want to control the internet. It’s far too powerful for them. They had the news media (ie, papers, 6:00 news) wrapped in their little mitts, but the news media changed on them and now they’re playing catchup.

    1. Not disputing your analysis, but if you look closely, it is not actually the White House, but a “fake” White House with the Capitol dome looming directly above/behind it. The front of the real White House only has 4 columns, and the fake one in the ad has 5. Anybody else notice that?

      There are lots of cars in the ad, and not just on the assembly line. There’s a black Challenger, and a red Ram truck, and a Jeep driving etc.

  16. …That said, if the ad had been for Ford instead of Chrysler and hadn’t mentioned Detroit, it would have been the best of the night.‘ – TRS

    My point exactly. A great feel-good American success story. All I see this ad doing is giving people the subconscious thought that the bailouts were good. Only time will tell what effect it will have in the general election.

    1. Obama is doing the same thing he did in ’08 campaign, only it isn’t about hope and change this time. He uses phrases like ‘ChevyAmerica Built to Last’, uses fiscally conservative ideas in his speeches, and uses the Bible, like at the National Prayer Breakfast, to make his points of Tax increases. It’s all about making people believe that he is something he really isn’t.

    2. Estimates say the tax payers took the hit and will not see $8 to $10 Billion of that money back, so how in the He!! is this a good thing for the USA? Just put it on our future generations tab and we can trumpet this a resounding success! This is evil in its most corrupt and dirty form. Our Government is spending Trillions we don’t have and acting as if it is just fine and dandy because they are getting rich off of it. Or should I say us? American’s are being played as fools for now but when the house of cards comes crashing down there will be he!! to pay. All because they (The Federal Govt.) were greedy and drunk with power. I don’t see a way out of this without a total collapse. The lemmings vote for a Liberal (Romney) in Republican’s clothing because they are ignorant and/or too lazy to do the research and see the truth.

  17. Right on target SCOOP!!!

    Rshill7, Ahhhhh Vindication, not that you needed it…

    Clint is up there near Charlton Heston, and the Gipper in my book. Grand Torino

    1. I love Clint as well. But in terms of the messaging… he’s irrelevant. He’s a prop only. And he allowed himself to be used. Now he’s stuck saving face.

      But Eastwood’s not the problem, nor should he be the target. Chrysler’s the problem… the bailout is the problem… and the subtle, yet statist liberal messaging in the ad is the problem. Using bailout politics in an ad as the launchpad for success is so despicable and unseemly that Chrysler didn’t even identify themselves in the ad. It deliberately leaves the impression that all car companies benefited. It’s propaganda.

  18. I am not buying it.

    Clint, get out of Hollywood long enough and you’d figure out what we already know. The economy sucks, it is getting worse. Chrysler’s deal with a fascist government, corrupt labor unions and a foreign car company screwed both Detroit and America.

    Slick ads edit with the administration propaganda ministry is not going to make things all swell for us “in the second half”. And going on O’Reilly to make excuses cmpunds the anger toward all you elite hypocrites.

  19. Malarkey. Clint the ad was about the auto bailout and how it worked. That is not America recovering, it is a fake propping up and not letting of the system righting itself exactly like what is happening in Europe.

    1. Much like Greece, the EU simply doesn’t want to deal with a failed state so their propping it up with conditions similar to what happened with TARP. The French and Hun want to dictate to the Greeks how to run their affairs. The Greeks, much to their credit, want none of it. Of course they’ve already charted a course simlar to that Italian ocean liner.

    2. Correctamundo! Not a recovery but a sell out in order to transform an economy and a nation and make it look like they are helping. “We had to do it to save America” BS!!! Clint is letting you know that it is hopeless and this is the new America. Please support it was in his eyes. He is not stupid, no accident. The bailout was a strategic political move. Bail them out, give them a balloon note you know they won’t be able to meet, then they will have to sell to pay us back. Short sale, even better. Now the taxpayers are deeper in doo doo. Gee, sounds familiar. Aren’t homes going through the same thing? Gee, all American assets are upside down and unable to be managed at current levels. HMMMM. Something a true recovery may have prevented.

  20. If it had been a Ford Ad, fine….too bad it was Chrysler…but Eastwood has always been a patriot…maybe he did not mean it that way.
    Is it true that the commercial was filmed in New Orleans?

  21. I agree, some of our commentators jumped the shark here. Eastwood is no leftist ideologue. The man is over 80, he doesn’t have much time left and doesn’t ever have to worry about running out of money. From his perspective, like it or not the bailout happened, so we might as well make the best of it. What are we supposed to do? Pray they go bankrupt after bailing them out? From his perspective how does that help anything.

