Emotional Pat Caddell on the MSM ignoring Benghazi: “These people have no honor!”

In a clearly emotional moment, Pat Caddell says he feels outrage and shame for his country after listening to Tyrone Woods family speak out over the handling of the Benghazi attacks by the Obama administration as the way the media is ignoring it. He says they have no honor and repeats his statement that the MSM has become a fundamental threat to American democracy and the enemies of the American people.


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417 thoughts on “Emotional Pat Caddell on the MSM ignoring Benghazi: “These people have no honor!”

  1. It is obvious that the MSM no longer functions as a check on government, but is now only the propaganda arm of the current administration. Time after time they have shown themselves to be unwilling to report anything of a negative nature about Obama or his administration. He has been given a pass on everything . . . even his failure to defend his own people.

  2. Pat Caddell hit it head on….. the main stream media and the idiot supporters of Obama, are so bent on giving this guy a pass on EVERYTHING (failures, OUTRIGHT LIES ,Incompetence,DEATH of Americans in Benghazi) because he is the first black/white president. THIS IS UNEXCUSABLE! WE CANNOT DESTROY our country and undo everything that our fighting men and women have FOUGHT and DIED for, just because warped, delusional people hold this pyschotic thought!!!

  3. I just found this forum and I am glad I did. First I would like to say thank you to all the members of the military and their families. Next, I would like to say thank you to Pat Caddell. When I heard Pat speak on the Judge’s show, he was expressing exactly what I feel. Did any of you see the Obama interview on Mornin’ Joe, I believe? Obama is offended that WE are questioning what he did!!! WHAT! He is all about himself. What about the four men you let die in Benghazi, Obama!!! I am sick about all of this.

  4. Not sure who the lady in red is, but she really needs to stop over-speaking Ann Coulter. While I am not a huge fan of Coulter (you can be right without being insulting), she was making a point I think many Americans miss. Obama refuses to make the right call, the gutsy call, out of a fear that a rescue ending badly on the ground and in the press effectively ends his re-election bid. Coulter was correctly trying to refer to the failed rescue of American hostages in 1980 when a C130 clipped a helicopter and rescuers died. The failed rescue played a part in Jimmy Carter’s downfall when he ran for re-election six months later and Ronald Reagan won the White House.
    The lady in red overspeaks Coulter, hears Ann made a downed helicopter rescue, and mistakingly thinks Coulter is referring the Blackhawk Down incident in Somalia. Different circumstances and the point gets missed… Too bad.

  5. I am as right as they come, but I have to say I like Juan Williams as a person. He is completely wrong, but at least he truly believes the things he says. I have a hard time listening to him as he spouts off crazier left ideas as the days go by. Fox did not hire him because of the NPR episode. He worked for them before this occurred. It is important for people to hear both sides. I watch Fox because while I realize they obviously lean right, they do put the left point of view out there while NBC and the rest of them think theirs is the only point of view that should be heard. I respect Kirsten Powers as well. I don’t think Fox opinions are rubbing off on her whatsoever. You are discrediting her intelligence and ability to form her own opinions based on the facts. She just sees this whole Obama coverup for the outrageous scandal it is and she is independent enough to not step in line with the rest of the left so called journalists. I am sorry for Pat Caddell that his party has been hijacked by these rich, elitist, far left users with no real compassion whatsoever. What burns me worse than anything though, is when they portray Romney as this rich guy who has no clue what the common man is going through. While Romney may be rich (imagine the audacity of working hard and becoming rich, and no, it is not money inherited from his father, lefties) he is basically an ordinary guy while Obama, who has become rich from government, on the backs of the ordinary man, swings with Hollywood. Why can’t those ignorant Hollywood people (and all of America) see all he is doing is moving more people from the middle class into poverty and holding back all who are in poverty from moving ahead. I know this is a long comment, but I am so frustrated. I can’t bear to see America taken down further and further in the world. Obama knows we can’t go on like this with more people getting benefits than pay taxes. I am convinced he wants to take down America while the rest of them stupidly follow along. One last thing. Ninety percent of the republican politicians are no better than the democrats. We NEED term limits!!!

  6. President Obama is a narcissist and cares nothing about anyone but himself. he is a shameful president.

  7. Watching Obama in the debates it was evident to me that he was relying on the moderators to “help him out’ when he was in a tight spot. When Romney would attack and Obama had no valid answer, he would look over to the moderator, as if to say “do your job… stop this now…”

  8. The ambassador and the other fine 3 Americans who were slain were all expendable. Political expendable. We’ve come to expect that from Obama, etal. But even the media considers them expendable for the Obama reelection cause. No shame. No conscience. It’s criminal. They are Pravda.

  9. Thank god for honest people like pat no mater what party your in, we need more people like him.Everyone should feel like PAT WE THE PEOPLE AND ESPECIALLY THE FAMILYS need the truth.The shame of it is we won”t get from it from this admis. or their partners the lib. news.

  10. they killed those americans because they didn’t want any one to fine out they were selling guns to the bad guys and are trying to cover it up, it’s out there look for it

  11. Pat Caddell, God bless you, you are one of the only democrats with sensibility. I loved this video and your comments. You are a true patriot!

  12. I have a whole new respect for Pat Caddell. He is a liberal with a conscious; the man was nearly in tears over this matter, as we all should be. Each day this evil person is President, Obama, liberty is dying, and this country and our Constitution is dying. It is depressing beyond words. We must win on November 6. If Romney/Ryan lose, we all lose, and we may not ever have another election for president. I know that sounds dramatic, but I never would have thought we are in the position we are now. I love this country, and what is happening breaks my heart.

  13. Criminal is what this whole administration is………….. And Congress is also not risen to the duty they have in anyway meaningful…… I can not state it enough House leadership must change when President Romney moves in……

  14. Shout it from the rooftop, Pat! He’s right – it’s all about the honor now and this President, WH and scycophant media don’t have it, don’t want it and don’t care.

  15. As a 23 year Combat (Vietnam x 2) Veteran of the United States Army, I am apalled and absolutely disgusted with our White House and Cabinet. These people, the President, VP, SoS, Military CoS, Secretary fo Defense and their minions should be impeached and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. They are TRAITORS and must be prosecuted. I don’t give a crap about their politics. What they have done is unforgivable and they must be brought to justice. Where the hell is is the press on this? Americans should and must demand justice amd if necessary, take to the streets and make their actions felt and their voices heard. The time is now. Enough is enough and we must bring honor and dignity back to our nation and the Constitution. The Boston Tea Party should be childs play in comparison to our actions now. If there was ever a just cause to impeach anyone it is now and it is Obama! Rise up America!

  16. The common people needs a way to strike back at the media–just stopping patronage isn’t enough and it isn’t quick enough. We need to let them know in the strongest sense that being in the tank for any president or political party just isn’t acceptable in a free society. But of course our free society is also suspect anymore.

  17. This has to be the worst scandal our country has ever endured. The President of the United States REFUSED to send aid to the American embassy in Libya while it was under attack by terrorists. Surely there is some way obama can be tried for refusing to send any assistance to Americans under attack on American embassy property. He’s got to be the only president that would do something that dispicable, that would sacrifice American lives for political reasons. He basically said those four American lives were not worth a penny, and he hung them out to die. I know he slept while the attack was being carried out, but how can he sleep now with the deaths of those four Americans on his hands????????

    1. and our urinalists at MSM are fighting who will stuck his/her head into FuBar Ack’s arshe deeper…
      you badly smelling commies!

    2. I’m with you, Army_Pilot1967! However, your question as to how b.o. can sleep has but one answer – in order to lose sleep, I believe he would first have to have a soul. And I’ve seen no evidence that he does.

      Thank you for your service, sir. I lived through the ‘Nam days, and they weren’t so pretty either! God bless all those who have served and those who continue to do so.

      1. PTTX, I really don’t know what it is with obama, but it’s not good in my opinion. Had it been HIS family that was trapped in Libya, fighting off a terrorist attack, you can rest assured obama would have had thousands of reinforcements on the way within seconds. Those Americans murdered in Libya were as important to THEIR families as obama’s wife and kids are to him…but obama refused to send any assistance to those individuals and basically wrote them off and that was that. My god, how can he live with himself unless he does not have a soul as you wrote.

        It was an honor and a distinct privilige to serve in the Army for twenty-six years. It was a great way of life, and I miss it. Everyday was interesting, not necessarily good or bad, but interesting. I did one Vietnam tour and was scared on several occasions, but not like those poor people trapped in the American embassy in Libya!!!! God rest their souls.

        1. Good to hear from you, A_P1967! No, there is nothing good with b.o. (I call him that because I believe he is soooo odious!) I’m sure this will be thought of as extreme thinking on my part (do I look like I care? lol), but when one has no soul there is no way to relate to normal feelings of love, affection, empathy, etc., and that would roll down to his family also. Personally, I believe that his wife, kids AND dog are all props for “appearances” in his quest for power. Those who are so arrogant, narcissistic and self-absorbed care for no one other than themselves – they are incapable of such. I’m a great-grandmother, retired paralegal (which I miss dearly), have lived through much and observed a lot of people down through the years. Our “dear reader” takes the cake for me – I wouldn’t trust him to feed my dog.

          Yes, b.o. would probably send out all the forces to rescue family members, but, alas, I believe that the motive would be “it just wouldn’t look right to the voters” if he didn’t. Cynical of me? Perhaps, but I also know in my heart of hearts that I’m dead right.

          What has happened in Benghazi should be all anyone needs to know to vote him out of office, but, unfortunately, there are far too many droolers who will never “get it.”

          God bless you and yours, sir!

          1. PTTX, you’ve made some good points about obama (I refuse to capitalize his name because I have zero respect for him!), especially about his family being “props” for appearance sake. And about him not caring for anyone, other than himself. He’s a phony, and he’s clearly the worst president our country has ever had to endure. Over the last few days my wife and I have done a bit of traveling here (Georgia) and I don’t recall seeing any obama yard signs…maybe we’ve managed to avoid the places where obama signs would be shown. And, lastly, you’re correct about “…far too many droolers who will never get it.” obama will get millions and millions of votes, which is difficult for me to comprehend on the one hand, but I know who the droolers are on the other hand so I know where their loyalty is…and it’s not to our country.

            1. LOL, I also refuse to capitalize his name! To me that would show some sort of respect, and I have absolutely NONE for him.

              Ya know, I live in the Houston, TX area and haven’t observed any b.o. signs either other than the typical political signs outside the local library where I voted early last week. Have driven by there every day, though, to see how long the lines are to vote and they have consistently been very long! YEEHAW! But I also know which way TX will go … same with GA. Aren’t we lucky??

              As for b.o.’s family, I’m not cutting Mitchell Antoinette any slack. My personal name for her is “the first plowhorse” in that there isn’t the least amount of femininity, class, style, dignity, decorum, etc., in her little finger.

