EMBARRASSING: Biden CANCELS deployment of warships to black sea after Putin threatened him to stay away

In an embarrassment to the US, Vladimir Putin has already scared Joe Biden away after Biden had threatened repercussions over Putin’s troop buildup in Ukraine:

Here’s more:

President Joe Biden cancelled the deployment of two US warships from the Black Sea despite warning Vladimir Putin there would be ‘repercussions’ for the troop build-up in Ukraine.

Last week, Turkey said Washington was sending two warships to the Black Sea, in a decision Russia called an unfriendly provocation.

But the Biden administration reversed the decision after the Kremlin warned them to ‘stay away for their own good’, and gave Putin the chance to ramp up his military presence in Crimea and near the Ukrainian border.

White House officials decided not to send the ships to avoid needlessly escalating the situation with Russia over the Ukraine, a US defense official told Politico.

Hours later, Putin took advantage of Biden’s U-turn back by closing off the Kerch Strait between Crimea and Russia, blocking all foreign warships from getting to Ukraine until October 2021.

Ukraine said the move was an ‘act of war’ and were disappointed foreign destroyers had turned around before one of Moscow’s biggest escalations in the last 30 days.

And just like that, we’re back to a super weak foreign policy run by a super weak president who just got owned by Putin. And now, thanks to his fragility, Putin has set up a blockade preventing any foreign warships from entering the Black Sea and challenging the Russians:

The Kerch Strait is a crucial access for the Ukrainian ports of Mairupol and Berdyansk. Commercial ships will still be allowed to pass through, but the blockade leave the region vulnerable in the face of Russian aggression.

Putin must be so happy that Biden won because now he can have his way with the region knowing that he can just look at Biden the wrong way and he’ll run to the corner yelping excuses that he doesn’t want to escalate things with Russia into a war.

Ukraine must truly be missing Trump about right now. Lord knows we all do…

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