EPIC VIDEO: Gov Matt Bevin SCHOOLS questioner trying to call him out on gun control…

A month ago Governor Matt Bevin was taking questions at AEI when an independent consultant stood up and asked him about gun control. Specifically she wanted to know how the governor could advocate that children’s lives are the most important while, in the wake of the Parkland shooting, dismissing the push for gun control and suggesting that culture is really to blame for the epidemic of gun violence.

Bevin not only answered her question in a very thoughtful way, but schooled her on just how rotten our culture has become when it comes to desensitizing life.

I know people don’t like to for us to say this a must watch, but I assure you it is and you should absolutely watch all 8 minutes of his answer (NOTE: It’s cued up to 32:30 where the question begins):

Bevin has clearly given this issue a tremendous amount of thought and I appreciate how thoroughly he answered this smug questioner. I say ‘smug’ because when you listen to his answer, you’ll hear him call out the woman who is obviously dismissing some of what he had to say by rolling her eyes and gesturing in condescending way. He chastises her for it and rightfully so.

Here’s another facebook version of the video that’s been captioned for those of you who need it:

Bevin’s answer is so good you may want to watch it twice.

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