              AND, if anyone should ever call me “racist” my reply will be “I also detest his white half.” How’s that? As for the droolers, yes, we do know where their loyalty lies, and it “ain’t” with this beloved country!!!

              1. I’m still angry with Moochell obama because she said she was only proud of her country once….when the Dimocrats nominated her loser husband!!! Well, I’ve been proud thousands of times, especially when standing with American soldiers and hearing the National Anthem. It gets to me every time I hear it…I think about what a wonderful country we live in, the amazing people we have in our military, my family, and a host of other things. Moochell is a bitter, black woman and that’s unfortunate because I know a lot of black soldiers and their families; I also know a number of black females that are DA civilians and they’re all great Americans….none of them are bitter. Oh, well, hopefully we won’t have to see the obamas much longer!!!!

                1. Absolutely – you hit the nail on the head. They are part of that reverend wright (I won’t capitalize that either) crowd – you know, the rabble rousing, race baiting thuggish crapola. That is the way they make their “living” – they certainly don’t work for it.

                  I was brought up to love this country and our military (all colors, isn’t that amazing!), our flag, the pomp and circumstance, the traditions, God, our founding fathers in their wisdom and so on. And I defy anyone to take that away! And, yes, we have many wonderful black citizens who are patriotic, hard-working and family-oriented and some that I would proudly vote for as our President. This isn’t a color thing, it is a class thing, cultural in nature. A thug is a thug is a thug regardless of color … same goes for trash, trash is trash is trash. Can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear! Throwing out the race card is just a way to get their own way. Doesn’t work with me – I don’t “do” politically correct stuff. As my beloved Mom used to tell me, “What is, is.” Truer words were never spoken. She passed away in 2004 and I’ll never get over the pain of losing her.

                  You know that the dims are calling for riots if b.o. loses, don’t you? Even slick willie (snake if ever there was one, including Hitlery) even made a speech about it yesterday. The way it sounded to me was he was putting out a call to arms, so to speak, if b.o. loses. And I pray daily that he does – we are sooooo sunk if he wins.

  18. If most Democrats were like Pat Caddell, the country would be way better off. Seeing the Dems go from the blue-collar party to Marxist slugs has been disturbing to watch.

  19. Someone high up in the Obama administration was asked this morning if they knew if the two drones flying over Benghazi if they were armed or unarmed. He said the administration did not know yet as soon as they found out they would release that info. Do they think we are stupid? It has been almost two months and they are still saying they don’t know if the US drones were armed or unarmed. Do we really believe that US drones were flying over Benghazi unarmed? They LIE!!! Them US drones were armed!! They let four Americans die!! Shame on them!!!

  20. …the BENGHAZI LIES will be the ‘DEATH OF OBAMA’S RE ELECTION AS POTUS’, Barack HUSSEIN Obama is RUNNING with the DEVIL !”

  21. BRAVO Pat Caddell! Bravo Pat. “This President didn’t care enough…” that IS the final word and it says it all.

    1. Not only obscene but criminal. What are we going to do if Obama is re-elected by the kool-aid drinkers that are taking free stuff from the government. I don’t understand how we have been so pacific about this administration.

  22. Welcome to my world, Pat. You’re right. They have no honor, no integrity, no moral compass.

    Neither does the media.

  23. Friends, this post, more than any other represents the heartbreak we feel as conservatives and sums up our fears for the future. Well, friends, in the words of Hannity, who borrowed them from the Lord Jesus, Let not your hearts be troubled. The American people are not stupid and are about to throw this tyrant out with the force of numbers.

  24. I never thought I’d agree with Pat Caddell, but I feel the same sick feeling in my gut, a palpable disgust, over this. How dare the media pretend to tell us “the news” when they spend all their time crafting lies and cover-ups?

  25. There are many who agree that the MSM “have no honor”, yet they still turn on their TV & soak up the #deception

  26. Top Level Players/Decision Makers:

    President Hussein Obama
    Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta,
    Director of CIA David Patreus,
    Director of Nat’l Intel James Clapper
    Military Commander General Carter Ham

    Do any of these men have a reputation for obfuscation, lying, incompetence, stump level stupidity, covering up embarrassing facts and/or cowardice?

    Possibly the one who best fits the requirements for “murder by complicity” is the one on whom the investigation should focus.

    Sometimes a man’s past is indicative of his future performance.

    1. This administrations confusing, fragmented, departmentalized excuse making ultimately telegraphs to our enemies the message that we are rudderless.
      WordsFailMe I don’t need to explain to you what that could mean.
      Soon someone’s goose is going to be cooked- I pray it isn’t ours.
      (In the name of tolerance not foreign policy) Hillary tours the globe humbling herself before nations made up of the illiterate, even while they overtly express a desire to destroy us.
      Then returns home and speaks to us as if we are the illiterate
      Now that right there takes a whole lot of……..This is where words fail me!

        1. Sorry- I’m just frustrated. Tried to wear my o. d. uniform for Holloween and couldn’t fit into it.
          There is some good news though, I finally learned how to shoot.

  27. i accidentally caught this last night while channel surfing. I was moved not only by the family but also with how upset Caddell became. He was obviously truly disgusted by his own party and by the media. What is going on is so wrong, so selfish, so demoralizing that words can’t really express what I feel.

  28. Thank you for posting this for those who long ago gave up cable, dish or OTA media.

    I am still just as disgusted with MSM now as with the original Palin attacks which moved me to the New Media News Blogs.

    Was linked here form Breitbart, good thing IMHO.

    And now for my spam, does anyone have a list of the main advertisers for Laim Stream Media? NBC News, Tingles and the bullish lady in particular is my starting point.

    Apologies for the spam…

    Respectfully, nobsherehotmailcom

  29. The democrat party is dead and gone. If the Republicans don’t get elected this time, they will the next time and you better believe that no one, NO ONE will back another far lefty. If the dems don’t get back on track, another party will come into being to take its place. In Romney and Ryan we have two honorable, smart men who love this country and want to make it better. What more could we ask?

  30. And here we are in 2012, a media working exclusively, for the advancement of Statism, to the detriment of all contemporary Americans and a dishonor to all those who died for the cause of Constitutional Freedom.

  31. This obama media won’t cover ANYTHING detrimental to his re-election unless a suicide bomber walks thru the front door of their headquarters!

    Gosh, even then, I’m not so sure.

  32. What nobody seems to grasp is that Obama doesn’t care if Americans die, doesn’t care if they are impoverished by his actions, and doesn’t really care about America one single bit.

    The hacks in the media don’t care either, because like all stepping stones of a dictator they believe they will be rewarded in the end with praise and riches rather than a bullet for being his useful idiots.

    1. Some of them actually ended up in the Administration. Others from leftists Administrations go on to be fake journalists (BIRM) like Stephanopolous and Matthews. But you are correct about what most will get (and I’ll add here, “metaphorically speaking,” for propriety’s sake) for all their toadying.

    2. Obama didn’t care that 4 Americans died in Benghazi but he’s now pretending to care about the East coast and the storm Sandra for political reasons.

  33. Note what B. Hussein Obama says in his own words. They are from his books entitled “Dreams of My Father” and “Audacity of Hope.

    In “Audacity of Hope” he writes: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” The quote comes from page 261 of the paperback edition of “The Audacity of Hope.

  34. The next attack that he doesn’t send help to, or ignores might be the one that lands on the media. Do they think they are shielded from anything happening to them? Please, let it be on them.

    1. Believe it or not Hip, he worked on Carter’s campaign somewhere… He & Doug Shone (not sure I spelled that right) are both old-school democrats who are just completely incensed by the Marxist in the White House. By no means are they fans of any Republican, but they are at least willing to call out the liars where they see them, even in their own party.

  35. Imagine how fair our elections could be if only we had unbiased journalists, and a media that didnt drool over Obama and the Democrats.

  36. I’m still adapting to the truth that the news media are partisan because it simply should not be so. But so it is. Alright then, we’re going to have approach all information we receive from the news media in a different way, the same way we approach a price we think is too high or too low. In other words, we’re going to have to think for ourselves a lot more than we do now, and as that skill increases with practice, our democracy will benefit.

    1. The global press is long past bias and partisan. They are wholly corrupt. A pure, absolute and highly sophisticated propaganda enterprise. It extends far beyond the news into every morning show, talk, show and script that hits the screen, cable or airwaves.

      Not only do we have to stop watching,reading and listening, we cannot be timid in telling others.

      The media is our greatest enemy.

      1. You are sooooo right. At one point, I stopped watching Jeopardy, one of my favorite shows, because some of the “answers” they had seemed so left-leaning, partisan democrat. Also, there is a new show I thought I’d try out called “Chicago Fire” – I watched the first 40 minutes or so and lo and behold – they had Rahm Emanuel on for a split second cameo and then had an “Obama” campaign poster in a segment – I switched the channel immediately and will never watch it again. There are so many not so subtle remarks thrown around that I never caught before. They are becoming bolder and bolder with their propaganda and bias – CBS, NBC, ABC. Between them and the Hollywood “stars” whose movies and any other venue where they are appearing or showing that I refuse to attend – Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Streisand, Sarah Jessica Parker, and the rest – my computer has become almost my main source of entertainment. I’m a real whiz at Free Cell!!! 🙂

    2. Welcome to the reality of US media. It sucks, but we can be thankful for “new media” and a multitude of resources. You’re right. It is up to us to use our God-given reasoning and critical thinking skills to ascertain the truth. It’s a little more work, but definitely worth it to be an independent thinker. And it’s better for our nation as a whole to have more actively thinking individuals.

  37. remember when Holder said he cannot persecute New Back Panthers for posturing against whites because “they are my people”?
    Same here… Déjà vu………………. 🙁

  38. I watched that segment last night. Caddell is exactly right. He was in the Carter White House, so he knows how a honorable president behaves. Lacking honor is the right way to express what has happened in this white House for the past four years. time to tkae out the trash. It smells.

  39. I just listened to Jennifer Griffin give the timeline of what happened. Woods and Geharty asked for permission to go to the consulate to help during the attack. Their captain told them to stand down. An hour later they asked for permission again and got the same answer. They disobeyed orders and went anyway. They had to climb walls and dodge bullets going there and back. They saved many and asked for permission one more time and for help. For the third time, told to stand down. They went back again and after 7 hours of fighting and told no security was available to help, they were murdered. Help was only 2 hours away. A 4 star General said he was not given the authorization to deploy those resources. Not many higher ups between a 4 star General and the president. KT McFarland who works on national security said it’s a cover up for obama and eventually a whistleblower will come forward.

    Obama was asked in Colorado if he denied assistance 3 times and he wouldn’t answer.

    1. I find these triple denials by the faithless (also at the DNC Convention) very very significant.

      Unlike St Peter, they did not and do not repent.

  40. If it was not for this sight and other “new media” the old media would have truly perfected a total black out of this story. Not a damn soul would have been aware of this, not one!

