EXTENDED AUDIO: Mark Levin exposes Karl Rove, Steven J. Law and why they are bad for GOP

I normally don’t pull this much audio into one clip from Mark Levin’s radio show but there was so much great information in the first hour as he dissected Karl Rove and Steven J. Law to expose them for who they really are as only Levin can do. Seriously, The Great One did his research.

And in exposing them he explains why they are bad for the Republican Party and why the Tea Party is where this new life blood of conservatism in the Senate and the House has come from.

The clip runs just over 27 minutes and you can listen to it below:

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231 thoughts on “EXTENDED AUDIO: Mark Levin exposes Karl Rove, Steven J. Law and why they are bad for GOP

  1. Mark Levin is on my “greatest modern minds”, Mt Rushmore with Thomas Sowell, Milton Friedman, and Walter E. Williams.

    The man is a giant of intellect that towers over the morons running our government.

    We should be ashamed as a country that a second rate, criminal like Barack Obama can be elected President twice when we have the wisdom and experience of Mark Levin making the case for freedom.

  2. Karl Rove exists for one reason. To enshrine the power of the quasi-democrat Bush family and their big government agenda. If you let Rove decide, you’ll get Jeb Bush for your candidate in ’16 you can take that to the bank. The Bush’s love democrats, they hate conservatives and they want to put Pelosi back into the speaker’s chair, just like GW did in ’06.
    The only election that Rove ever won was the ’04 re-election of Bush, and he would have gotten his clock cleaned in that one if not for 9-11.
    We need to continue the house cleaning in ’14. And this time we need to sweep the dirt out of the corners like Boehner and McConnell and the slimy little bed bugs that are living in that dirt like Rove.


    1. apparently Mark doesn’t care which is good. I heard Hannity on Mark’s show the other day and Mark asked him if he’s friends with Rove and Gingrich. Hannity said yes with both of them. Mark just kinda answered, “hmmm, I see.” It was kinda funny actually.

  4. “The ugly face of the Rockefellers, corporatists, etc.” are the problem with the Republican party.

    RIGHT ON, Mr. Levin, esq.

  5. The rule change they made during the Convention already put in play that the Republican choice cannot be challenged by a third party ie: Teal Party. Libertarian Party this is just about funding for their choice but isnt it just going to split up the money from one of their Super Pacs to another? Its not like they have any different of a list of donors, so the way I see it is who ever they get to give to this super pac will just give less to Karl Roves super pac…am I reading this right?

    1. The GOP has no power over third parties. The rule change was just about internal GOP matters and was mostly meant to stop Ron Paul but can stop other Republican candidates they don’t like as well.

      1. yeah i worded that wrong I meant other Republican candidates that were really Tea Party or Libertarian people.

  6. Does anyone get it yet? They’re not just BAD for the GOP – they ARE the GOP! I’ve fought off the idea of a third party for 3 election cycles (12 years) or more. But now we know that conservatism is dead to the GOP. We need a third party now. Not tomorrow, now.

    1. And Mr. Rove is clearly at war with the Conscience Conservatives! Let’s see if Mark Levin will discuss this as it deserves much attention in the way of the Whigs or the Republicans and where we go from here!

  7. Until the illegal alien demo’s 6 – 7 yrs ago, we, in this household, were not very politically active other than voting and an occassional letter to a Congress critter. Thanks to TV coverage of what was happening on the streets of America and people like Dobbs, Beck, Rush, Sessions, even Alex Jones and alternate news sites it became painfully obvious something was drastically wrong with our political system – to include the Republican Party. Went to TEA Party events and, as Constitutional conservatives, we decided getting involved in the local Republican Party Chapter with like minded neighbors would be a way to alter the platform or candidate selection. After reading the Chapter’s Bylaws that idea went by the wayside when we realized the dictatorial process that was in place. Imho, the Party elite are pulling the string of the electorate and the TEA Party is effectively upsetting the status quo……geau TEA Party! Copy of Code of Ethics follows:


    No chartered club or organization using the name Republican shall participate in intra-party differences, nor shall it, as an organization, seek to influence the nomination or election of any Republican over another Republican unless the County Executive Committee has endorsed one Republican over another. Then the Club may seek to influence the election of the candidate endorsed by the County Executive Committee. Chartered Clubs shall not entertain motions to adopt platform positions on issued or endorse candidates except that they may entertain such motions to take the same position or endorse the same candidate as the County Executive Committee has taken. Under no circumstances shall a chartered club invite a non-Republican to be a guest speaker at a club meeting or function without prior approval of the County Republican Executive Committee Chairman. The Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida shall be the authority with respect to internal disputes referred by any Club or member or Club chartered under this rule.