    I don’t plan on buying a brand new American car any time soon, even if its a Ford. UAW is UAW, bailout or not. And as long as they keep funding politicians hell bent of destroying my economic liberty, to hell with them. I’ll buy foreign and help keep the southern red state auto worker on the job.

    1. Many good points Jim, but I think the bailout was wrong on many different levels. Our Government picked the winners and cast aside the losers especially in the bank bailouts. Smaller banks were targeted to fail while propping up the likes of Goldman Sachs. The federal government put regulations in place that gave Goldman Sachs privileges that the smaller banks were stripped of therefore determining what banks would fail. According to conservative estimates the taxpayers will not be reimbursed $8 to $10 Billion dollars owed, that our children and grandchildren will have to pay back.

      Sometime these things need to be broken down and put into more simple terms. We all have had a person that asks for money, you give it to them, and then you never get it back. That person will come back and ask you again for money, are we stupid enough to keep giving them money time after time? I don’t think so.

      These institutions will go broke again and our Government will bail them out again and again, the writing is on the proverbial wall. Without failure being an option who are the real losers? The taxpayers and our economy, no one else. Everybody inside the Government good old boys club wins and gets rich on the taxpayers dollars, while the rest of us lose everything. Class warfare indeed! I think it’s almost revolution time.

      1. With that in mind, banks even investment banks should never have been allowed to grow as big as they are. Politcians are responsible for all you see and most of what you can’t. Fractional banking needs to go along with the Federal Reserve.

      2. I hated the bailout, don’t support it in any way shape or form for all of the reasons you cite. I am just not convinced Eastwood was in the tank for anyone but America in that ad.

        1. I love Clint, always have. He is fine here; I just think he didn’t think the entire thing through, as to the political nature anyways. All I am highlighting is this – The Bailouts were wrong, I don’t care how you want to justify or spin it, our government should never have done any bailouts. To give the government unlimited power is to say fraud and corruption has nothing to do with government. Growing Government is only growing our problem. Stop Spending NOW! It’s probably too late to stop the collapse now anyways, God help us.

      3. You forgot to mention how many “conservative” car dealerships were targeted and run out of business after the bailout. Another sad story in the wake of the Obama statist cult.

      4. Oh yes, they repaid their debts alright. They refinanced to pay back the feds. When you refinance you sell your mortgage to another entity. GM, Chrysler and Chevy short saled to get out of the note with the federal gov. Sold it to FIAT and other foreign nations. Took about a 3 billion dollar loss, a short sale. Paid back the gov., ( haven’t seen that credit yet though ) at a loss, so loan was marked: satisfied but for a lesser amount. It is the new way to do business today in BO-Ville. Buy high and sell lower. Then let the taxpayers pay back all of it. They’ll never know!! Wake up America. When are you really going to wake up? We do not own much anymore. America is owned by other nations. Let’s support that ( sarcasm ). Good idea.

    2. Since we’re never getting the “investment” back, I’m hoping that the UAW forces yet another failure however,this time forcing the corrupt unions out of the picture.
      I’d quote “Animal Mother” from “Full metal Jacket” but just to much profanity.

    3. If you buy a Chrysler, Chevy or GM car you are buying foreign. That is who owns them now, foreigner auto companies. They are not made in America and they are not owned by America. We got sold out, short sale but sold out nonetheless. Thank your prez for that!

  22. From my previous posts:

    I think a lot of people are getting paranoid –

    People are reading way too much into this ad

    What I said before is that – A GOP candidate would be very smart to latch onto
    this ad pronto and explain that

    WE NEED a NEW quarterback NOW to win the game

    Chill out people –

    Clint does not like OBAMA –

    but this AGAIN shows us how divisive Obama is and how

    Obama is making us all anxious


    Don’t bother trying to convert the “ghoul aid” drinkers –

    Get out the vote in 2012
    “The end of an error”

    1. That ad was pure propaganda. State of the art maybe – but still disgusting propaganda. Whether or not Eastwood knew he was being used, does not change that.

      1. They ARE out to get us – just like the last time

        BUT We must not flinch and jump and twitch at everything

        We must ban together and use what we have to bring down this POS POTUS

        Clint had good intentions – I believe – but everyone jumped the gun on this one

        I know he does not like Obummer and I knew he would respond as quick as he did

        I believe he meant it as a “pep talk” and a wake up call to Americans to do the right thing and change the quarterback

        He won’t admit it though – He’s smarter than that and

        I admit I am nervous that “ZERO” has a 1% chance of getting reelected

        I haven’t had a steady income for 4 years – You know I will be on the phones – for the first time ever

        1. Since I didn’t watch the game, I thought the ad would have been better off as a People’s Cube parody.

    2. I like what you said here and I think this really sums it up:

      …but this AGAIN shows us how divisive Obama is…

    3. Yes, people are becoming paranoid. We are living is very scary times and Obama is the fuel lighting the fire.

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