ELECTION NIGHT: It’s not looking good for Robert Good….or is it? – [UPDATE: McGuire barely leads with 93% IN]

The Republican who dared to support Governor Ron DeSantis in the Presidential Republican Primary is now fighting for his political life against Trump endorsed John McGuire III.

As you well know, Good made an enemy out of Trump when he chose to support DeSantis and now he’s been called a Trump backstabber by the likes of MTG.

Well apparently it’s working because, as of right now, Good is trailing McGuire by a whopping 40 points. The race was fairly close and then suddenly, with 69% of the vote in, McGuire jumped from a 6 point lead to a 40 point lead. It looks like Danville, Virginia might be responsible.

Here’s the latest results which should be called soon for McGuire:

Below was the Danville results that skewed the results in favor of McGuire:

These results are truly confusing. Danville disappeared and suddenly the results fell back to earth and McGuire leads only by about 4 points:

However you slice it up, McGuire is either leading by a little or a lot. If Danville shows back up it could once again skew the results away from Good. I don’t know why they were removed if they are legit.

UPDATE: The margins are even closer now, with Good only losing by 3 points…

UPDATE 2: Good is now ahead by the smallest of margins:

I should note Danville had been re-added and the margins are very, very different:

UPDATE 3: Ok I’m doing away with the screenshots. This race is moving too fast.

McGuire is back in the lead by 4 with 68% of the vote in…

UPDATE 4: And the race is within 2:

John McGuire – 11,680 – 51.0%
Robert Good* – 11,230 – 49.0%

UPDATE 5: And the race is within 3 again:

UPDATE 6: It just got closer…

UPDATE 7: I think Good is going to need a miracle. It’s back to 4…

UPDATE 8: I should note they just reset the metric for how much of the vote is in. It went from 95% to 88%…

UPDATE 9: The metric for how much of the vote is in continues to plummet and isn’t all that reliable at this point:

UPDATE 10: Good has just taken the lead:

UPDATE 11: McGuire is back in the lead:

UPDATE 12: I think the race is too close to call and will probably go to a recount to determine the winner:

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