  8. Rush touched on this last summer: he said that the establishment Republicans had no interest in reforming the behemoth in Washington, reducing its size or intrusiveness, or adhering to the Founders Constitution ideal of limited government, they want to run it instead.

    I wonder what Rove thinks of the electorate picking whom they want to represent them? Apparently, not much. We the people look around and wonder why our federal government doesn’t respond to our wishes as was designed. I think we’ve found part of the answer in Rove.

  9. Yes, but does Mark wash his hands of the GOP or does he still believe in change from within. As long as Mark is for within, this is just as bad for the party. The best thing to do is leave the beast to die and start afresh.

    1. Now that would actually play into Obama’s hand. Don’t listen to all this other BS that primarying establishment candidates plays into Obama’s hand because the fact is Obama would rather face GOP establishment opposition rather than TP opposition because he knows the establishment RINOs are spinless.

  10. Anne Coulter is part of the Karl Rove cabal that’s been amassed to end the TEA Party influence in the GOP once and for all, whether Mark Levin wants to acknowledge it or not about her.

    On Hannity tonight she echoed the mantra about nominating conservatives like Sharon Angle, ect. who couldn’t win although she kept silent about Ted Cruz’s great victory in Texas. She’s a hack for Chris “Krispy Creme” in New Jersey as just about everyone else is who’s associated with Karl Rove’s cabal.

    If you notice it seems Hannity only has on Rove or Coulter and others who promote Big Whig GOP position on bigger government and fewer TEA Party conservatives – if any.

    Tonight on Hannity Coulter dictated to us in the conservative TEA Party and Pro-life movements that we have to get over it and accept rape as an exception.

    If someone had done that 25 years ago, it’s a possibility Colin Kapernick of the San Francisco 49ers might not be here as also a lot of other wonderful talented people who’s mothers would not let them be aborted simply because of the horrible circumstances of their conceptions.

    We need an alternative conservative party based on our nation’s founding principles and the principles of Ronald Reagan to compete with the Marxists of the Democrat party and the Big Government Republicans and we need to stop wasting our efforts in trying to retake the GOP back when the capitulation of Kasich in Ohio and Jan Brewer in Arizona and other GOPers on Obamacare as Mark Levin pointed out tonight clearly shows that the GOP will never be taken back to those founding principles.

    John Craven
    New Orleans

    If you always do what you always did,
    You’ll always get what you always got!
    Mark Crutcher – Life Dynamics

  11. Let’s compare 2010 and 2012 election cycles …

    Who was THE most influential Leader during the Primary Season of 2010, with something like a 70%+ endorsement success rate …with all communication done via FB and Twitter (remember the Washington Post saw what was happening and set up an on-going ENDORSEMENT TRACKER for her! HA!)

    Whose PAC paid to employ a Research Lawyer to investigate the new Primary Candidates in 2010 so that she would be able to make the best decisions possible?

    A: Gov Sarah Palin.

    What was the result? –> The biggest Landslide in the HOR for about 70 years, and huge gains in the Senate (Levin listed them all – the Tea Party selected and backed Candidates!)

    Now, who RAN THE SHOW in 2012? What kind of success did they have?

    So ….. is it clear who we should be asking to RUN THE NEXT ELECTION CYCLE?

    IMV, Hannity, Rush and the other Talkers need to hear this broadcast from Mark Levin – he has obviously done the research comparing the GOPe success rate over the midterm cycles especially, since 1998.

    Like Levin said – America is TEETERING on the BRINK – there is no more room for error …the GOPe and their Cronies simply MUST be depowered.

  12. MARK, you can’t blame a dog for sniffing your behind, IT IS WHAT THEY DO. Republicans have HISTORICALLY been for a strong federal government. From DAY ONE, LINCOLN destroyed the 10th amendment. Teddy Roosevelt was a Eugenicist.
    As long as we conservatives continue to try to stay with a damaged brand, we will have to contend with those who are in the upper echelons of it. We need a clean break from them, we need a third party. I know it is scary, but the old adage that we would split the conservative votes is just insane. If conservatives forthrightly proclaim their principles we will gather enough votes to win.
    Look at the statistics, there are less liberals than there are conservatives, it is the moderate middle that have to be convinced. I believe we would pull them to our side if we explain what liberalism is bringing them.
    It establishment Republicans want to be the moderate party, LET THEM, they ARE NOT US. Why do we have to contend with them, it is time for us to leave that lame party.

