Execrable harpies of ‘The View’ say Mike Pence’s Christianity is a ‘MENTAL ILLNESS’

IN yet another vomit-inducing video of abject stupidity from the horrid harridans at “The View,” they mock and deride Mike Pence’s Christianity just because Omarosa made an absurd exaggeration about his faith in order to cash in on her gossip.

Watch below:

I’m just gonna highlight one blindingly stupid logical error in one of the hosts’ thinking.

Sunny Hostin says she’s disturbed by what Omarosa said Pence believes about hearing Jesus Christ speak to him. So Meghan McCain rightfully questions when she heard this, if she even had the chance to be around Pence to hear such a thing. Hostin says, well OBVIOUSLY she was because she knows things the rest of us don’t.

What kind of jackassery is that?

That is circular logic, and it’s unbelievably obvious and stupid. How do we know Omarosa’s statement about Pence is accurate? Because she must know more than we do because she made a statement about Pence. Huh?

That’s the level of idiotic thinking you get when you watch idiots.

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