Elon Musk ZINGS the heck out of MSNBC host for comparing Republicans to Nazis

This morning I told you that CNN was in sheer panic mode over Elon Musk purchasing Twitter, calling for more government regulation of large social media companies and the billionaires that own them.

Well that’s really true across the board. Here is MSNBC’s Mehdi Hassan spewing utter garbage about Republicans just because Elon Musk bought Twitter:

Hassan decries people like Elon Musk for claiming that the ‘far right’ and the ‘far left’ are equally dangerous, saying that the ‘far left’ wants to give us free healthcare and free childcare and that the ‘far right’ wants to white supremacy and no democracy.

Ok let’s stop right here for a moment. In what world does ‘free healthcare and free childcare ‘ mean ‘democracy’? He claims the far right wants to end democracy, which is dumb. But Hassan is truly an moron if he thinks implementing socialist systems where people and the resources they have access to is under complete government control. Because socialism is exactly what you get when the ‘far left’ gets their way.

He continues, claiming that if Q-Anon and the Neo-Nazis on the far right ‘expand’ in November, whatever that means, it will be a not-so-bright billionaire’s fault for buying Twitter.

Elon Musk responded to the nonsense spewed by this ridiculous MSNBC host with one heck of a zinger:

Wow, that was the best BURN I think I’ve seen from Musk.

Musk has really figured out how to use Twitter well and, as Jack Posobiec pointed out, he’s become unbannable.

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