  41. If JFK were alive today (that’s John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States, a Democrat, for those who don’t remember) – he would be ashamed of what his party and OUR country have become. There’s a VERY STRONG chance he would vote for ROMNEY. JFK was Catholic and at the time of his election (vs. Richard Nixon), there was concern about his religion. It proved to not be an issue, just as today, Mitt Romney’s religion should have no bearing on his presidency. PEOPLE OF THE USA must wake up and realize that the religion of the current occupant of the white house IS A MAJOR CONCERN AND DANGER to the well-being of all who live and believe IN AMERICA! That “occupant” MUST be VOTED OUT!! VOTER FRAUD, ELECTIONEERING and BALLOT TOSSING must be addressed and corrected!! FIRE OBAMA BIN GHAZI!
    ( I voted for Nixon – one of the best presidents this country has seen – except for surrounding himself with IDIOTS and criminals – for that he resigned, showing at least HE CARED ABOUT THE COUNTRY more than he did for himself or his presidency – unlike ZERO).

  42. RS, thanks for putting this up. I did watch part of the show but missed this and like Pat am personally outraged by Benghazi.

    Obama is going to lose big because there are Dems who will NOT vote for him and I wouldn’t be surprised if a number oif them were in Congress and other positions of power. Obama has betrayed every American of all stripes and has sided with our enemies.

    Said it before and will again; Obama should be tried for treason and put in a solitary cell until just punishment is carried out. I have cried to the Throne of God for Justice, Heaven’s Justice and I know the Lord has heard and answered me. Amen and Praise the Lord!

  43. Please, all of us who share the outrage of what’s transpired since 9/11/12 in Libya, attempt to get as many people as you can to watch the video of Pat Caddell especially prior to the election to open an avenue of discussion of the horrors of this administration and the absolute need to remove the controls of power from his demented grip. Thank you-

  44. We have that clip on our blog too. Saw it last night. Remarkable moment. Very emotional. This whole Benghazi thing sure has turned into the October surprise, sadly. Pirro’s show last night on FNC is essential watching. Wow. Bombshells.

  45. TURN OFF your TV and RADIO “news”. DO NOT LISTEN TO or watch THEM! Find out who sponsors the “news propaganda” stations and avoid buying those products. WRITE to those sponsors expressing your rage at the LAME STREAM MEDIA.

  46. Obama has no problem dropping bombs to remove Quaddafi and help Jihadists in Libya, but not to defend actual Americans.

    We knew everything about the Bin Laden raid within 12 hours, but we cannot get any information from Obama on Libya.

    I wonder why?

  47. Wow! I’ve never heard Mr. Caddell speak so passionate about an issue. I hope his message resonates across the USA between now and Nov. 6th.

  48. Kudos to Pat Caddell a Democrat, and Ann Coulter for being rightfully agitated and downright disgusted with the Obama administrations mishandling of the Benghazi attacks, and the silence of the main stream media, on our consulate in Libya. And the murders of Ambassador Stevens, his aide, and the two Navy Seals who defied the stand-down order to risk their lives to try to save the ambassador.
    I am happy to see that Fox news and, judge Jeannine has been keeping this story alive on a daily basis.

    1. Essentially, Thank God for Rupert Murdoch for having the money and moral outrage to invent and put FOX News on the air. Imagine if their wasn’t this alternative to the deceitful mainstream media. Fundamentally, thank God for Rush who was the lonely voice in the wilderness a quarter of a century ago who blazed the way for all who followed including Mr. Murdoch.

  49. With end runs around the constitution, congress and the law to achieve his personal goals…if Obama is reelected we will likely have our first SOCIALIST LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC “DICTATOR”. This scares the hell out of me and makes me fear for the future my children and grandchildren will endure.

  50. Pat Caddell is such a good and honorable man. And a courageous one. I think he reminds Democrats, just by his example, that they are Americans first. Party is always secondary with Pat, it seems.

    God bless this man, and God help us all if Obama wins a second term.

    1. Kirsten Powers is another that is not upholding obama and his failures. These are the moderate Democrats that middle of the road people like. Not the far left we have seen the last 4 years.

  51. O/T but Warpmine, I understand you are in the #Sandy pathway. Your friend MiketheMarine, who is also in the pathway is inquiring to ensure you are okay. This Scooper is praying for all in #Sandy’s pathway to be okay.

      1. Wolfie, I emailed Scoop to see if we can have a dedicated thread for our scoopers in #Sandy’s pathway so they can let us know they are okay, let us know if they need anything, and a place for us to post our prayers.  It would help if others concurred.

        1. yeah I caught that right after I hit post button, was going to delete everything but that would be disingenuous.

          actually supposed to prepare myself today but one of those days (irony-due to weather) I can’t walk so will do it tomorrow a few hours before it hits me.
          get the generator hoked up and ready 🙂

          1. You too will be in my prayers as Sandy proceeds.  Fellow Scoopers, let’s pray for dmacleo as well as Wolfie, Warpmine, MiketheMarine and others in the pathway. Our dear friends in Canada are also in need of our thoughts and prayers.

            1. I concur – and let’s not forget to pray for the innocents, the children of our friends and their pets.

  52. Here is the question for Boehner. Does he have the balls to bring impeachment proceedings during Obama’s lamb duck session? That’s right, his LAME DUCK session! Because Obama belongs behind bars folks. Who took an oath to protect citizens of this nation and FAILED! Remember those four Americans killed off the coast of East Africa for preaching the Bible? Obama did NOTHING! Put this SOB in jail!

    1. Absolutely agree with you. Obama’s not just incompetent, but he purposefully chooses his actions and ultimately has failed to protect and defend our nation as is his sworn duty of office. Yes, he should be prosecuted but it will never happen with Boehner. He doesn’t have the balls. Sadly even this monumental abuse of power won’t allow justice to happen for obama and hillary. They have blood on their hands, but feckless Boehner will choose the path of Pilate and wash his hands while giving lip service instead of being a true man of convictions. Too bad Daryl Issa wasn’t Speaker ’cause then we would see things handled properly with this pathetic excuse of a president and human being and allow his cell to be mirrored throughout so he could still project his lies to himself only…probably would still have to install a couple of teleprompters-

      1. So. We cannot allow politics to get in the way of due process. Otherwise we are condoning this administration’s behavior in all of these incidents that lead to dead Americans.

      2. No, but the impeachment can be started in the House. Regardless of what the Senate will do, at least some of our leaders could actually LEAD.

        1. Yes, even if it were a symbolic gesture, at least it would show they are trying to stop the corruption and treason. BUT, as I have said before, the media would have a field day making a martyr out of Obama and that just might get him sympathy votes from democrats (and others) who were/are going to vote for Romney. I know we all want impeachment to happen to avenge the brave patriots who gave all. However, right now in this fragile election environment – it’s a very tenuous situation. Momentum is in our favor and we don’t want anything to hinder Romney’s path to win. I hate to say this because when I picture the tortured body of Chris Stevens – it outrages me so much. We have to keep our focus on the election right now. I feel that Obama and Axelrod and the Marxist dems. would like nothing more than to have Articles of Impeachment brought -they could demagogue it and spin it to death for sympathy votes and try to change as many minds as possible away from Romney and Republicans. Benghazi isn’t going away – we will all keep it alive from now until after the election – then we can relentlessly demand for justice to prevail and the appropriate measures be taken. We have to keep our eye on the prize – getting Obama OUT.

    2. I also agree with you. FRankly, I don’t give a d*mn about what the Senate does. This administration needs to be held accountable as would a Repub pres.

  53. It is pathetic and inexcusable that the President of the US doesn’t know what happened in Benghazi!

    This President needs to be fired and thrown out of office along with all of his administration!

    Incompetence or malicious indifference, he needs to go!

  54. His utter contempt is how all real patriots should feel about how the MSM plays us for fools. Thank God for the new media and let us hope that the rating declines that the others are seeing will (due to the power of the free market) force them to do their jobs.

  55. God Bless Pat Caddell! I was so proud of him last night showing his raw emotions to the world at his utter contempt and thorough disgust with this soul-less and amoral narcissistic president, toady vice president, and shameless secretaryof-state and their legion of wicked media sycophants who carry his putrid water at all costs: even to attempt to wash away the 4 true patriots’ blood off their filthy hands. It broke my heart to see Judge Jeanine interview Charles Wood with his grieving family supporting him on stage as he recounted how blatantly insincere obama was with his, “consoling” remarks to him and that clueless twit Hillary promising she would definitely arrest and prosecute the videographer! How did Mr. Woods have the restraint to hold his tongue after hearing such vile lies? Lord knows I would not have been able to. I couldn’t have mastered that kind of self-control; would have unloaded on all of them and taken the wrath that would surely follow for such insolence to the One and his obsequious administrative acolytes. I can’t imagine the icy heart it must require to be able to approach this man and his family and lie to his face all the while fullly knowing you witnessed his son’s and the others’ murders in real time and had the power not once or twice, but thrice to prevent it! When a serial killer does this its called sociopathic behavior. When the leader(?) of our nation does this its ignored. Unfathomable. Thank You again, Mr. Caddell for your public stand. Wish I knew how to get hold of you to thank you personally. God Bless you. You surely are my hero and I am sure countless others since last night-

  56. They all seem to be outraged as well they should be. I’m 68 years old and I’ve never seen anything like what the press is willing to do for this coward in the white house.

    1. I’ve seen it – in the former Warsaw Pact states, before the SU fell. And it’s still happening in China (North Korea goes without saying).
      For the commies, the left in the MSM there in those times, and for the commie left MSM here and now it’s ‘if we don’t write or talk about it, then it never happened’.

      What further proof does anybody need that the corrupt MSm are in fact the commie MSM?

  57. There isn’t an open thread yet, and I don’t have time to wait so please forgive me for being OT here.

    Will those of you not in the path of Sandy please pray for us who are. TY. God bless.

    1. I am praying for you, and all my frieds who live in the path of this monster storm.

      Please batten down the hatches, and do stock up on candles, matches, batteries, food and water.
      Keep safe – and keep warm!

      1. As you probably know, I’m in Massachusetts. Not in direct path (so far as anyone can tell, but nevertheless… The air is still out side now. it’s like a painting. Even all the leaves which have been dropping off like flies are not even moving, nevermind falling. It’s the calm before the storm.. I’m just hoping and praying that this storm causes minimal damage to all in it’s path. God bless!

        1. The calm before the storm – yes, both literally and figuratively, that’s what this weekend feels like.

          I saw on WUWT that there’s a huge cold front coming to meet Sandy, from the NW.
          That could mean snow. Being snowed in is not good!

          As the saying has it: prepare for the worst, but expect the best.
          I always worry about those who think nothing will happen, and then get caught out.

          Praying for all the friends in the path of that storm.
          Keep safe, and God bless you and all your family.

        2. Wolfie, you are in my prayers! MiketheMarine is in MD and also in the pathway. Prayers for all scoopers in this pathway. Please let us know if we can help.

