EVIL: Democrat Rep on MSNBC actually accuses AG Barr of being disrespectful in yesterday’s hearing! [VIDEO]

Pennsylvania Rep. Madeleine Dean actually had the audacity to accuse AG Barr of being disrespectful in yesterday’s hearing on MSNBC this morning, saying he was mostly disrespectful to women.


What a freaking hack! She was rude to Barr, wouldn’t let him respond to her accusations, and then accuses him of being disrespectful?

Just watch this exchange between Dean and Barr yesterday:

Anyone who isn’t playing partisan games will watch this and see that it wasn’t Barr who was disrespectful, but this condescending, smug excuse for a congresswoman asking the questions.

At one point AG Barr simply has to laugh out loud because Dean is being so obstinate. In that instance she was asking him about DOJ policy, which she claimed she put on the screen and didn’t (it was a review, not policy), and yet when Barr asks her exactly what policy she’s referring to, she simply accuses him of not listening and continues on.

All throughout the video, when Barr tries to respond to some of her accusations, she cuts him off, berates him and accuses him of being disrespectful. And at the end of her time, she actually says “I’m surprised at your lack of respect for a member of Congress.”

In the MSNBC video at the top, Dean accuses Barr of flip-flopping his answer on pepper balls and rioters when she asked him about using them on protesters. But again, anyone who actually watches the exchange will see that Barr wasn’t flip-flopping. She was being so hostile toward him that he simply didn’t hear her say protesters in the question, which was nothing but a trick to try and get him to admit to using force against protesters. When he heard he says protesters for a second time (as she was trying to cement this for a clip to be used against him), he interjected that he was referring to rioters, not protesters.

The entire hearing yesterday was a big set up by Democrats to try and trick Barr into admitting things they could use against him, or to trick him into perjuring himself. It was all orchestrated because they were almost all doing it. Even at the end of their questioning, when Barr was asking for the chance to respond, they would interrupt Barr so they could ‘put something in the record’ and of course Nadler would focus on them and ignore Barr. It would kill the momentum of him trying to respond. Again, it was all orchestrated and it was absolutely despicable.

And one last point, the fake news media is giving Democrats complete cover on this. They aren’t talking about how rude Democrats were to Barr, they are characterizing it as some kind of tense back and forth or something. Again, despicable.

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