Even Epstein’s lawyers think there’s something fishy about his death!

Not only do you and I and everyone else who watches the news think there’s something fishy and squirrelly and every-other-animal-ly with Epstein’s death, but so do his lawyers.

More from the execrable Talking Points Memo:

In a statement, Epstein’s lawyers said his defense team “fully intends to conduct its own independent and complete investigation into the circumstances and cause of Mr. Epstein’s death.”

That will include, they wrote, “legal action to view the pivotal videos — if they exist as they should — of the area proximate to Mr. Epstein’s cell during the time period leading to his death.”

In a statement Friday, Dr. Barbara Sampson, chief medical examiner of New York City, said she had determined “after a careful review of all investigative information, including complete autopsy findings” that Epstein had died of suicide by hanging in his cell at Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan.

Before his death, in order to avoid spending time in his cell, Epstein “paid numerous lawyers to visit the jail for as many as 12 hours a day” so that he and the lawyers had access to the private meeting room used for attorney-client visits, the New York Times reported Saturday citing unnamed people who saw the meetings.

Look I think that some people are exaggerating what happened because let’s face it, people love conspiracy theories way more than they love the truth. BUT, it’s still very weird. And if no one else goes down in the wake of his death, if it’s just brushed under the rug, there are going to be a lot of loud angry voices. And I’m gonna be one of them!!

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64 thoughts on “Even Epstein’s lawyers think there’s something fishy about his death!

  1. And if no one else goes down in the wake of his death, if it’s just brushed under the rug, there are going to be a lot of loud angry voices.

    The DC aristocracy wants all of this swept under the rug. Put aside the conspiracy theories, take for granted he committed suicide, as I do.

    Do you really think any powerful person in DC wants any of their friends “outed”? The ad copy practically writes itself, “Here is senator [insert name of senator running for re-election] glad-handing senator Y, a frequent visitor to Epstein’s pedophile island”

    We’ll never hear about any of it again. Thanks to the two tier justice system, there will be no event or news item to focus any anger — the whole mess will simply fade from ‘waiting for indictments’ to ‘those investigations are ongoing,’ to ‘those are cold-case investigations now, nobody is actively working on them.’

  2. I must disagree. The well respected doctor who passed judgement on the suicide stated that the gun shots and knife wounds and broken bones had nothing to do with his suicide. He was depressed. Would a doctor lie. Huh.

  3. fudanshi
    What if Epstein “leaned into” his bed sheet with the help of a heavy foot behind his neck? This could explain the broken bones in his neck. Know what I mean? Just throwing this out there.
    #EpsteinSuicide #EpsteinSuicideCoverUp

  4. Well of course Epstein’s lawyers would sqwak. I really don’t care about their opinions. What I do care about are the leading forensic pathologists that have very serious questions about this being a suicide without help.

    I would tend to agree that Epstein had to not just kneel forward. but would have to thrown himself forward, possibly jumping off the top bunk bed in order to break all those neck bones. According to the reports though, he just kneeled forward. No possible way.

    1. I’d like to see photos of the cells. Unless it’s a really old lock up, there’s no place to tie a bedsheet. Built in ’75, it’s probably fairly suicide resistant.

    2. I saw another report now claiming he jumped off the top bunk or something. I think Jesse Kelly had the link. The story keeps evolving.

      1. The worst part of the whole story is that from what I’m reading, the jail staff is not co-operating with the investigators. No doubt no pictures were taken of Epstein in the cell when he was found. It would seem kinda important what position is body was in when found to determine what he did. The medical examiners office has gone with the leaning forward position.

        Of course since Dr. Whect said if he threw himself off the top bunk those neck bones could have been broken.

        The NY medical examiners office I understand is filled with lefties. They will do whatever necessary to protect their own, such as Epstein and Bill Clinton.

        1. Maybe those not cooperating could be charged with obstruction of justice. Might loosen some tongues. What makes the conspiracy theories flow, among other things, is the story keeps changing and really seems implausible. I use to work for a company that dealt with NYC corrections department and I’m not buying the guards falling asleep at a maximum security facility. They have a very dangerous job and self protection would make a worker very unlikely to fall asleep.

    3. Did you catch Dr Wecht on Judge Jeanine tonite? If not I believe she airs again tomorrow..really good!

      1. I saw another report from Dr. Wecht from earlier where he said he was very suspicious about the Medical Examiners report.

        Imagine taking a bed sheet, which we have to believe was cotton/polyster and rolling it into the smallest diameter roll you could. It would have been way to wide and soft to be able to break any bones in Epsteins’s neck, no? So he was 200 pounds, and according to the autopsy reports, he kneeled forward. His weight may have cut off his wind pipe, and he would have passed out. Once he passed out he would not have been able to put any weight on his lean forward. Please correct me where I am wrong.

        1. He certainly wouldn’t have fractured cervical vertebrae, (report said several bones were broken) and tho he has to wait for the full autopsy report to find out if there were c-spine fractures in addition to the hyoid, it’s a good bet these were the ‘other fractures’ spoken of. He may have somehow hurled himself from the top bunk, but he was taller than the height of the top bunk, so he surmised there’s no way to achieve the velocity needed. As well as, the sheet was (supposedly) a paper type sheet. The whole thing is just OFF.