    2. Of course we’ll pray for each of you Wolfie! Thank you for bringing it to the forefront of my mind. I’m just whining about being cold and how the press is using Sandy to talk about anything but Benghazi. I’m sorry that I wasn’t as considerate as I should’ve been about the real folks dealing with the storm. Please forgive me. And do keep us posted.

      1. Thanks ISC, Hopefully all of us in it’s pathway will be just fine and I’d like to be here on Wed… No, I’m not going to tempt fate here. Hope you’re warmer soon and you’re right, the press will use any and every excuse not to cover the real news. God bless, take care.

  58. Re-posting “actionsspeaklouder” post from yesterday.

    Flood the lying left-wing liberal media with calls asking why they are not covering the Benghazi coverup 24/7?

    NBC – 212 664 3720
    ABC – 212 456 7777
    CBS – 212 975 4321

    They are providing Obama cover – they are co-conspirators in the coverup. Don’t let them get away with it. Don’t let ANY of them get away with this. We want answers BEFORE the election.

  59. Could it be that Obama’s loyalties lie not with America, but with his Muslim brothers that’s why he was willing to let Americans die and then lie.

    1. His loyalties lie with what the Left terms “the dispossessed” – A concept which is compatible with his self-professed morality of collectivist-altruism which declares that it is evil/immoral to be self-interested and that it is a virtue/moral to sacrifice for others; that America has been the most self-interested/evil nation in the entire history of Mankind and that America must therefore be sacrificed for the sake of others (the dispossessed) IF America is to become moral/good once again; that the US government must be used as the instrument of sacrifice, since Americans are too self-interested/evil to sacrifice themselves to “the dispossessed” throughout the world; that Obama thinks he is doing us all a favor by forcing us to be moral/good, by forcibly sacrificing us to “the dispossessed”, against our self-interested will.

      If you understand all that I have said, then you will understand everything you ever needed to understand about Obama and the whole stinking Left.

  60. Watching this last night, it struck me that Pat Caddell is a hold-over from when Democrats had souls and hearts. God bless him for speaking the truth! He has always been fair and honest – don’t always totally agree with him, but I always know that he speaks the truth as he knows it. What b.o., PIAPS, et al, have perpetrated in this Benghazi monstrosity is treasonous and ALL of those involved should be dealt with accordingly! My heart cries for this country and what we used to be!

    Living in the Houston, TX area, I was honored to cast my early ballot (straight ticket) for Romney/Ryan. We MUST clean out the evildoers in D.C. as well as locally – we are going to continue the downward spiral straight down the tubes otherwise.

    For those who don’t watch Judge Jeanine on a regular basis, I highly recommend her program. No one is a bigger fan than me. She is fair, honest, decent, and, most of all, she is RIGHT! What a true lady!

  61. This is good. This is VERY good. The feelings are gaining traction. Pat has it right. These people are enemies of the US. I have been saying this for over 10 years now. I’m thrilled folks in Washington are finally waking up to it.

    To go from assuming that liberals are just “misguided” to understanding that they truly do present a clear and present danger to the security of the United States of America is a huge leap forward.

    Liberals are domestic terrorists, and we as citizens have a responsibility to protect our soil and our Constitution from all enemies both foreign AND domestic! To ignore the enemies from within is to seal our own fate.

  62. I feel ashamed and outraged by my FB friends supporting Obama. There are some really blond voters who either really don’t know enough about Benghazi (may be because they are Huffpost/NYT/MSM readers/watchers) or don’t really care. Both prospects make me shudder to think what will happen to America as a country if this love fest between liberals and MSM is continued! Disgusting!

    1. This love fest you speak of is the main reason why Obamacare passed in the first place. If the MSM did their jobs and actually read and analyzed the bill (something they would have done 10 times over if it were a Republican), it would have never seen light of day.

      Your comment regarding the alliance b/t the Dem Party and the MSM is right on. They essentially have unfettered power and it should scare your liberal friends.

      1. Unlike those on the Left, we can disagree with people and still love them. I have some aggravating ones too, but I’m not going to hate on them just cuz they’re wrong. 😉

      2. They remain on my FB friends list because I want them to engage with me on political conversation till they convert! I can only hope they will see the right side soon.:-)

  63. “Pat Caddell – ‘The Audacity of Corruption'”

    “I think we’re at the most dangerous time in our political history in terms of the balance of power in the role that the media plays in whether or not we maintain a free democracy or not. You know, when I first started in politics – and for a long time before that – everyone on both sides, Democrats and Republicans, despised the press commonly, because they were SOBs to everybody. Which is exactly what they should be. They were unrelenting. Whatever the biases were, they were essentially equal-opportunity people. That changed in 1980…

    …But all I want to conclude to this is that we face a fundamental danger here. The fundamental danger is this: I talked about the defense of the First Amendment. The press’s job is to stand in the ramparts and protect the liberty and freedom of all of us from a government and from organized governmental power. When they desert those ramparts and decide that they will now become active participants, that their job is not simply to tell you who you may vote for, and who you may not, but, worse—and this is the danger of the last two weeks—what truth that you may know, as an American, and what truth you are not allowed to know, they have, then, made themselves a fundamental threat to the democracy, and, in my opinion, made themselves the enemy of the American people. ”

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brDZJA8j-8c&list=UUj41LMgg5G085QyTsSgy1TQ&index=2&feature=plcp

    Text: http://www.aim.org/video/pat-caddell-the-audacity-of-corruption/

  64. Man this fires me up. I was stewing over Fast and Furious, over Ft. Hood, over voter fraud, over amnesty for illegals, over Obama waving the work requirements on welfare, Obama bypassing Congress with his EO’s, Obama whispering to Russia to be patient, Obama dissing Israel repeatedly, Obama entertaining known terrorists in the WH… and so many more instances where this pResident has shown no concern for Americans as a whole… And now Benghazi… yet another scandal… another cover-up, another lie. Obama only shows concern for himself and his re-election. He is a despot and is not qualified for nor does he deserve the high station as President of the United States.

    I can’t stand this lying and covering up… and the fact that it’s to protect this monster in the WH in particular is flat out evil. The LSM have in effective, become domestic terrorists.

    May God have mercy on their souls.

  65. The MSM has been in the TANK for Obama for four years covering up all his LIES!!! Just look at Fast and Furious and Eric Holder’s lies (through executive order), Susan Rice’s lies, Clinton and her lies, the Bengazi lie, what he said to Russia in an open mic, how he has been treating Israel, how he bows to foreign leaders, his birthcertificate cover-up, passport cover-up, where is the video the LA Times won’t release, where is the Bengazi video the State Dept. won’t release, all the tax payers money Obama has spent on failed green energy companies, violating our Constitution, etc. etc. etc.????

  66. seriously….listening to this video brought tears to my eyes. my country….OUR COUNTRY is under attack from within……..i do not have the words to decribe all the feelings i have for what is going on

  67. I am so saddened as an American. I am upset and shocked at the very real possiblity that we left those Heros to die.

  68. I saw this on Fox last night when he got super emotional…I totally relate to how this man feels…it was like he was talking for me after what we have found out what our people in Benghazi went through…it is so disgusting what this Administration did to our fellow Americans. They are cowards…Mr. Woods, Ty’s Dad was right.

  69. Wow, if Pat is this offended, I wonder if anybody else on the left is. I hope they are. I also hope that, whatever your party affiliation, everybody can agree that the first order of business of any president is to protect American lives. Regardless of the circumstances and regardless of the risk, all AMERICANS like to know that their government would move heaven and earth to rescue them when the chips were down. But if Obama really did not send anybody to rescue the people at Benghazi because of political reasons or, worse, because he thought he would look bad if it failed, then he really IS a coward and a traitor to this nation. Every president gets a lot of trust from the American people when it comes to national defense. But to have it squandered in such a shabby manner, and then to have the White House try to cover it up in this way, should outrage EVERY American regardless of what party you are in.

    1. We are seeing in real time that the democrats are democrats first, Americans second. Party and power are all that matter to doctrinaire Democrats.

  70. Cadell was great, and every American should feel like he does.

    Is it just me or has Ann Coulter gotten softer around the edges?

        1. If you haven’t read any of her books, I recommend you get one or two. They are full of facts but presented in as biting as well as an entertaining way. “How to talk to a Liberal (If you must) is a good read IMHO.

          1. I haven’t read any of her books but I have seen a lot of her quotes. Ouch. Yeah, a lot of them are so true even if they sound too harsh. It just seems she’s not being as rough and has softened her tone.

            1. She hasn’t softened a bit. She’s getting lots of flack for calling BHO retarded and she won’t back down or apologize. She called Piers Morgen a misogynist pig to his face a few days ago. She just has no reason to be brutal when she’s on Fox. Good for her. I used to think she was so rude and abrasive but now I love her.

              1. I found the nterview with Piers where she talked about the retard comment and the interview where she called him a sexist misogynist pig. There’s the Coulter I love. She’s offensive to liberals, so it’s all good.

                She let him have it in both interviews. In the misogynist interview she also told him that she’s disagreeing with him “which is apparently insulting your teeny tiny male ego.”

                Gotta love it.

    1. Kong I saw Ann yesterday screaming in defense of tweeting that Pres 0bama was a retard. She refused to walk it back or issue the ubiquitous apology that is always expected when a righty “offends” a lefty. I don’t think Ann is capable of going soft, just not her personality. She is a natural MI Wolverine.

      1. I just watched that interview. Oh, yeah!! Piers Morgan didn’t appear to get angry, though. He took it in stride.

  71. This muslim pResident was on the side of the muslims attacking the compound. He could not possibly have chosen the side of the American infidels.

    1. He was probably fuming that Ty Woods broke rank and combined with Doherty and possibly others took out 60 radical jihadists.

    1. Actually, I think Pat’s been a “good guy” for quite awhile now. He teamed up to make “The Hope and The Change”, about people who voted for Obama in ’08 and who are disillusioned now.

  72. Vote this…

    Blood thirsty



    OUT in NOv6th!

  73. “..These people have no honor..” did Pat just wake up in Washington yesterday?

    To his credit he is not a party over principle individual and seems to be warming up to the realizaion that there is no difference between Rep and Dem. They are both owned by the 1%.

    1. Not all Republicans have sold out to the establishment. Can you tell me if you are adopting the OWS class warfare rhetoric or do you mean something else by ‘the 1%’?

  74. Wow! But Joe Klein (from the NY Times) says that Benghazi isn’t important….

    Can you believe this?! We are in a battle for our country right now! I am locked and loaded and ready to go if it goes down!

    It’s sad that its come to this but, it’s come to this.

      1. If it was to further the Socialist agenda & Barry’s fundamental transformation of Amerika, I think he’d happily sacrifice his son.

  75. Wow! Pat Caddell was madder than hell. He appears to be a man of principle regardless of party. Disagree I may with him on certain issues, but the impression is he and many of us believe we protect our own and this president abandoned those people. In military terms he deserted his post in the face of the enemy.

