EcoHealth Alliance whistleblower says COVID was genetically engineered, leaked from Wuhan and blames US government

A new whistleblower from EcoHealth Alliance has come forward to say that COVID was indeed genetically engineered and leaked from the lab in Wuhan.

He blames the US government for giving the biotechnology to the Chinese, working with them on it in Wuhan with ‘shoddy biosecurity safeguards’ and then lying about all of this via a cover up.

Dr Andrew Huff is a former vice president of EcoHealth Alliance and this revelation comes from him in a new book he gave to the Sun Times before it’s release:

A SCIENTIST who worked closely with the Wuhan lab has claimed Covid was genetically engineered – and leaked from the facility.

Dr Andrew Huff, former vice president of EcoHealth Alliance, claims to have had a ringside seat to what he brands one of the greatest cover-ups in history – and the “biggest US intelligence failure since 9/11”.

In his new book – The Truth About Wuhan – whistleblower Dr Huff claims the pandemic was the result of the US government’s funding of dangerous genetic engineering of coronaviruses in China.

The epidemiologist said China’s gain-of-function experiments – carried out with shoddy biosecurity – led to a lab leak at the US-funded Wuhan Institute of Virology.

“EcoHealth Alliance and foreign laboratories did not have the adequate control measures in place for ensuring proper biosafety, biosecurity, and risk management, ultimately resulting in the lab leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” he said in his book, an exclusive pre-release copy of which was provided to The Sun Online.

EcoHealth Alliance had been studying different coronaviruses in bats for more than ten years with funding from the National Institutes of Health – and developed close working ties with the Wuhan lab.

Dr Huff, who worked at EcoHealth Alliance from 2014 to 2016 and served as vice president from 2015, worked on the classified side of the research programme as a US government scientist.

The army veteran, from Michigan, said the organisation taught the Wuhan lab the “best existing methods to engineer bat coronaviruses to attack other species” for many years.

And he claimed “China knew from day one that this was a genetically engineered agent”.

“The US government is to blame for the transfer of dangerous biotechnology to the Chinese,” he said.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Dr Huff added: “I was terrified by what I saw. We were just handing them bioweapon technology.”

In his book, the emerging infectious diseases expert claims “greedy scientists killed millions of people globally” – and goes as far as to claim the US government covered it up.

I know this won’t come as a shock to anyone because Huff’s accusations match exactly where all the evidence is pointing, which is what many on the right have been saying since 2020.

I just hope House Republicans form a select committee to investigate this and then push for charges against those responsible in the US government. I know the Biden administration won’t take it seriously, but hopefully all of that will change in 2024.

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