ENDANGERMENT: Vile ‘Drag the Kids to Pride’ event at Texas gay bar had toddlers tipping half-naked drag queens

Drag queens dancing in front of a neon sign reading “IT’S NOT GONNA LICK ITSELF” wearing various lingerie outfits were tipped money by minor children sitting with their so-called parents at a gay bar in Texas on Saturday.

The word “pride” has as little place in the title of this abomination as children do at the event itself.

This is child endangerment. I don’t know what the law is about putting children under 18 in an environment like a bar, strip club, or porn set, but if this were a TV lawyer show someone would be facing charges for the heinous images and clips you are about to see.


Yesterday we saw some video of confrontations outside the gay bar where the drag strip show for kids was hosted, as police confronted the protesters rather than the child endangerers.

Today, there’s images and video from inside this horror.

BlazeTV’s Alex Stein attempted to get into the gay bar where men dressed as women in lingerie for children but they stopped him. “We’re denying entry, we’re asking you to leave.”

They have kids in their adult gay bar with explicit material and sexual acts, but they’re protecting them from … what, objections??

Stein instead asked his questions of people leaving the event.

As mentioned yesterday here, there were protesters. Heroes.

And confrontations.

Drew Hernandez has the correct summary.

Disgusting and certainly it must be criminal. It’s endangerment and corruption and disgusting and Texas doesn’t want it.

This can’t be tolerated. People cannot just let it go.

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