  13. TP candidates can wrap Rove and Bush around the establishment candidate’s neck like anchor and at same time shield themselves from the dems trying to do the same in the general.

    Another problem is that establishment yes-men like big spending Paul Ryan being considered a TP favorite or even an actual conservative skews conservatism because the fact is Paul Ryan if not a RINO is nothing but an establishment yes man and gimics like “the Ryan plan” aside has a voting record to prove it.

  14. Newt backed DEDE Scazafava, the MOST LIBERAL candidate of NY 23, OVER the conservative conservative party candidate, when it was obvious she would lose, she endorsed the DEMOCRAT candidate. Oh Yeah, I was PURGED from Eric Erickson’s Red State, for supporting the CONSERVATIVE over the LIBERAL, but they are not concerned with conservative principles, they are concerned with the LABEL of REPUBLICAN, doesn’t mean those people will vote conservative, just as long as there is an R behind the name.

    1. That election you refer, Sarah Palin stepped in late at the 11th hour and backed Hoffman and he almost pulled it out it was very close.

    1. I like Limbaugh but I’ve always pegged him as Republican first/conservative second. Levin is the opposite IMO and that’s why I don’t just like Levin but love the guy. I myself am conservative period! I don’t vote for Romneys and Bush tricked me once not twice because I figured he was like me and didn’t exactly agree with his parents politics, I was wrong.

    2. Unless there were other times, I only recall Rove guest hosting once. Compare that to the many times of the other guest hosts like Mark(Steyn, Davis, Belling), Walter Williams, & Doug Urbanski. Its not like he’s on every other night like on Fox.

  15. I live in Clarksville, TN and desparately want to join a real Tea Party organization and get to work doing something to help Mark and my fellow Paul and Paulette Revere’s. Does anyone here know of one? I found something online through the Tea Party Patriots site but it seems to be a sporadic blog with a handful of people, no real organization, I am willing to try and start a serious group if one isn’t already here.

    As far as Rove and his ilk, Screw him and them!!!

    1. Here ya go GBNT. When you get to the site register (it’s free) then in the left Colum click on “Join State Hubs.” You will find a Tennessee State Logo with 265 members. Click on the logo and you will be off and running This site was stated this last Sunday as an alternative to Face Book! It’s a great site!


    1. My impression is that the federal government gave the states two choices: Either set up your own plan for Obamacare or have the federal government set it up for you. Either way, Obamacare was not a choice in the states…their only choice is how they want to have it set up. So, if I am right, the ones who are “caving” are simply the ones who are choosing their own plans rather than have the federally imposed plan.

      Anyone know if that’s right or not?

      1. I believer that there is no Funding for the Fed. to set up the state exchanges, it was something that was left out of oBummer Care. I forget who I heard talking about it maybe Rush. So if the states don’t want to go along with it the gov. can’t come in and set up exchanges.

  16. Wow! Finally got a chance to read through the comments… Levin just really brings out the best in US.

  17. Rush is going to address this tomorrow. Everyone if you listen to Rush Day after Day, knows that when Football is on, he talks about it. But Today was the Day after the Superbowl and he focused on that. he is a huge NFL fan. He also addressed the Porn and how that will make you accept gay marriage, he addressed the garbage in the Obama Interview during the game. Rush was good as always.

    Yes this is great by Mark Levin, but that MEANS he better get away from the Bush’s, Roves, all of them tied to the Establishment. That means these people they call Tea Party that are NOT. Most of us know who I am talking about, and they march to the Drum of Graham, Cochran, McConnell, McCain, and the list goes on and on. they are FRAUDS who need to be voted out Next Election with the Rest of them and sent back home, so they quit Pushing the Trash they are pushing.

    We have an Economy in the TANK and they are pushing Gun Control and Illegal Immigration. SEND THEM HOME !!!

    Everyone he mentioned is Fine – Get off that Rubio TRAIN !!!

