Eric Swalwell says he’s lost his “covid patience” but he sounds like he’s lost his MIND

The despicable and failed presidential candidate Eric Swalwell, who also banged a Chinese spy and yet still sits on the House intel committee, took to Twitter last night to spew his authoritarian frustrations about the unvaxxed.

This is the same man who defends the ‘choice’ of a woman to murder her unborn baby and yet wants to oppress people who refuse to inject something into their bodies??? It makes no logical sense whatsoever.

And he argues this in defense of his own children, who he says have no choice in the matter. What about the choice of the unborn??? They get murdered every day because he and his ilk fight to keep abortion legal. They brainwash people into thinking abortion is moral and appropriate.

What’s also absurd about this is that his children are fine and they are going to be fine. Because this disease doesn’t affect children like it does adults.

Here’s a few more responses to Swalwell’s ridiculous musings:

I’ve just got one last thing to say about this, but I’ll let Swalwell say that himself:

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