ELLEN: Parents don’t love their children unconditionally if they won’t let them change genders…

Today Ellen Degeneres had actress and wife of former NBA star Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union on her show to discuss, among other things, Union and Wade’s decision to allow their son to transition to a girl (via Newsbusters):

Introducing the segment, Ellen actually suggested that parents don’t love their children unconditionally if they won’t let them change genders. Union of course agreed, saying that many parents don’t truly “love and accept and embrace” their kids and that they “truly feel like their kids are disposable”:

ELLEN DEGENERES: He was on the show recently and talking about your daughter, Zaya, and her transition. And it’s like, I know this is silly to say because, you know, who doesn’t love their children unconditionally, but I guess a lot of people don’t. But it’s so amazing how supportive you’ve both been.

GABRIELLE UNION: Yeah, I mean, to us, it’s a little odd to get any kind of recognition for doing what, you know, you are supposed to do, which is love and accept and embrace your kids. So it’s odd to get recognition for that. But unfortunately there are so many people who just don’t. They just don’t. And so many people who really truly feel like their kids are disposable. If they’re not perfect images of them, they aren’t interested. And it’s heartbreaking. So for us, we are just doing what’s natural to us and loving her. There she is! There is our girl. Yeah, we just want happy, healthy, you know, compassionate kids.

ELLEN: Zaya is very, very lucky to have both of you as parents and it is unfortunate that a lot of people have children thinking they can mold them and make them who they want them to be and have a certain idea of what they are supposed to turn out like. But they all turn out different.

Wade and Union’s son is only 12 years old and yet they are letting him ‘become’ a girl? At that age there’s no way this kid even knows who they are yet, but because of their idiot parents he’ll be screwed up for a good portion of the rest of his life. This isn’t unconditional love at all. This is refusing to do your job as a parent.

But don’t ya love how they, Ellen included, accuse other parents who refuse to let their children change genders of not truly loving their kids? Call me old fashioned, but I believe true love for your children is teaching them to be who they really are, who God created them to be. And pardon me for being crass, but who God created them to be is, in part, evidenced by what’s inside their pants. If you want to destroy the lives of your children, then do what Wade and Union are doing. Because clearly young children are the best parents.

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