Elon Musk has a REALLY good question for radical gender ideologues.

Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh is just about the most hated man in America these days. Because he says sentences with words like “man” in them, like I just did. Because he asks the question in his new documentary “What is a Woman?” – the one question the left believes you darn well better not ask.

Don’t forget, asking “What is a woman” was called a solicitation of MURDER against Ketanji Brown Jackson by MSNBC luminary Elie Mystal.

So they are not at all excited about Walsh exploring the question of whether radical gender ideas in the United States are really, really, really stupid and unscientific.

On Substack, Matt Taibbi wrote about it and then tweeted his article.

And Elon Musk responded with a dadgum outstanding question: “We are simultaneously being told that gender differences do not exist and that genders are so profoundly different that irreversible surgery is the only option. Perhaps someone wiser than me can explain this dichotomy.”


Of course the answer is that their notions are inherently contradictory. The left says gender is a construct and yet demand honorifics for the first Woman to do X thing every five minutes. They claim gender is a fluid spectrum and at the same demand you pronoun them with the correct gender pronoun. Why? If it doesn’t exist why do we have to use any specific pronoun?

And like Musk says, if gender isn’t real and men can have a uterus and get pregnant and a woman can have a beard and a penis, then why would surgery ever be necessary?

None of it makes any sense because it has nothing to do with science. Which is EXACTLY what Matt Walsh is pointing out in the documentary that the left wants to classify as Hitler.

Just like they want to classify everything.

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