  5. There’s nothing ‘conspiratorial’ about your common sense telling you the dots aren’t connecting right. Judge Jeanine just did a really good segment with Cyril Wecht, (highly respected, has done THOUSANDS of autopsy’s, and many were part of highly controversial cases) who really explained his case for homicide over suicide.

    1. Yup. Nothing wrong with asking questions and trying to analyze something. Something really stinks about this whole case, and I truly believe we are not getting the whole story here.

  6. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories anymore…Everything is possible these days. Shep Smith used to break for Breaking News on an L.A. car chase…

  7. it must be really hard for that eagle to fly with such a big fish in its claws and large pair of brass balls.

  8. Have all the Correction Officers finished testifying or writing their respective reports or are they still refusing to corporate with those doing the Investigation and will the Federal Prosecutors convene a Grand Jury to hear this inquiry. Appears there is a lot of steps being omitted.

        1. No way the union will allow these Correction Officers to be interviewed with out an attorney after watching the FBI interview witnesses during the Mueller Investigation.

  9. It looks like he committed suicide and it looks like he was strangled as well. The body is actually telling us what happened.
    So there is the possibility that two strong guys entered the room while the guards were slipping and the video cameras were not working. One of the guys strangled Epstein with the help of the other guy and after killing him both prepared the suicide scene.
    Actually the blood from the guards should have been tested to understand why they could sleep so deep for several hours and didn’t notice anything. Conspiracy theories are a way to analyze situations to find the truth. And it is NOT that we like conspiracies more than the truth. We just had to swallow too many lies for too many years and we are doing the job that nobody wants to do because they want either to keep their jobs or are part of the corruption. Maybe I am right to 50%, 80% or zero%.

    1. If there was a conspiracy,then the guards are using the best option for them and
      would be the sleeping issue and hope for a suspension at most.But,AG/Barr appears very aggressive with this and several could and should be terminated.

    2. I don’t know, supposedly the guards were heavy into overtime, and sleep deprived people can sleep thru a tornado.

      1. As we all know from the Mueller report.The Muller team showed that its a tremendous mistake to make even the slightest error in you testimony [honest mistake] Both the DOJ and the FBI use the same technique to turn that little mistake into life and family damaging situation.The union has probably Lawyered them all up. Thanks hidy.

  10. We must see all of the videos from MCC… ESPECIALLY the last 24-48 hours Epstein was alive. Who went in? Who came out? Etc.

    1. What about the video camera in the ambulance transporting a DEAD man to the hospital???? Something that in itself is irrational……..
      Did they use this ride to remove more evidence? Finger prints from the throat area? Or to remove the killer from the MCC?

    2. Well, to add to the whole coinkydink, a few key cameras weren’t functioning. I mean REALLY, sleeping guards, his cellie moved out hours before, and no video? Sorry, unreal.

  11. I really don’t care how he died. I hope all those girls, now grown women, sue his estate and empty out this @ssholes bank account. Down to every last cent.

  12. Wouldn’t it be something, if the Feds whisked him away for security purposes, (being as how he was going to tell all and give up names) and inform all the world the guy died. What could offer more security than the world thinking you’ve passed on?

    1. I doubt that banshee, hillary, believes he is dead, but that just means another swig of her vodka to dull her mental anguish.

  13. Open thread? Thanks for The Right Scoop and all the Scoopers who comment here.

    Especially the ones I don’t agree with. Viva free speech

    1. Is all that info already there? The program smacks of obama, a negative effect that will stink and destroy American’s lives for years to come.

  14. Interesting watching an eagle catch a live fish. Did you know that our national bird is a scavenger? According to Roger Tory Peterson’s A Field Guide To The Birds, the diet of the Bald Eagle is “… dead or dying fish.” I have seen them eating the carcasses of deer.

  15. WOW! Had no idea bald eagles could do the Butterfly stroke and do it well…most humans cannot master that one ;-D


    1. Thanks for sharing the article. It is so right. I think we know why the world is attacking the Judeo Christian faith. It’s so sad that so many will fall, and so many are ultimately unhappy because they think that hardship of being asked not to sin will make them unhappy, when in fact, study after study shows the happiest people are practicing Christians. Jews and Christians play the long game and it seems to work out quite well.

    1. His original comments made me think of Mongolia. It is said that 8% of Mongolian males are descendants of Genghis Khan. So he is correct there.

  16. Doesn’t matter if he did it himself or not. If he did it himself, the fact that it was allowed to happen is a scandal. They made sure he had every tool he needed.

    I’ve been to county jails where they took more precautions with suicidal prisoners. This guy was a star inmate with different branches of the feds looking at him. Had already attempted suicide and this happens?


  17. Jeffrey Epstein Results – EVERY branch of Government, whether it’s Congress, the Admin, FBI, CIA, Judicial or whatever is full of LIARS, who will do whatever to “cover up” the truth and the conspiracy theories by posters from newspapers/outlets with “unnamed sources” is hilarious or pathetic…. take your choice.

    I’ll wait for results by Judicial Watch, thank you.

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