      1. Since When have you seen Rush Kiss Up. So what Rove hosted his show. It was the Super bowl if you listen to Rush it is all about Football. I have never seen Rush Kiss Up to anyone, Not once, on TV or on the Radio.

          1. I know he did, I said he did. For one thing he went into the Pornography and how it was good for us to accept homosexual Marriage, he went into the Washington post article bashing the USA at Sporting Events. IT was just mainly about football and Obama’s Interview.

    1. We have an Economy in the TANK and they are pushing Gun Control and Illegal Immigration. SEND THEM HOME !!! I hope both the RINOs and the illegals!

  18. They cite Todd Akin as the tea party pick that lost, but he was NOT the tea party pick. She lost to Akin. Sarah Steelman. Yes, Mourdock lost. Some get picked off by the media when they are not ready with the most obvious of questions. Anybody who runs MUST be ready for the media gotcha questions on abortion, and he was not. Who would’ve known for sure what they were going to ask? But one needs to be careful to not define yourself into a box.

    I am ticked off that Rove thinks he NEEDS to control these elections. It’s about time that he stepped down from his soap box and let us have our turn.

    1. Yes Mourdock lost, but he had the Lugar machine attacking him and the Liberal machine attacking him. Akin was not the Tea Party pick. Even Sarah got behind Sarah Steelman. I gave my money to both.

      on the Media Gotcha question for Abortion, Yes I am pro life, But the Law of the Land is Roe v Wade – now that we have that settled, Want to tell me why you hate babies? I really just need this answered why do you hate newborns. Are you like Obama and Want Infanticide also, no medical help for babies that survive Abortions? When you answer these Questions I will play gotcha with you. I have said all of that to liberals and it is Duh duh um um . Yeah Tell me why you hate babies.

  19. Just have to love Levin. This was a great great segment, words just can’t do it justice. My dream president is Levin, goodness how great that would be! I’d finally get to vote “for” a President since Reagan’s second term instead of voting against the D.

  20. Sarah Palin was one of the first a few years ago to expose Karl Rove and his consultant class. Karl Rove worked in the shawdows to kneecap Sarah Palin, she has got her digs in on him many times.

  21. The republicrats are worried that there will be a 3rd party uprise, that will wipe them out; run republicrats run…. we cant allow this farse of so called conservative org get a foothold and defile the true conservatives

  22. Don’t you just HATE when Mark has to refer to establishment backed candidates as “moderate” because anyone who is really conservative is now officially defined as “extreme.” I know why Mark is using it, but it must really piss him off that even the political terminology is already dictated for him when he doesn’t have an extra half hour to expend explaining why “moderate” does not even mean moderate, and why “moderate” is a newly minted term redefined by progressives.

    1. Words have power. I hadn’t thought of it before, but it’s true that “moderate” has a more positive connotation, as someone more reasonable and open minded. Definitely a misnomer as far as the RINOs are concerned…there is nothing reasonable about helping to destroy this country.

      IMO, “moderate” Republicans have no standards to hang onto and fight for so they are a mushy middle.

  23. Boehner will be hearing from me.I live in Ohio.I don’t think he will enjoy what I have to say.

  24. What in the world would we do without Mark. I was disappointed in Rush today but it was expected of Sean! Rush said tha he will address it tomorrow and I believe he will because he addressed it when he could have ignored the entired situation. But, even without Rush and Sean having Mark Levin is having the worth being in the fight.

    1. Hannuty while talking to Coulter tonight mentioned this pac and group to pick candidates that arent too Conservative or Tea party types…BUT, the coward Hannuty didnt mention Karl Rove, or Crossroads by name. Hannuty has been carrying the water for his little “Architect” tu#d Blossum friend. Levin is the only one to take on Rove.
      Rush and Hannuty are Bushies, Levin even called out George Bush and the debt he created.

      1. I agree! I am so sick of Hannity. His anger and fury is completely directed at Todd Akin and it should be directed at Karl Rove. If you were and alien and listening to Sean Hannity one would believe that Todd Akin ran for President and lost. Hannity so conveniently fail to mention that Todd Akin also had both the democrats and the republicans against him. Claire McCaskill had democrats to switch to the republican primary and pick the weaker candidate who was Todd Akin in the primary giving her a clear opening. Then once he made a mistake or misspoke about abortion Karl Rove and the establishment tried to push him out of the race. And, reading Karen Handel’s( a republican) book, Planned Bullyhood, Karl Rove is pro-abortion and helped Planned Parenthood remove Karen Handel from her position with Susan G. Komen Breast cancer organization. Karl Rove is the devil and if we do not remove this cancer from the republican party he will destroy the party.