  76. The POTUS went to a FUNDRAISER less than 24 hours after an attack on a consulate that left 4 men dead. When I saw him do that, I was just speechless. Can you imagine if Bush had done that? And the media went after ROMNEY for rightly criticizing the Egyptian embassy’s message! We are living in dangerous times.

    1. We need Barky Boy’s Blackberry so we can see how much he was texting on the campaign vs. being “present” in the Situation Room.

  77. Pat Caddell is the only democrat that I will listen to.

    He is a throwback democrat, which is actually more conservative than todays republicans.

  78. Good for Pat Caddell to show his anger and shame on public TV – shame and anger both for that POS in the WH and for the corrupt media which cover for him.

    These media are actually worse than the Pravda used to be, because in those times in the SU, people had learned to read between the lines, they had learned to draw conclusions form what had not been said, from names of people having been dropped – that sort of thing. Also – they had nothing else, no foreign TV, radio, and obviously no New Media.

    In 2012, we have all that, and we have the power to hit the corrupt media where it hurts: in their earnings. They must not be left off the hook after 11/6.
    Boykott them and tell them why.
    Boykott all who advertise in them, and tell them why.
    The left tried doing that to Rush Limbaugh – it failed.
    But this won’t fail for the corrupt media because you are far more then the left could get together, you are more active, and you are the patriots.

    I cannot think of anything in the last fifty years which has made me so outraged, angry and ashamed. And I’m not even an American.

    1. I think it’s the MEDIA the Tea Party should march on more than anything. If it weren’t for them not doing their jobs, Obama would never have been elected in the first place.

      And now, with Benghazi! On “Special Report” with Brett Baier, he reported that CBS, NBC & ABC had done just over 5 mins. reporting on Benghazi – COMBINED.

      COMBINED!!!!! We need to march on THEM.

      1. You’re absolutely right!

        They and those who advertise in them need to be boycotted until the pips squeak. Money is the only language they understand.
        And TEA party congressmen ought to get them for providing in-kind election support to Obama: make them pay!

  79. Thank God for people like Pat Caddell, who doesn’t let his party affiliation get in the way of his love of country. He expressed EXACTLY what I feel and I’m grateful to him.

  80. Welcome to fundamental transformation.

    I tend to work from the simplest. Could it just be that he’s a Hussein, who grew up in a foreign country, loves Islam, gives speeches in Cairo condemning the US history, gives a speech at the UN saying the future will not belong to those who don’t respect Island, etc.

    Just add those things together and make believe he’s not President. What kind of person would that be and what would that person do?

  81. I don’t know what happened in Libya or why. All I know is what various media sources have reported. Mostly what conservatives think about Libya is what has been reported by Fox News and other conservative outlets. Issa and co. did release a lot of documents about Libya, but then it was up to Fox News to summarize what was in the documents and what testimony was said. Overall, I would say some media sources–not the mainstream media, but the conservative-leaning media–are doing a good job of reporting the story that we conservatives perceive as being the true story, but we don’t actually know if it is the true story. It could be the MSM is doing a better job reporting the actual story. But Obama never answers any questions. When it was asked why he allegedly didn’t sent the military, he said he didn’t deny those requests, but he never answered who denied the requests, and the media should try to get to the bottom of that.

    1. So you believe the MSM over the military folks who are telling us what happened? Just because “conservative media” is the one reporting it doesn’t make it questionable. Your statement is nonsensical. I don’t want to believe my country would do such things either but I have to believe the facts that are available to me.

    2. One of the biggest problems with our media is that too many refuse to admit that this President lies or is capable of lying. Period. Many of us have theories as to whether or not Stevens was running weapons to Syria through Libya or if Stevens was targeted for assassination or if this was just a coverup of immense proportions. These right now are just theories. The real proof is slowly leaking out.

      But one thing is for sure. At the very least, Obama lied about what happened, made up a story about the Mohammed video, and tried to keep things quiet all just to prevent his political aspirations from being hurt.

      Any politician who puts politics above the lives of American citizens (and there are a lot of them around) should never be afforded the opportunity to be in any position of authority. Ever.

    3. Take your blinders off! You just watched two reputable ex military men tell us that their sources tell them that Obama was in the WH watching the attacks unfold.

    4. The media (other than FOX and “new media i.e. Beck, Breitbart, etc) are the only ones demanding answers and providing the unvarnished truth.

      If Obama says’ The Buck Stops Here”, meaning him, that’s not selective, it’s for all actions and decisions, good or bad.The Obama a$$ kissers in the slimestream media are in coverup mode for Bammy till the election is over to even give a good goddamn about the 4 Americans that died. They are just as culpable in this coverup as the White House.

      Try some “new media” sources for the real story.




  82. I agree with Mr Caddell. I am allowing my newspaper subscription to expire and will not subscribe to any new magazines. Last week our Sunday paper had an “opinion of the week” posted on the FRONT PAGE, saying what a “war monger” Mitt Romney is. I can’t really say that’s fair, but opinions belong in the Op-Ed section.

  83. Sorry folks, but I don’t understand all the uproar.

    What exactly is being covered up?

    Seems to me a lot of assumptions are being made with little, or no, evidence to back it up.

    1. I have no patience for such willful ignorance. You can grow a pair and actually look at the news that’s older than today, you know.

      1. Your reply seems evasive to me.

        You failed to cite even one example of what is being covered up. I thought I was pretty straightforward – perhaps not.

        I’ll go read the comments from the others who replied. Perhaps I’ll find something.

        1. If you’re really interested, take some time to listen to and read the previous 2 weeks worth of posts here on Scoop. He cites many sources that are pretty varied and quite reliable. Then feel free to compare the news and comments here with other sources. The information is available but you have to work a little for it. Scoop has done much of the collection of info for us, but would never ask you to believe him blindly.

          1. Well stated.

            This story kind of reminds of when the Left went on a rampage about the WMDs hurling insults at the president and accusing him of lying to the American people.

            Then we learned later that there were some mitigating factors.

            1. Some other sites to review with information are http://www.thegatewaypundit.com, http://www.cnsnews.com, and many others you can see from Scoop’s Home Page. Fox News, whether you like them or hate them, you must admit that they have been able and willing to produce the most information about the attack compared to any other TV news sources. It’s good to remember that “all news is biased,” but God gave you a brain and a skill in reasoning and it’s going to be up to you to exercise both.

              I think many of us commenters at Scoop have been eyebrow-deep in the lies put forth by the administration and have very little patience for them. They have no credibility. We are generally Conservative by principle and we don’t blindly follow anyone just because they’re saying what we like to hear. Most of us try to do our homework before posting and we expect the same of others. I hope you do take the initiative to study up on it and be willing to consider that our government has some serious corruption-issues right now. It’s hard to swallow – I don’t want to believe much of the filth, but the reality is that there is evidence of a coverup with the emails sent and the whistle-blowers coming forward. And please remember that for 2 weeks, our POTUS tried to sell us a story about an internet video that was the cause of the uprising. How many Libyans are sitting in their caves surfing the internet for poorly made anti-muslim movies? They steered from that movie lie into “we didn’t know it was happening” and now they are on to the “yeah, well it’s easy for you to do the Monday morning quarterbacking.” So which is it? Were they lying then or are they lying now? Or both? I believe it’s both.

      1. No, just some reasonable fact-driven examples of why the Right is all in a tizzy before an investigation is complete.

        There are some embarrassing incidents to be sure. But to listen to Fox News you would think it is the second coming of Watergate.

        1. You might want to turn off the tv or at least stop reading the NY Times. Lots of info besides Fox if you take the time to research a topic M.T.

          1. You are correct.

            The problem is there is so much misinformation out there that it is difficult to determine who is doing the best job of representing the truth.

    2. If you’d take your head out of DuhOne’s ass for more than 30 seconds a day and just pay a modicum of attention to what’s going on in the world, you might have a clue. To voluntarily be as ignorant as you are must be a real challenge.

    3. I have to admit, if you only watch MSNBC, it would be easy to come to that conclusion, as they have totally ignored any details of what went on in Benghazi for the last six weeks.

      If you choose to ignore the reality of what’s all around you, then you deserve whatever sand that gets stuck in your ears.

      1. You do realize that resorting to personal attacks is the first and most obvious sign that the commenter’s cupboard is bare as far as having any semblance of a substantive argument to support their theory?

      1. I am dead serious.

        Read the analysis by Michael Hirsh in the National Journal and it will (or should) open your mind to at least the possibility that some of the reporting by the conservative media is a bit over-hyped based on speculation.


        I am not saying that nothing will come out later and the Obama administration is blameless. I am simply saying that what we know at this point in time does not warrant the outrage (based on speculation) we are seeing in the conservative media.

    4. Go away,michael
      You have made an azz of yourself..and people are just scrolling past your inanities

  84. I was greatly encouraged by Kirsten Power’s comments on Thursday when she was a panelist on Special Report (Bret Baier). She was so enraged about Benghazi Gate that she nearly lost control as she ripped into Obama and his minions. If her reaction is only an average indicator of the way people on the Left are feeling, BO is done and done.

    1. The seeming ‘defection’ of Powers makes me think that Obama’s base isn’t nowhere as secure as he wants us to think it is.

      If Obama is reduced to calling names (Bull$#itter, Romnisa), he’s just throwing meat to the far left.

  85. Tell it like it is PAT! He also gave an awesome speech at the Accuracy in Media conference. We need to get this ballbuster into the MSM.

  86. Pat Caddell is an honorable man and he is correct: the so-called mainstream media (ABC/CBS/NBC/NPR/PBS, etc) has been subverted and made part of what can properly be called the 0bama ‘Ministry of Disinformation’, they report what they are told to report by the political leadership operating out of the White House, they squelch and kill stories with any potential to cast 0bama and his crew in an unfavorable light. The so-called ‘journalists’ can be properly labeled ‘media whores’ except that would be offensive to the non-journalistic whores and street walkers who are far more honorable. It has been established that 0bama was fully ‘in the loop’, informed and KNEW that our people were being massacred in Benghazi (because he was aware of ALL developments in REAL TIME) and REFUSED TO AUTHORIZE ACTION TO SAVE OUR PEOPLE!

    0bama is a COWARD and is brought to us by the letter ‘T’ for TRAITOR!!!!!

  87. We’ve always known the Leftist media is corrupt, but like Caddell said, this is off the charts. This is collusion…

  88. http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/50586

    Everyone who is frustrated and angry like me wanting to get to the bottom of it all ought to read the above article, which spells out in no uncertain terms what was happening in Benghazi and why it went down like it did. Panetta’s odd statement and those from the WH make a deal of sense in the context of what was happening at the CIA post in Benghazi.

    It seems the Cold War is alive and well. Stevens paid the price for knowing too much and being a patsy and a sacrifice to placate Russian-backed Iranian sympathisers in Libya.

    1. WOW!
      IF someone on the left had only “dreamed” that President Bush had done such things, we would still be hearing about it to this day….never mind it would have just been a dream.
      Here it’s a real live nightmare and the left acts like bo and his brownshirts could do no wrong and have done no wrong.

