Even THIS guy is trashing Biden’s ‘BOGUS’ infrastructure SCAM and jobs FAIL. And he makes a GREAT point, too.

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. Karl Rove. Jonathan Swan of Axios. These are three places you’re more like to hear B.S. than hear B.S. called out. Especially if the B.S.er is a Democrat.

But they sure did in this clip.

Chris Wallace asked Swan “how much should we make of these quite disappointing jobs numbers” and how much he thinks it will impact Biden’s ability to “pass the rest of his agenda.”

“It’s a horrific number in the context of what was expected. There were — we were expecting more than a million jobs and we come up 800,000 short and they also downgraded March and there’s going to be analysis as to where these jobs are, where the weak points are.”

At first he said it’s complicated and can’t really “be boiled down to a bumper place.”

But then he added that Biden pitching the infrastructure spending debacle as cure for the unemployment problems is totally “bogus.”

“The problem with tying this conceptually to what’s coming next with the infrastructure, it’s kind of bogus,” he said. He explained the thing gruel they’re offering to explain how spending more will solve the problem, and that even Biden people will admit it’s a “long term” plan, not something that could affect the jobs issue.

So even on their own terms, their own characterization of the bill, it still wouldn’t help jobs. That’s a good point.

“The last thing I’d say is the overall unemployment figure is very misleading because one of the biggest problems is a lot of Americans have just stopped looking for work. They’re just out of that picture and that’s the real problem,” he said.

Yeah he kinda misses that paying people to be out of work is the REASON for that, but maybe he was implying it.

Karl Rove got out his whiteboard, then, and math-ed out exactly why people would rather get the unemployment.

And this was on CHRIS WALLACE’s show.

This wasn’t a perfect smackdown for either of them, but it’s a darn sight more than I would expect to hear from this trio against a Democrat wanting to spending money.

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