Elizabeth Warren tells radical MoveOn group that running for ANY office as Republican is INSURRECTIONIST

There is no spectrum on the Republican side, says Elizabeth Warren. Talking to the radical MoveOn group that if you are a Republican you are an insurrectionist and will “take away democracy.”

She says running for office or “taking money” from the Republican party means you are “bought in” using “hate” and “lies” to “control the American people.”

You know, the stuff Democrats do.

She’s saying that running as a Republican is treason. She’s trying not to use that exact word, but the meaning isn’t lost on us or her audience at MoveOn. They want that made law. Because they are the ones who really want a fascist state.

It’s really beyond the pale how far elected Democrats are allowed to go without ever being called on it by the media. They can say Republicans are going to END AMERICA LITERALLY and everyone just lets them say it, never asks if they go too far. The press basically repeat and agree with it every chance they get.

It’s infuriating. There is going to have to be a reckoning.

Assuming, of course, we don’t self-destruct because Trump wants to hurt DeSantis because he feels threatened, I mean.


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