  89. Pat Caddell was amazing… he was so sincere, heartfelt and truly made an emotional impact on me. He spoke the truth regarding the media…. they have NO honor. They have compromised their journalistic integrity by refusing to report the news. Their resistance to inform the public regarding ALL the facts surrounding the Benghazi Attack and ALL news nationally and internationally is totally unacceptable! I have deep respect for Pat Caddell’s honesty and passion. So refreshing to finally hear the voice of truth – we so needed to hear Pat’s words. I thank him from the bottom of my heart.

      1. Michael T, you are all kinds of delusional. You’re the kind of Obama supporter that I’ve read of, where even if you saw Obama murder the Benghazi four himself with your own eyes, you’d say, “And? Where’s the proof? I don’t get what’s so bad!”

        I pity you.

      2. You see here a thread full of specifics. Also many posts by Scoop on this, and a full accounting of the emails known to be received are easily findable on the web.

        We all know what he was talking about, even if you are going to play games and pretend otherwise. What a repugnant position to take.

        1. Since I am not getting any specifics in the replies to my comment, let me phrase this another way.

          What do you think is the most damaging evidence so far?

          Enlighten me.

          Trying to keep an open mind and look at both sides I did look at many comments in this tread. The “thread full of specifics” that you alluded to.

          But I also read the analysis my Michael Hirsh in the National Journal.


          I must say there are some valid points on both sides. But I still see this as mostly a politically driven news story when I consider what we know so far.

          1. Because deaths, blunders, and coverups are always political, or something?

            You play politics with it all you want. I’ll stick with the facts uncovered so far, which point out a very nasty bit of coverup for a pathetic excuse for a Commander in Chief.

            1. Call me stubborn — many have — but I still don’t see any good solid examples of a coverup other than putting the best face on some obvious missteps.

              1. Very simple. Lying about a video causing a riot at for at least 12 days after it was full knowledge it was a coodinated attack. Even the videos of the attack prove it. Apparently you “still don’t see any good solid” videos of the actual attack. You work for the government don’t you.

                1. Read the following and please point out to me where the Obama administration was deceptive — especially given the initial conflicting intelligence.

                  Four days after the attacks Susan Rice went on Face the Nation and stated that Steven’s death was due to the following:
                  1. Spontaneous protests (“opportunistic” would have been more accurate)
                  2, Soon after, extremist elements, individuals, joined in that effort with heavy weapons.

                  A key question early on was whether extremists took over a crowd or if the guys who showed up were all militants, said an intelligence official involved in the Benghazi assessment.

                  By the following week the Department of National Intelligence (DNI) came to believe there had been no protest at all. On Sept. 28, the DNI said in a statement that as U.S. intelligence learned more about the attack, “we revised our initial assessment to reflect new information indicating that it was a deliberate and organized terrorist attack carried out by extremists.”

                2. You’re seeing exactly what you want to see. I can understand that it must be hard to believe any president of this country could be so callous, calculating, and so ideologically driven that four American lives are viewed as expendable.
                  You don’t know obama. You simply do not understand what makes that man tick, you want answers?
                  Then look deep into his background. Start there.
                  That you could even begin to defend obama or anyone in his administration while four men lie six feet under the earth, dead forever in their coffins says much about you and is astonishing.

              2. If by “best face” you mean “bald faced lie”, then you might get closer to what is going on.

                We now have proof that Obama knew, or ignored what everyone was telling him, that the attack was a direct, planned assault with major weaponry, within two hours of it’s beginning.

                Instead of going with that “intel” Obama told the nation, and the UN that it was about some stupid video.

                He lied.

                It’s the coverup that always brings them down.

                It’s late in the day for you to be able to not understand this. Anyone with a quorum of neurons that actually connect can figure it out. And the answer is: Obama lied, and this is a national disgrace. It doesn’t have to be a big deal to you. But it will end his Presidency on a very sour note. And there will be investigations.

                1. Well said.

                  I wish an independent website (if one actually exits) would take the key points each side is making and fact check whose version is closer to what actually happened. We may have to wait for congress after the election. But I want answers now. 🙂

                  Two big issues that seem to have generated the most debate are about what the emails mean and just how badly was the WH, Susan Rice and Sec. Clinton misrepresenting the reason for the Benghazi attacks.

                  According to Reuters, the emails “specifically mention that the Libyan group called Ansar al-Sharia had asserted responsibility for the attacks.”

                  Others point out that after the 9/11/2001 attacks an initial intelligence report stated that a Pakistani group was the first to claim responsibility.

                  So was it justified for intelligence officials to not put as much credence in the email about Ansar al-Sharia as many in the conservative media suggest?

                  I wish I was able to find a clear answer on this.

                  There is also a lot of charges that Susan Rice and the administration only emphasized blaming the attack on the anti-Muhammad video. But is that really true.

                  On Face the Nation Ms. Rice said that Steven’s death was due to the following:
                  1. Spontaneous protests (“opportunistic” would have been more accurate)
                  2. Soon after, extremist elements, individuals, joined in that effort with heavy weapons.

                  It sound like after four days the consensus (which proved later to be incorrect) was that the attacks were conducted by a mix of protestors and extremists (or terrorist).

                  The more I read the more my head spins.

        1. Let me say this.

          With all the half-truths, exaggerations, misstatements and hyperbole on both sides it is a dizzying adventure trying to sort out what is fact-based reporting and what is based on assumptions and speculation yet to be validated.

          1. “With all the half-truths, exaggerations, misstatements and hyperbole on both sides it is a dizzying adventure trying to sort out what is fact-based reporting and what is based on assumptions and speculation yet to be validated.”

            That obfuscation may work over at Mediaite, but as another commenter said here recently, go back through Scoop posts for a good timeline on the events, or, FOX News – in particular, Brett Baier, Catherine Herridge and Jennifer Griffin, all who have done some incredibly honest and truthful reporting on Libya. Listen to the parents of the dead SEALS, what they say speaks volumes as to the truth of what happened.

            The Alphabet networks, the CNN’s and MSNBC’s of the world will not cover the story because it makes Obama look bad-that, IMHO, makes all of them just as culpable as those in the White House who allowed the atrocity in Libya to happen.

            1. Fair enough.

              We should all keep an open mind to new revelations and opinions that may reveal ‘facts’ which are contrary to our strongly held views.

              Of course that seems almost impossible when discussing such divisive topics on blogs.

              Cold beer and a pizza would be a far more amenable setting.

  90. That .. wow.. I have never heard Pat Caddell like this. I just got home watching “Hating Breitbart” and listen to last night’s Mark Levin podcast on the drive to/from the theater. I am already pumped. Now I find myself even more angry.


    1. Don’t blame you, Surfin. But good to know the Breitbart movie was available in your area. Was it as good as we’ve heard and did you enjoy it? Was the theatre full? Hope so.

      1. I was quite good. I wish it went on for another 30 minutes, but the 90 minutes or so they produced is solid. It does a good start, then hits on the undercover Acorn scandal, the N-word lie/cover-up, the Shirley Sherrod misrepresentation, and ends with Weiner-gate unfolding next to the credits.

        When it is available on video I will purchase it. It is great to have a solid comeback to those that insist on trying to spread the debunked lies about A.B.

        I still hear/see all of those above stories spun in a way that discredits A.B. and the others involved.

        Solid documentary. Fun, sad, inspiring, anger-provoking, humorous, serious, and leaves you filled with “Righteous Indignation”!!!!

        🙂 Long live A.B.



      1. You do realize that Karl Rove is behind the most powerful pro-Romney super PAC, right? You really think he should go silent? You want another 4 years of 0bama?

              1. You seem to be suggesting that American Crossroads should pull all of their ads which have been leveling the playing field and devastating 0bama. I can only assume you must prefer for 0bama having the advertising edge. And you must prefer Benghazi not become an issue in the campaign. I know that it would destroy 0bama if it did. I assume you know that too.

  91. I have commented on other Boards that Obama isn’t a Teflon President, he is a Flubber President. Things don’t just slide off him, they bounce off and accelerate in the opposite direction.

    I am hoping that that Flubber has met it’s match, THE TRUTH.

  92. Pat Caddell and Zell Miller are Patriots first and Democrats second. I have had the pleasure of meeting both gentlemen, and I can affirm that they are indeed Gentlemen.

  93. When I was growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, we would joke about the Soviet Media Arm PRAVDA. Their attempt at telling the truth was to inform the people of the mandated Politburo Propaganda. I always think of the old saying, the prisoners in the Gulags cried when Stalin died. Thoise poor souls were convinced that their situation was due to Government ineptitude, not the intentional acts of their Evil Leaders.

    Today in America, we have literally dozens of PRAVDAS. The difference being that they disseminate information without having to be directed by the Government. They do it at the source so to speak, selling, make that force feeding the Progressive Agenda while protecting those people in power that share their Ideology.

    Though most here have known this obvious fact for many years, a large portion of the population is waking up to it simply because these same Media Zealots have jumped the shark and their antics are becoming clearly obvious to those outside of the true believers (aka – Useful Idiots).

  94. I am in shock…when I didn’t think this White House could stoop any lower…they pull this horrible deed or rather lack thereof. To leave our people without ANY help ( they pleaded for back up 3 times and none came) for 7 hours while watching it live in the Situation Room with his team…is despicable. Our country has never been afraid of anything or anybody…this President is not worthy of occupying the Oval Office. Thank God we are going to have a new President. I can’t stomach another four years of this.

  95. I’ve liked Pat Caddell for a long time … he’s actually the only honest Democrat I’ve ever heard. I’m so sick of Juan “Screeching Partisan Hack” Williams, I have to turn the volume down when he’s on. And why Bill “Bloviating” O’Reilly remains #1 is beyond me … turned him off years ago and listen to Levin on the radio until Sean comes on.
    The MSM IS an enemy to America. Thank God for the new media and Fox!
    November 7th WILL be a new day in America, or God help us all.

    1. I agree about O’Reilly. He’s getting weird. His show – when it’s not misguided – has become an hour of, “…but enough about me! What about you? What do YOU think of me…?”

  96. So, if what Panetta said is true, that he and others in the area decided that they could not put forces at risk because they did not know what was going on then if help was requested he did deny it due to the high risk. Either that is true or he is saying that assistance was never requested and they made the decision on their own not to send forces. Am I missing something here?

  97. The moron bedmate of the criminal Obama recently urged her fellow Vagina-crats to vote early. “You never know whether, on election day, the toilet will back up and overflow–he he he cackle cackle…”

    Well guess what Flubber! Your toilet that has backed up and is overflowing blood and Obama bullshit all over your taxpayer-funded pumps.

    1. They know the s— is hitting the fan more each day and don’t want those undecideds to change their minds.

      Note to self – see if those undecideds qualify for a museum exhibit – they could represent the dodo bird, which is said to have died out due to stupidity…

    1. While catching up on the newest disgusting revelations on Benghazi a couple of hours ago, the earth literally moved! Thought it was me and my dark thoughts about the POS causing it, pardon language! Swaying lights and stuff due to that 7.7 magnitude earthquake just off the BC coast.