      2. Hannity is Good Friends with Karl Rove, Mark blasted Hannity when Rove was talking about Mourdock a few weeks ago. IT was GREAT !!! hannity and Coulter tonight, I see what sell outs they are. the People Ann thinks are Conservative are not and hannity is lock step. Sean needs a new Stick, he has already evolved on Immigration cause he loves rubio, but he has to stop with the Dirty air and Water. so sick of hearing it.

      3. Boycott ALL of FOX News because they just hired scumbag Rove for another four years.

        Hannity et al. are nothing but a bunch of wussy nincompoops who do not have the cojones to speak out against Rove and how he has torpedoed the conservative movement. What they are more interested in are their paycheques from the Arab-controlled NewsCorp and little five minute soundbites with backstabbers like Coulter-who, if I remember correctly, thought that the sun rose and set out of the back passages of Rove-backed RINOS – Governor Chubby in NJ and of course the failed and all-but-forgotten Mitt Romney.

        1. Hannuttys show is going down the tubes, his ratings are dropping, some nights Madcow over at MSLSD beats him. I counted one night 9 guests he herds them in and out of there like cattle. It got to where he was cutting Sarah Palins time off from what she used to get, and then interupt her while she was still talking and say thats all the time we have. His performance tonight by not mentioning Rove by name was a disgrace.

          1. If his show is that bad, why are you still watching it? I gave it up back in November, I have not missed him or any of the other FOX blowhards.

  25. Yeah, this is a great rundown of what these RINOs are doing. Mark gives out great data in this, data that must be used when blogging/commenting on other sites – as well as future reminders in this one.

    Hits it out of the park!

        1. Hi Blue; I knew I would run into you some where on these conservative sites. Ya Stacy gave me the boot I’m my way out the door. I posted a nice little post about her day care center she an others are running over there. She wasn’t to happy with it and has offically bared me. Oh well in my drinking days I have been thrown out of better places so she didn’t get a cherry!

          1. I must have missed the post you speak of, but yeah there is a little tag team of bacteria over there that cant seem to be removed, many have moved on, and it isnt fun anymore.

      1. Thanks for the links lanahi – I really enjoyed Joemiller’s article. Glad to see the spine in this pushback. Remember, most RINOs are weak-minded wordsmiths who cower at real leadership.

        We show up – they run… every time…

  26. Mark Levin has finally put into words the feelings TEA conservatives have felt since the 2010 elections…….the fight of the GOPe is not with the democrats but with US. We are their worst nightmare come true, We want accountability and constitutional conformity from our representatives, and low and behold We want to choose our own representatives.
    They are sooo used to the status quo corruption in DC, real grassroots has got them running scared as they try to money their way ahead. It’ll be a waste of their money- just like 2012 campaign money down the drain.
    We have just begun to fight- heard someone reiterate that recently and it’s my sentiments exactly!
    Thanks Mark.

  27. I’m so glad Levin went into re: behind the scenes machinations. It definitely has McConnell and Boehner written all over it. Rove is just the front man who takes the hits from us.

  28. Awesome! Educational and timely.
    Rove and his crowd are just scrambling to stay in power…even though they are pathetic and ineffective.

    1. This written in 2004 about Rove:

      “I think it’s an enormous position of power, and it’s hard to overstate. I think he’s unique in the modern presidency,” says Lou Dubose, a Texan journalist and Rove biographer. Rove’s office is tight-lipped about the extent of his duties, but the few un-vetted memoirs to have escaped from this highly disciplined administration have all portrayed him as the single most powerful figure in it, with the (possible) exceptions of the president and vice-president.

      “Karl is enormously powerful, maybe the single most powerful person in the modern, post-Hoover era ever to occupy a political adviser post near the Oval Office,” John DiIulio, a former presidential adviser, wrote in a notoriously frank email to a journalist from Esquire magazine, after resigning in 2001. “Little happens on any issue without Karl’s OK, and often he supplies such policy substance as the administration puts out.”

      Wow…going from that power to a measly commentator must be a real let down after the glory years! He wants it back, and he won’t get it with a President Palin. I think that’s what it’s mostly about.

