Ed Schultz deceptively edits video to accuse Perry of racism

Breitbart.TV caught this on Ed Schultz’s show on MSNBC, where Schultz accused Rick Perry of referring to Obama as a “big black cloud over America”. The only problem was that Perry was referring to the 16 trillion in debt, which was absolutely the context of his comments, which Ed Schultz purposely edited out of the sound byte so that he could accuse Perry of racism:

First of all, allow me. Obama is a big black cloud over America and it is not racist to say it. Obama has been smothering this economy every since he stepped into the Oval office and that is exactly what it means.

But more importantly, deceptively editing a clip to make an absurd accusation of racism against a presidential candidate is about as low as it gets. But what’s even more absurd would be the fact that anyone bought the edit. Without even hearing the continuation of Perry’s comments, it was clear he was referring to the debt. Which means Ed Schultz is not only just a low-life scumbag, but a low-life scumbag who thinks his audience is a bunch of idiots. Well, perhaps they are if they think Ed Schultz is anything but a liar.


UPDATE: Apparently Ed Schultz isn’t the only one falsely accusing Perry of racism over this same quote.

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