      Still waiting for news on whether any were hurt, pray not, but now a tsunami warning for Alaska. There was the main event, then about 6 aftershocks, the last one 35 minutes ago. No damage on the south coast, but hope our other left coast Canucks drop in to let us know they’re OK.

        1. I’m in Vancouver, a long way away and we’re kind of buffeted I guess by Vancouver Island. Lots of reports like mine re swaying lights and stuff, but no-one hurt and no damage down here. Shout out to Linky1 for posting!

          1. Oh p m I’m glad you’re OK too. Didn’t know you were out that way! ((()))S thank you for letting me know!! God Bless! I have to go to bed, it’s after 2 here but I doubt I’ll sleep much. I’ll see you all tomorrow. xoxoxo

    1. Are you referring to the weather? If Fox can cover both and does, the rest of the press should be able to as well.

  98. In the last four years, there have been a lot of things go down that Dems bit their lips over and swallowed their pride about in order to allow Obama to do his thing. He threw many of them under the bus for his own personal agenda.

    As with rats that leave a sinking ship, the more this breaks open, the better chance that some of these Dems are going to finally say, “To H*ll with it, I’m getting out and I’m spilling the beans”.

    Cadell is a good man at heart and his type are as outraged as we are. The Dems of lesser character will jump when they feel the water lapping at their ankles. No Dutch boy is going to save the usurper-in-chief when this dam breaks.

    Of all the things Obama has done, this incident has made me angrier than any other in my memory and I am one who would be willing to strap on my firearms and engage the battle to save this country, much like these heroic men wanted to save the Ambassador.

    Someone, anyone, has to step forward now to split wide open the floodgates of this terrible atrocity.

    1. I watched this tonight on Fox. It was all I could do to hold back the tears. Thanks for sharing your comment. It gives me hope.

      1. Me too. and it sounded like Pat was about to break in tears also. Disgrace…. we don’t even know what it means anymore. Shameful…we don’t even know what that is.

        I’m pissed. It’s unbelievable, just unbelievable in my country, land of the free.

        My great grand parents fought in the American Revolution, could you imagine what
        they would think now?

    2. 10,000,000,000,000,000 likes on this one. I think because of all of the President’s duties protection of America is the duty that is #1 on the list. He has deliberately failed at it and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by Americans. This will bring the low information voter to our side. Romney will win, it’s just how big that is in question.

  99. I wanna scream ..I wanna cry… I wanna see people on trail for this !
    I wanna see the media in ruins .
    I will never give the MSM another minute of my time , I will never in the slightest way add to their ratings . They’re all traitors to this country .

    1. So far there is only one guy in Jail is the guy who made a YouTube Video and “violated his parole” because he touched a computer. Of course, if he downloaded a video from his iPhone would that count? HMMMMMM

      Anyway, he has yet to have a Bail hearing. In fact the Preliminary Hearing is scheduled for TWO DAYS AFTER the Election. He has been rotting in Jail, Solitary Confinement, for weeks. HMMMMMMM

      A real Political Prisoner, not a Cop Killer Political Prisoner all the Liberals rant about.

      And let us not forget what Hillary said to Mr. Woods, the guy who made the video will be punished. Welcome to the Soviet Union Comrades…

    1. Actually it is the pollster’s way of telling you that Ohio is going for Romney. It’s all part of the Big Lie.

    2. There are two reasons for the “dead heat”:

      1) The media is deafeningly silent on Benghazi. They simply are NOT reporting on it and therefore Obama is being protected from the fallout.
      2) The Midwest is overrun with liberals. Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, parts of Idaho, Minnesota.

      Pat Buchanan was laughed at when he proclaimed that America was in a culture war several years ago. But he and others were right. There has been a shift occurring in America away from Christian Constitutional Conservatism to anti-Christ liberal socialism.

      Christianity vs atheism

      These two worldviews couldn’t BE any more on opposite ends of the spectrum from one another if they tried.

      And this is most notable among the youth voters. As the older more “center right” voters begin to age and pass on, the voting bloc will be replaced with the emerging, young, liberal demographic. Those who watch John Stewart and Colbert and support the “rock star” Barack Obama.

      Liberal elites aren’t stupid. They haven’t gained access into our schools and universities for no reason. They are grooming tomorrow’s liberal voters and leaders.

      This is why morality matters. Teaching children that God is absolute; that each citizen and by extension each government is first accountable to Him (as mentioned in the Declaration of Independence); and that it matters where we are in relationship to God because that relationship affects every other aspect of our lives. From disciplining our children to determining who to vote for.

      A person’s worldview dictates their values and intuitively guides their decisions.

  100. I am a Sniveling Coward, Habitual Liar, Closet Muslim and Hell Bent on the Destruction of America.

    I am Barack Obama and I approve of this message.

    1. If someone would have written the Orders to send in the US Military personnel for a rescue mission on the teleprompter, Obama could have read them and lives may have been saved.

  101. Lord, I am so sick and heartbroken. Our so called press, the propaganda lapdog sycophants of dear leader are as bloodied as dear leader himself. I haven’t watched the alphabet channels in years already, and don’t have cable, so it’s not like I can boycott these sobs. I am sick. Furious. Beyond disgusted.

    1. Same here re no tv and no cable – just the computer.
      But they don’t know that, and I’ve emailed them in the US and here in Canada to register outrage at their deliberate failure to report on Benghazi.

      PS Now we know why they’re called ‘stories’ – fairytales is more like it with all the alphabets in both countries.

        1. Agree. I have no doubt zero will be ousted in – gosh – only 9 days now, but getting there has been such a trial these last few weeks with this thing and his denial on Banghazi.

          1. I am falling apart right now. This crap, the weather I worry for friends up along the east, and now a freaking earthquake out northwest! Please pray p m. Read my comment down at the bottom I just posted. Thank you dear friend.

                1. We actually used weather modification as a weapon in Vietnam. It led to an international treaty being signed to keep nations from using it as a weapon. I saw an interview with the guy who headed up the program. The program was “officially” discontinued, but many say that it has continued. The guy who headed up the program said that we could have stopped Catrina, or at least downgraded it so that it would not have done all that damage. He explained how they used it as a weapon, and said that they would make it rain some 20 inches in a day and decimate entire areas.

                  Other countries are openly using it today, and the technology has come a long way. They now use clowd seeding as a monitoring point, but have gone to using microwave radiation as a means to diflect, or create weather conditions.

                  There is no doubt that they could create this storm, or disperse it.

      1. Love your comment about ‘stories’. I have hated that media teminology for years! It sounds so trivial when used to report the news.

            1. Not all stories are fiction though. A prime example of non-fiction is the Bible, where many true stories told.

              1. Technically, those are narratives. The word “story” has come to mean fiction. The writings in the Bible are narratives = what actually happened.
                Sorry, I can’t help myself. I am an ESL teacher; it is a curse at times. :{

                1. Yes. I realize that, but my point was that the word ‘story’ has come to mean fiction in the minds of many if not most people. The connotation doesn’t always match the strict dictionary definition.
                  Interesting discussion. Thanks.

                2. As an English as a second language teacher, I hope you will not give up on teaching one of the dictionary definitions of what can be a rich and very inviting word- ‘story’. The true stories in the Bible are the best!

                  I still see things out there like based on a/the true story…

                3. No, of course not. However, in our writing classes, we have our students write narratives – accounts of events happening in their lives, as it is far easier to write something they know rather than fiction. I agree that the stories in the Bible are the best. Too bad I can’t talk about the Bible or anything in it to my students. They are mostly Arabs.
                  Extremely frustrating. I have been known to break the rule on occasion. I have had great discussions on Abraham, for example. 😉

                4. That’s what people/teachers of old have encouraged their pupils to do when wanting to get stories published- write about what they know. It’s what someone did in the movie “I Remember Mama”. It was what was done with Jo in “Little Women”. It was done with “Anne” of “Green Gables”. And of course John Boy and Laura Ingalls wrote stories about things they knew and experienced.


                  Wow, that must be a challenging situation. It’s neat you have spoken on Abraham. I wonder if something still holds true that used to be- that the teacher is allowed to answer a direct question from a student? Have you ever been able to get into that discussion of Abraham in that manner?

                5. I work at a private language school. However, there are ways. In this particular case, we were reading about early languages including secret languages that women invented among themselves in China. So, I brought in some info about cuneiform and Sumer, which was in what is now Iraq. I love languages, so it was a natural. As it happens, Sumer (Ur) was the city of Abraham, which led me to tell them about how advanced it was even though it is desert today. Cunieform is thought to be the first or one of the first written languages in history. They were fascinated as that is their area of the world. I love Abraham, so it was easy to have a class discussion about the fact that he and Sarah were wealthy, but when God called Abraham, they both obeyed and left their life of luxury. It was a great discussion.
                  In return, on another day, some of them told me about an important well: the well of ZamZam in Saudi Arabia, which turns out to be Hagar’s and Ishmael’s well! There is a beautiful building around it, and there is still water in it. However, they believe it was Issac instead of Ishmael. They also believe that the son Abraham was told to sacrifice was Ishmael instead of Issac. I just ignore that part and never argue about it.
                  We teachers learn as much or more than we teach. (:

  102. Pat Caddell conveyed in words and emotion, exactly how I feel about this attack. And I bet millions of other Americans do too.

  103. Finally, Pat was not cut off during his conversation like that Blow Hard, EgO’Rielly does all the time. Thank you Pat for being a real Democrat and not a Progressive.
    The pay backs to Obama should be for the Secret Service to stand down and the crew chief of Air Force One to say “Mr. President we have a major structural crack in spar 34 and this flight today is grounded” let him feel first hand what it like to ask for help. Stand Down, Stand Down ,Stand Down…….

      1. If US personnel are silent about this and afraid of disiplinary action or loss of pension, Trump can use his $5 million pledge to get to the truth. Sort of a bounty on Obama,

        1. That is a great idea! Who can get this out to Trump? Makes a lot more sense
          than money for Obama’s college transcripts that we don’t care about anymore.

          Perhaps someone can suggest this to Rush or Beck or Hannity. They can pass
          it along to Trump.

          Heck if someone would start a fund I would contribute myself.

  104. This is hardly my country!! I cannot fathom how the Commander-in-Chief could coldly allow my fellow patriots to be gunned down without intervening on their behalf and without a shred of humane emotion then carry on as if nothing but a tape happened – he even went to bed that night and got ready for a fundraising with Beyonce the following day!!! This is beyond the pale and is a dishonor for this country! Wake up, America!!

    1. And Hillary lying about a film to a grieving Mr. Woods when she knew better is outrageous conduct!

  105. Thank you, Mr. Caddell. You are showing yourself to be a man of principle and are proof that this entire Benghazi tragedy is not a Democrat vs Republican issue, but rather an issue of right vs wrong. Any and every person of honor in this country should be outraged by the administration’s conduct and the MSM’s journalistic malpractice. I pray that you will continue to speak out, and that you will use whatever influence you have to encourage other Democrats to do the same.

