EPIC: Trump, Schumer and Pelosi argue on national TV over the WALL and shutting down government! [FULL VIDEO]

This is epic. Trump, Schumer and Pelosi just argued on national TV for what seemed like forever about a potential government shutdown over border security and the wall being built. Honestly, it was amazing. 

Watch the full video below. It’s cued up to 16:45 for your viewing pleasure:

I love how Trump held his ground against Pelosi and Schumer on the border wall. But clearly what was more on display was the divide.

The only thing I really didn’t like was that by meeting with only Pelosi and Schumer on TV, it makes it look like they both control their respective chambers of Congress. Democrats will control the House, but not the Senate and I think this gives off the wrong impression. While Schumer is certainly an obstacle in the Senate, I’d have rather seen McConnell in this meeting.

I’ll add clips to the post shortly. So if you don’t want to watch the entire video above – WHICH YOU SHOULD – check back shortly for the clips. 

UPDATE: Here are a couple clips that highlight the disagreement:

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