Energy Secretary Chu gives himself an “A” on handling of high gas prices

Well, gas prices are currently at a record high for this time of year and Chu’s stated goal is to get them to European levels here in America. So we’re well on our way. Maybe once we’re there he’ll give himself an A++++++.

Just like Ralphie.

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43 thoughts on “Energy Secretary Chu gives himself an “A” on handling of high gas prices

  1. FuBar Ack H. O. wants to take crayons from OUR CHIIIIIIILDREN!!!! Yes!!!
    and to remove plastics from telephones, ipods, ipads, cars, computers etc.
    also:to take our tires, toothbrushes, lipsticks, tents, drinking cups and MILLIONS of other things….
    ALL the above – MADE FROM OIL

  2. Congressmen are a bunch of wimps, and need to be recalled or impeached.

    The jist of my statement toward this old idiot:

    He should’ve been told, flat out, that his hand in the energy policies have endangered national security, by making the US more dependent on foreign oil, than ever. This is exacerbated by allowing our military enemies to drill near our territorial waters, such as Cubans and [PRC] Chinese. His steadfast refusal to commit the US to full scale exploitation of American resources, ranging from natural gas, to onshore oil, to offshore oil, to oil shale, has not only kept us under the thumb of state sponsors of terror that are out to murder us, and do this with the petrodollars we pay them in this perverse relationship, but costs thousands, upon thousands upon thousands of jobs. Every drilling and refining project will result in tens of thousands of jobs, and the DNC consistently blocks this, including Obama, and his clueless, lying sycophant, Chu. Chu has lied in saying he’s done a good job in handling good gas prices. If he’s talking about doing his level best to increase them, and drive people out of business and jobs, then, yes, I guess he’s doing very well. Otherwise, he’s a liar, and was even quoted to say that increasing gas prices weren’t his concern. Let us eat cake.

    Flat out: ‘not interested’.

    Their stupid policy of using algae, solar panels and not ready for consumer market, bleeding edge technology electric cars has done nothing but harm the country. They’re involved in illegally [un-Constitutionally] funding [subsidizing] “green” firms, then watching them go down in flames (and in some cases, even knowing it was coming, and still doling out taxpayer money). All this, while continuing to sell the lie to the stupid, that the US is still subsidizing Big Oil, and cutting them off, when, in reality, they’re cutting off small drilling/exploration corporations, and looking to cost the country even MORE jobs. Their asinine energy policies are leaving the US vulnerable to increasingly hostile muslim oil republics. Their energy policies are intentionally designed to cause the prices of electricity to, in the EXACT WORD of Obama: “skyrocket”.

    Their policies are intentionally designed to “…bankrupt…”, and destroy, the coal industry, which is a leading contributor to America’s electrical power grid.

    Their policies are intentionally designed to raise gas prices, astronomically, like they are in the backwards lands of Europe.

    They are attacking each and every individual and business and the nation’s security, as a whole, as everything revolves around energy. Petroleum is a base chemical constituent of virtually everything we use…

    …and when he raises those prices through his willful assaults on America’s industry and energy production capabilities, he raises the prices of each and every single thing based on petroleum, for everyone. Businesses wither, cutting departments, production, and, of course, employees, before they finally die. Dead and downsizing businesses shed employees, which creates more unemployment. People out of work don’t have buying power, which means things become even MORE expensive (including the cost of transporting those now overpriced items), and more people are priced out of virtually every marketplace. A president that pontificates about being a better friend to Mankind than the dog, is doing everything in his power to drive more and more people into poverty, and Chu is doing everything in his power to help, ranging from rubber-stamping Obama’s truly stupid policies, coming up with idiotic ones of his own, and then outright lying about it.

    I’d probably tell the doddering idiot to pack his crap, and GTFOutta my chamber.

  3. Nope. You get an “F” for effing failure of the epic variety. Chu has his head stuck so far up his nether region that it would take a mule team a week to pull it out.

  4. Hitler gave himself an ‘A’ on humanity.

    He never really said he got an ‘A’ for lowering gas prices. He diverted by saying he’s been looking for solutions. His solutions don’t involve gas, and higher gas prices are part of the solution.

  5. Sure, maybe an A+ for the Ivy League schools or the UI (university of Idiocy) but in other colleges and my HIGH SCHOOL ECONOMICS CLASS!, would give him, obama and the rest of the sorry european world a big fat F!!

    You’d think that Common Sense is such a rarity these days…


  6. On energy – There seems to be some evidence that our oil reserves are actually self-renewing:

    Which raises serious questions:

    Could the whole line about ‘fossil fuels’ being soon depleted may be just another liberal hoax, myth, rumor, or propaganda with a purpose? Possibly to raise the prices to fill the purses and bank accounts of Powers That Be (PTB) – politicians, foreign oil interests, etc. ?

    After watching The Undefeated, the real Sarah Palin story other questions came to mind:
    1. Did the RINOs and other national and foreign PTB want Sarah Palin out of the Governorship of Alaska?
    2. Did the RNC ever intend to win the 2008 election?
    4. Was the pre-election ‘world global crisis’ as fake/man-made/augmented as Dolly Parton’s bustline – a theatrical global drama, created to allow the PTB to shift/grab power and money?
    5. Was nominating Palin as VP killing two birds with one stone?