  106. CBS’ Lara Logan: Obama is lying to you – Islamists are your enemy –
    http://youtu.be/9BD7CYLTndk  via @youtube
    ‘Death and Deceit in Benghazi’ –
    quote- “When one does cut through the fog of Benghazi, we are left with the indelible image of a regime lying its butt off to save itself.”  This is an all to ominous and real indicator of the reality that the current leaders running our govt, thus our Nation, are despotically corrupt and criminal.. 

    Pat Caddell: “Media bias being in the tank for Obama, as Obama’s prostituted proxy surrogates, thus “the Press” has become a “threat to Democracy” and “enemy of the American People”

    The Truth is not subjective, nor is your electoral fate on  6 Nov Obama.

  107. I couldn’t agree more Pat. As an American I too am ASHAMED.
    There was also a serious attack in Afghanistan the day after the Bengazi attack/murders, on Sept 12. We lost 2 more soldiers in that attack. Not to mention the largest loss of military assets since Vietnam.

    Beginning to wonder if there is an effort underway to undermine our military and/or embolden our enemies.

    1. There is such an effort – been going on now for 4 years. ROEs on the front line that murder our Soldiers, and the politicization of Military leadership – especially Dempsey.

      More than twice the number of dead in Afghanistan under zero than under GWB.

      1. Wow. That’s an incredible, and horrible statistic. I don’t think I’ve heard that mentioned one time during this whole campaign. What a disgrace!

    2. Our military over time has sacrifice a lot of good men instead of using other means to take out the enemy they used our soldiers. On the ground to be salutted instead of using air power available to them.the real truth may never told a out our embassy and the men killed to many high ranking menbers running for cover.too much politics involved

  108. You know what???!!! The democrats from time past must be rolling in their graves!!! And any true democrat who has been following this issue should by now start to smell the stench coming out of all this. Once there was Clinton type of democrats – at least they knew that Clinton loved his country. Can someone spell blind allegiance and cult of personality??!! That is exactly what it’s been all about and where we’ve been stuck the last four years!! This is beyond putting the democratic party before the people, THIS is covering up for one man with a huge ego, that he cannot even show a hint of emotion or is even able to say: “Sorry guys, I’ve screwed up, big time!!!” Instead it’s been lies upon lies!!!

    1. I must disagree with you on one issue, Cindy09. Having lived many years and pretty much seen it all (my first vote when I was old enough to do so very proudly went to Goldwater in ’64), I’ve observed that the Democrats went on steroids down the road to liberalism/socialism with LBJ (what a snake!). They were already headed that way, LBJ and his crowd just put the agenda on speed dial.

      As for the Clintons, both of them, they may “appear” to be patriots, but they ARE NOT! They are solely interested in themselves and their ambitions to gain as much power/money as possible – not to mention they are both consummate liars and will take this country down the tubes to a NWO (New World Order) as planned.

    2. You are too kind to Bill Clinton. He is campaigning for His Excellency, telling the public just this week that a Romney victory will be a bigger storm than Sandy. Talk about political use of a tragedy!

  109. It is time for the real Americans to stand up and be recognized. What ever it takes, it must be done. This is about more than an election, this is about shame and dishonor to our country & God. I am broken in heart by what has happened, and I just cannot imagine, anyone who has a son, or a husband, or dad, or a loved one who was giving all he had to help save his fellow Americans, and the people who could have saved them just let them die.

    It is time to rise up against the tyranny in the White house and the cowards that were not willing to get their hands dirty. Shame on them.

    God help America. This is not a rave for the republicans, but a disgrace for out nation.

    1. If a WH is willing to stand by and allow Americans be killed AND THEN cover it up, what more will he do to us? He does not value Amiercan or its people.

      1. Amb. Stevens was a useful tool to be discraded and that folks is just what happened 9-11-2012. The good Ambassador must have thought he was important to Obamakovsky so he never believed that Comrade Preisdente would just sit back in the WH and watch him die.

  110. Is Pat Cadell a democrat anymore? Now seriously, I have a lot of respect for Cadell, unlike the moron Juan Williams he shows that he cares about this country first and not the democrat party.

    1. He’s an old school Democrat, but certainly not a progressive or far-left Liberal. He has a common sense approach to things, even when he disagrees with Republicans. I like the way he is not afraid to say some left wing positions are way off base.

      I think, like with Kirsten Powers, FOX opinions are rubbing off on him. Now to work on the likes of Juan Williams and (cough, cough) Alan Colmes.

          1. There’s no hope for Juan either. When he is on I have to hit the mute button. I can’t stand those stupid faces he makes. He looks and talks like an idiot.

        1. That guy who filled in for Krauthammer friday night (Charles Smith?) seems to be in the tank for Obama as well.

      1. I got a feeling that Fox News is not going to renew Juan Williams contract, he is not a common sense guy, he is a drone in its truest forms.

        1. I agree. I think they hired him because it was an opportunity to cash in on him getting fired at NPR. It made them money, now he is of no use, especially with his parrot-like responses for the lefties. What amazes me is that FOX keeps Colmes in their stable. He must be so wacko that it gives them a ratings boost just to slap him down.

          1. Fox isn’t afraid to let the Left voice their views…maybe not endlessly but Williams and Colmes reflect what the left is thinking and saying. While it’s annoying it’s also rather humorous to hear them twist themselves into contortionist positions rationalizing their stance. Occasionally they even get a look on their faces that betrays their own incredulity at what they say…it’s a riot.

        2. As much as Bob Beckel makes my skin crawl, I actually find myself wishing he was there instead when Juan Williams sits in for him on “The Five!” Juan is like that idiot Tamara Holder — just a screechy, nonsensical screaming loon. I just change the channel when they or Colmes are on. I have ZERO interest in hearing their opinion. On ANYTHING!

        3. Fox doesn’t hire its adversaries for common sense, it hires them to be left-wing trolls in order to rile up the audience like Geraldo with his liberal Catch-22’s.

          Like just on Friday he debated Bill O’Reily about Benghazi, and he actually said “if it’s an issue then he should have brought it up at the debate.”
          And of course if he DID bring they accuse him of “politicizing a tragedy” etc.

          That’s how Fox operates, i.e. the young trollops in the sexy outfits and the middle-aged men in their business-suits and ties as they all sit around screaming at each other, and it’s as fake as pro-wrestling.

      2. Alan Colmes? When hell freezes over you can count on him! Loser! Juan Williams? The guy is a bleeding heart Liberal and to top it off…he is a “black liberal”. ‘Nuff said!

      1. He wouldn’t do it. It would then become political and that wasn’t his intent when he came out with his story. His mission and he accepted it was to bring out the truth. He did that and American can see what a totally awesome man he is and now you know why Ty Woods died the way he did. Putting it in a commercial would tarnish the message. It fills my heart with comfort and joy that America isn’t dead as Obama wishes it to be. Obama knows he is going to lose. His fear now is that maybe he will not be living in that Hawaian mansion as he thought. He might spend his days separated from his family in Leavenworth if he is lucky.

        1. Sorry… can’t agree. The stakes are TOO high. People need to hear the message.

          That does not stop anyone from using Woods’ story however. Woods himself does not have to do it. There is plenty of footage to cut and paste together that a SuperPac can use. Wood’s would NOT have to endorse it. It’s not demeaning nor negatively political. It’s truth… Pure and simple.

          1. They are hearing it. It is traveling word of mouth. It will be Hurricane Sandy on the TV, but people are talking about Chuck Woods and his awesome son.

        2. If he wouldn’t do it, then he wouldn’t be doing any of the media appearances, either. The ad could simply be him talking about his son, talking about what happened, and demanding answers from 0bama.

          Outside of Fox News, the mainstream media is refusing to report on any of this. Sure it is getting around, and it is the reason 0bama’s approval is dropping like a rock. But the fact is everyone should know. If this story was reported by a responsible news media, 0bama wouldn’t muster above 30%.

          1. Perhaps if said ratings kept dropping, Обама would likely tell his supporters to simply go out and riot now….

      2. You are asking a coward to have some guts,…….not gonna happen….he represents the Rinos in our party.

        1. Rove is all over this Benghazi scandal. He recognizes that Romney shouldn’t get distracted from his economic message, and let others push Benghazi instead.

    2. I think in his mind, he’s a liberal and Obama is a Marxist. In my mind, he’s a useful dupe who spent the last forty years making Obama possible.

      He’s one of thse who ended up on the wrong side of the Night of The Long Knives or a Stalin Purge; when “throwing them under the bus, just wouldn’t do.”

      1. Common cut him some slack, at least he knows that the media is a danger to our democracy, unlike other liberals that are liberals no matter what.

      2. Hmmm… Liberals of yesterday were much more Conservative than most Media described present day Conservatives. Kadell is one of those Liberals that along with RINO’s allowed today to happen. But to single out old Liberals is incorrect and you will find most of them now residing in the R Party. You know of whom they are, or should know them; the Rove Conservative haters are just some of them.

    3. I think that the Democratic Party has 80% of communists and 20% of blue dogs.
      Pat Cadell is a blue dog in the way of extinction. After this election and if Romney wins, the democratic Americans (not Hollywood) will have to create their own Tea Party to clean the House and the Senate from Communism. Otherwise they will never come back to Power.

      Furthermore Mr. Cadell is a very intelligent, good and objective guy who is serving his Country.

      1. Since the First Republic is dead, we’ll have to create the Second but that’s not going to happen unless you can accept the very premise that the first one is dead and that’s npt going to happen peacefully. Not because of people don’t desire peaceful transition but because you have so many socialists/communists laced in the government and those feeding at the trough.

    4. The old-world, Clinton democrat party exists no more. It has been replaced by the islamo-marxist party. Pat has seen his old party move far away. Good for him to call out the lame-stream media for what they are, shills for re-electing a dangerous and destructive president.

    5. It does appear Cadell, although a D, is sincere as he has been speaking out for three years now with anger at what the present D Party and their buddies in the Marxist controlled MSM/Press are doing to his/our Country.

    6. Yes. Please, Pat, realize like Reagan that the Dem Party has LEFT YOU! Let them go and re-register Republican, Independent – anything but Democrat. Maket if official and stand with us, your friends, your compatriots.

    7. ” Is Pat Cadell a democrat anymore?” – It Doesn’t matter.
      What Pat Cadell is, …… Is a Patriotic AMERICAN – and that is what matters

    1. Apparently one does. Pat Caddell is a liberal and he makes no bones about how he feels about Obama and the media that covers for him.

  111. This is absolutely devastating. I cannot come up with any more words that could be printed here to describe how I feel right now.

    1. You could try [Deleted]! Works for me! I’ve never seen Pat Caddell, a Democrat, be so disgusted in all my life!

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