Even Pete Buttigieg thinks Beto was an IDIOT for targeting churches over gay marriage!

More enjoyable Dem-on-Dem rhetorical violence from the third tier of the hopeless and desperate presidential candidates! We got Pete Butigieg, who is a GAY candidate, calling out Beto for being an idiot on gay marriage!!

Here’s what he said, from Axios:

“I’m not sure [O’Rourke] understood the implications of what he was saying. I mean, that means going to war not only with churches, but I would think with mosques and a lot of organizations that may not have the same view of various religious principles that I do, but also, because of the separation of church and state, are acknowledged as nonprofits in this country. So, if we want to talk about anti-discrimination law for a school or an organization, absolutely. They should not be able to discriminate. But going after the tax-exemption of churches, Islamic centers or other religious facilities in this country, I think that’s just going to deepen the divisions that we’re already experiencing.

Now that is funny. When even the anti-Christian gay candidate is calling out Beto for being too extreme in his anti-Christian pro-gay rhetoric, you know it’s bad! Of course, Buttigieg HAD to bring in the Muslims, because he doesn’t really care about offending Christians, he LOVES doing that.

On the other hand, I think he just wants to knife Beto in the ribs and try to get some press coverage at the same time. After all, they’re both in abject desperation about to be knocked out of contention and back into complete irrelevance. But keep knifing each other, really, it’s fun for us to watch! LOL!

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