Elon Musk fed up with Twitter, seriously considering building his own…

Elon Musk is fed up with Twitter and so are 70% of respondents to a Twitter poll he put out, asking if people believe Twitter adheres to the principle of free speech:

Musk was then asked by a follower if he wold considering building a new social media platform and he said that he is in fact considering it, and seriously:

Netscape used to be the browser dujour until Microsoft entered the fray and eclipsed them. I would love for that to happen to Twitter by someone like Elon Musk, who can make it happen.

I had high hopes for Trump’s social media platform but so far it hasn’t even rolled out a web platform, which means we can’t use it here at TRS. (Yes I know it’s early still and I do hope it improves quickly.) I do use both Parler and Gettr, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a new one that had the same features as Twitter but without all the leftism, one that could take Twitter’s place.

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