      1. Yeah, that’s true….all these “Bushies” want their “glory” back….the only way they can do it, is with Jeb Bush……they don’t care about us….it’s all about them…………

  29. Right on! You see, this is the difference between Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh. Rush was talking about gay porn today. Mark is talking about the attack on the conservative movement by Karl Rove. Which of these two things will have a bigger impact on our country. Thank you, Mark Levin, for being such a serious thinker. I consider Rush part of the establishment and Mark Levin one of the leaders of the conservative movement. Sarah Palin being the leader. IMHO

    1. Yes. Gay porn is not what I wanted to hear about from Rush. Gay porn is only part of what is seriously wrong with this country. I’m more concerned about the constant attacks on conservatives by leftist authoritarians like Karl Rove and others in the GOP. He is the “architect” alright. The architect of the GOP’s destruction, if he continues on with his idiocy.

    2. I think Rush is starting to insult the audience that he built, intelligence. I was extremely disappointed with him today although I understand his reluctance. Rush really believes in the credo to never critize a fellow republican. And that would hold true except in this case the establishment is destroying Conservatives and American principles. So Rush absolutely has to address this, without question.

      1. Rush was more interested in discussing Porn, Beyonce and concussions, come on Rush we have a country to save!

        1. Hey, if I am not mistaken Rush made that label famous or he was the first to make it as well known as it is today. So he completely understands what a RINO is.

      1. Thank you! I was just so frustrated listening to Rush today. I only listen to him about once a week when I’m out doing my errands. He just doesn’t seem interested in talking about the more pressing topics of the day. At the end of his show he said that he had received emails from fans asking to talk about Karl Rove. He said he just didn’t feel like it that day, but he’d get to it tomorrow. (today) I know, how about saving gay porn for another day and talk about what your audience wants to hear about. I know you can’t please all of your audience, but my guess is that the majority wanted to hear his take on this. I swear, if Sarah Palin and Mark Levin ever really teamed up, we’d save this country. Hopefully, that is in our future.

    3. While I disagree about your take on Palin, the rest of what you say is bang on. Rush was never one of my favourites – he has his own little causes, while Mark Levin has no fear about what he says about whom.

      Forget a “candidate” now, it’s time to have a messenger like Levin, pound and pound and pound it home how despicable not only the Dems are, but the sleaze merchants such as Rove and how they have all but destroyed conservatism.

      To me, Rove is more dangerous than Obama, than George Soros, even John Podesta or Cass Sunstein. He is a megalomaniac who sees his power slipping away and will do anything to keep himself and the other RINOS in power.

      1. Linky, I disagree with your disagreement re: Palin. But OK with the rest.

        More dangerous than some of those individuals are the left wing faculties at elite universities that shape the thinking and beliefs of many who then become leading figures in the media and elsewhere.

    4. No, Rush is not a part of the establishment. He is more mild than Levin, but then most are. They both have their reach with their voices, and they are on our side…thankfully!

  30. Mark is spot on – like always. Rove has suddenly become an overt enemy. The lines are blurred… how is Karl different than George Soros or liberals? How is he different than Obama? Both he and Obama are trying to divide formerly like-minded conservatives. And the moderates and establishment pukes in the GOP are all to happy to oblige. MORONS.

    This immediately came to mind… from Stealer’s Wheel. Great song… perfect for this case:

    Well I don’t know why I came here tonight,
    I got the feeling that something ain’t right,
    I’m so scared in case I fall off my chair,
    And I’m wondering how I’ll get down the stairs,
    Clowns to the left of me,
    Jokers to the right, here I am,
    Stuck in the middle with you.

    Yes I’m stuck in the middle with you,
    And I’m wondering what it is I should do,
    It’s so hard to keep this smile from my face,
    Losing control, yeah, I’m all over the place,
    Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right,
    Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

    Well you started out with nothing,
    And you’re proud that you’re a self made man,
    And your friends, they all come crawlin,
    Slap you on the back and say,
    Please…. Please…..

    Trying to make some sense of it all,
    But I can see that it makes no sense at all,
    Is it cool to go to sleep on the floor,
    ‘Cause I don’t think that I can take anymore
    Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right,
    Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

  31. I have no use for Karl Rove and neither should the GOP. Rove and others like him wear reversible letter jackets with “R” on the front on one side, “D” on the other, and RINO on the back. They turn the jackets inside-out, depending on which political position they prefer to support. I guess you could call their reversible jackets “turncoats”.

