Ed Schultz: Tea Party Republicans are like sewer rats

Right before Christmas, Ed Schultz took to the airwaves to vent his frustration with Tea Party Republicans, you know, the ones who operate more on principle than is normally seen in Congress. He’s decided that Tea Party Republicans don’t act in a ‘human’ way, so therefore he’s labeled them ‘sewer rats’ because they just go down in a hole and interact with each other instead of interacting with the rest of humanity, like Ed said he did.

No, Ed’s not arrogant is he? Yeah, he is, but more importantly, he’s dead wrong. Which is why he’s on MSNBC.

(via Radio Equalizer)

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42 thoughts on “Ed Schultz: Tea Party Republicans are like sewer rats

  1. You know who else labeled zionists as rats? Hitler. Not that Ed Shultz could ever acquire the prominence of Hitler but at least we know what which side to look for Hitler on.

  2. In the Christmas spirit, let’s give the guy some credit. He is much more entertaining and camera friendly, than Madcow. I will actually pause for a few moments, when channel surfing, for him!

  3. “How is this raving baffoon still given a show.”

    Speaking of raving buffoons, where has Al Sharpton been? I really miss hit witty repartee.

  4. He’s on MSNBC which means he’s like that tree falling in the forest. If nobody hears him, did he make a noise? Then you extend his forum beyond MSDNC by replaying his rants here on TRS. Why not just leave MSNBC to its audience of a few brainless libs?

  5. In the last election the smear campaign started with the LSM and NBC Cable news. The President and the socialist engineering Samantha Powers and Valery Jarred are putting up several Edward Bernaies style Branding Campaigns.

  6. Sewer rats are dirty, carry diseases, crazy & erratic, defecate anywhere they want to, lay claim to things that’s not theirs. Which group fits that description? If the tea parties are sewer rats, then then the OWS are HIV/AIDS virus or cancer, pick your illness.

  7. Vas is los, mien herr. Didn’t I see you in Muncih, next to Adolf? Well, even if not, you are still pushing the party line. Rats every where except in your rat shoes. Get stuffed!

  8. Ed, with all due respect, if I may ask, do you have an addiction to warm enemas? Please don’t ask me why I think this, there are a lot of really fine, decent people on this site and I wouldn’t want to offend them.

  9. I tried to watch The Ed Show once, but was forced to change the channel to some real entertainment….The Kardashians have a much more interesting point of view on today’s topics

  10. Whatever Ed….the only place he gets more viewers/time is on conservative blogs. Without us, he’d never be heard!

  11. Sewer rats are not albinos ED, they don’t have pink eyes, at least be accurate in your portrayal of sewer rats, PLEASE ! If you’re going to call us names, be accurate for goodness sake ! Did this play last night ?, that might explain the names calling this morning ! The toad speaks poorly, ribbit, ribbet, burp, drinking again, ED?

    1. I see several people here say “we” when the Tea Party is mentioned. I wonder how many of us are Tea Party? I am.

  12. Oh Ed…we are not sewer rats we are Eagle eyes looking down on you and getting ready to pounce come Nov 2012!

    1. Because the 4 viewers he draws raises the ratings of MSNBC (-1 googolplex, at this time). If his mom stops watching, that would only leave the reporters from The Blaze.

      1. Nukeman60, You forgot, one of his listeners was put on injured/reserve last week and he still is on it. They say he may be out for another three or four weeks. Word is the’re looking hard for a replacement.

                1. Sure beats actually having to listen to Schultzie. I thank Scoop for the synopsis, otherwise I would get stomach ulcers trying to listen to this POS.

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