Elected DNC member says Trump supporters must be DEPROGRAMMED

Elected California DNC member, David Atkins, demonstrates how the left isn’t content to just ‘win’ the election, assuming Biden wins. They want to ‘deprogram’ Trump supporters or something (h/t: Daily Wire):

Nazis? Imperial Japanese? Racists? This is what listening to CNN for four years will do to your brain. Nothing but a fried rotten egg.

He continues, suggesting that Trump supporters don’t have legit policy ideas, that the only actual policy debates are the socialist ones happening on the left:

QAnon? Seriously, nobody on the right gives a damn about QAnon because they aren’t really a threat to this country. They are only some fringe group that the media loves to connect to Trump so they don’t have to talk about their own brown shirt street army called Antifa. Nobody would even know about QAnon if the media and the left didn’t obsess about them.

Talk about conspiracy theories on the left. They hate Trump so much they just invent stuff.

But now we get to what Atkins really wants to do:

Got it? He wants to silence conservatives by getting us kicked off social media or deplatformed. He also mentions ‘conservative infotainment’ and you know what that means. Atkins wants to silence voices like those of Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and other influential hosts who the left believes got Trump elected. I’d bet he and his lik are already planning to revive the fairness doctrine in order to make that happen, which I’m sure is a top agenda item if Biden is inaugurated in January. Just go check twitter and you’ll see tons of people talking about it already. I just did.

These radical leftists want to make sure that another ‘Trump’ never happens to this country again and they’ll do whatever it takes to use social media and the government to silence us. If Biden does end up winning, lookout because that’s what coming next.

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