    In Alaska, she was a threat to the PTB, because she cleaned up/exposed the oil/energy scam the politicians and oil industry cabal had going on in Alaska…and in the US… and globally.

    On the National stage, she was beginning to be a worse threat. People loved her. She drew crowds – as many as 60,000 per event. Their plan was backfiring.

    So came the vicious attacks. The right did not defend her. They did not fight for America. They did not tell the truth. They suspended the campaign.

    BTW – Newt defended her all the way:
    2008- Defends Palin’s qualifications against Obama –
    2008 – Newt defend’s Palin –
    2008 – Defends Sarah Palin on foreign policy –
    2009 – Defends Palin’s death panels remark –

    Newt and Palin have been challenging the PTB since 2008…and Newt a lot longer.

    Couple Ryan’s economic plan with Newt’s energy and reform plans and you have a winner.

    2012 – NEWT + RYAN, PALIN, all true Conservatives working together to save our nation.

    1. She couldn’t have a better defender. Palin supporters need to see all of these in succession to truly understand he really is defending her and her views and her statements. This is not half hearted or qualifying. I think this and other relevant reasons is why Todd supported Newt. I hope Palin supporters are helping Newt win the nomination.

      Thanks for the links.

    2. Those points align.

      My list of who I trust in politics narrows by the day. It is pretty much down to Palin and West.

    3. “On energy – There seems to be some evidence that our oil reserves are actually self-renewing…”

      If this is true, then I think that this topic deserves a thread of it’s own, Scoop.

      1. Thank you Joe for another Gold Star. I was going to give you five Our Fathers and five Hail Marys but this will do. You have shown repentance.

        Don Gino

  7. good grief, Chu’s ego is on par with Obama’s. A friggin’ A???? Are we grading on a sliding scale with A being the lowest and A+++++++++++ being the highest?

    1. You’re being hard on Chu. After all, the last grade he received was a Nobel Peace Prize, so an A is probably a step down in the American educational system.

    2. Yes, yes and yes.

      Because we are living in a world where goodness is bad and evil is goodness. Truths are lies and lies are truth. Describing it as insanity is not hyperbole or misunderstanding of the word insanity. We are indeed surrounded by insanity.

      Stalin is smiling (in hell) to see his tactics and policies being used in the United States to fulfill his dream of our demise he couldn’t accomplish with nuclear weapons. We need to wipe that smile off of his face in November.

  8. Nah, results are for the birds. Just look at my intentions, my loyal subjects. My intent and hard work is all that is needed. Why gas prices are lower than in 2009…er, what is that Mr. Aide? Ooohhh, they’re not?

      1. There are people who want to be ruled, taken care of, have all their needs provided for. It is not new. Even Plato and Aristotle tried to figure it out…….natural slaves.

        “”Slaves were an important part of the Greek economy as they worked in the mines, in the fields and did all the hard work that the other citizens rejected. They also played an important role in a household, as they were in charge of the cleaning, the food and the master’s children. Those who were domestic slaves did have a comfortable life and some of them had access to medical care and even retirement plan.

        Aristotle argued that some people cannot govern themselves as they do not have the wisdom and the intellectual skills to know what is best, right or just, so, they need other people to rule for them.””

        Sound Familiar?–some-people-are-slaves-by-nature-a252374

  9. Keep in mind that his idea of “long-term solutions” means green energy solutions. He has no intention of ever trying to drive down the cost of oil or gasoline because it would defeat his idea of long-term solutions.

    Ask the American people if they are willing to share in his (and Obama’s) vision of “long-term solutions” if the cost is many years of “necessarily higher energy prices”.

    He does deserve an “A” based on his own criteria.

    He deserves the door for what he is doing to America.

    1. No kidding. Chu can get back to me when the first solar-powered jet liner lifts off from Planet Reality.

  10. What exactly does it take to bring a brilliant mind down into the bowels of politics, lying about science in the name of ideology, so low that a high school student could see through it?

  11. Geez! these guys never quit setting themselves up, do they? I’m laughing and shaking my head in disbelief. Everything they do and say is just more fodder for Gingrich. They’ve learned nothing from the past weeks, nothing. I hope Newt is enjoying this as much as I am.

    1. “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”
      A. Hitler

  12. How does this man makes any sense?

    I keeping repeating myself

    They are all SOCIOPATHS

    I dare you to show me otherwise!

      1. It is all relative to your perspective. Looking at it from Chu’s perspective he SHOULD get an A. He has done exactly what he set out to do with Maobama’s blessings and orders.

    1. Can’t somebody please hand him his A+S…..He’s earned it, with his amazing emulation of The Numbers Guy.

  13. LOL! Really, at this point, Chu should quit while he’s ahead, then. Resign, Chu. Take your A and resign. Maybe we can’t do better without you, but we can certainly try.

  14. Ladies and Gentlemen,,,,,,,LIBERAL EDUCATION ON FULL DISPLAY!!!

    We are paying Ivy League schools to educate our kids? At what point do we decide that this is an example of child endangerment?

    It’s time to protect our kids from these predators!!!

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