    1. The shame of it is they do have the big money connections which is what we need to fight them. They’re as evil as the Dems.

    2. I really dont believe in conspiracies, but i’ve been thinking that the GOP has been infiltrated by the devilcrats and the evidence suggests that Karl Rove is not the only one. I dont believe that this war is between real conservatives and establishment, its a war between conservatives and devilcrats that use the republican name to hurt it.

      1. Why they even bother being Republican is beyond me. If they continually “reach across the aisle” in a “bipartisan” fashion and cast Congressional votes with the leftist Democraps, that’s a rather telling sign of whose side they’re on.

  32. For what it’s worth; This is by far the most powerful monolog that I have ever heard Mark Levin give. No wonder they call him the great one! The battle for the control of the Republican Party has begun!!!!!!!!!

        1. Thunderbird, I love the thought of it. However, hell will freeze over before that ever happened. First of all, Fox wouldn’t allow it, and second Rove would be a no show.

          1. I know it won’t happen,but it sure would be fun to watch. :-)Probably be the firs time Rove was ever left speechless.

            1. Rove would be speechless because I could see Mark grabbing his white board and hitting him over the head with it. (not really) 🙂

        2. It will never happen. Before you think I am some kind of troll, I was a loyal FOX view since they went on the air in 1996. Ever since they fired Glenn Beck, FOX has become more progressive and less fair and balanced. I stopped watching them altogether after their election coverage and have not missed the network one bit.

          Hannity and Rove are FOX stooges, bought and paid for by Roger Ailes, News Corp and the Saudis who have a controlling interest in FOX. I’m actually disappointed that Levin is going on-air with Hannity – as he will get paid nothing but lip service on Hannity’s show.

      1. Hannity is a puddy cat, I know I’d be disappointed in Hannity’s Kumbayah approach with his buddy Karl Rove, with his questions like people are saying you are doing this and Rove responds denying the truth where it makes him look better because there is no one to challenge him because Hannity won’t do it.

  33. Cons have to break all ties with the Rove RINOs. We and they are not on the same page, on any important issue.

  34. Thank you Mark Levin, for mentioning the “other hosts” (Hannity) are avoiding this latest move by Rove. As much as I like Hannity, he’s got his “conservative” head in the sand.
    Hey, if Rove wants to proceed with this bogus conservative victory thing against the Tea Party, he’s asking for a David & Goliath moment. Bring it on, Karl. (YOU BIG DUMMY)

    1. Lib, you watch Hannity tries and walk the fence on this one. He had better hold off on having Mark on his show for a while because if he tries to stick with Tokyo, Rove on this one Mark will give him some of the same!!

    2. Hannity has a contract with Fox so as much as I think he should I understand, but Rush didn’t talk about it either. That bothers me.

      1. Actually, Rush said at the end of his show today that he’ll be discussing this Rove thing tomorrow. Can’t wait to hear his take.

        1. Rush is friends with the Bush clan and was invited to the white house by 43. If Rush covers up what Rove is doing than we will know for sure he is with the GOP establishment and their mouth piece Rove. Rove and his numbskull GOP establishment did this in my opinion because Governor Palin did not resign with fox and her comments after about what she she will be doing. Rove and the establishment want to keep control. Rove wants a war. My message to Rove is GAME ON!!

    3. I think this ‘Rove Move’, a declaration of war really, will be a watershed moment – separating the ‘sheep from the goats’ on the ‘Conservative’ side of the fence …. especially amongst ‘The Talkers’ …

      A clear line seems to be in the process of being drawn …. with the Q being asked:

      Are you over *here* with Levin, Palin, Demint, Cruz (and possibly Paul?) ?

      or are you over *there*, going with the FAILED Ruling Class GOP Establishment and their “Conservative Victory Defeat Group” ?

      1. You’re darn right its a declaration of war. I’m going to start regular contributions to The Heritage Foundation (Jim DeMint is their new president) and I hope anyone who can will do the same. It mystifies me that any of these wealthy donors want to give more money to Rove, who will pick more losers. I’m hoping this latest effort by Rove is nothing more than the death rattle of dinosaur who’s time has come.

        1. yes indeed

          and I hope that death rattle is public, loud, ignominious, and SHORT-LIVED

          Leave the stage Rove – you have ZERO CREDIBILITY left with the Grassroots.

  35. To TheRightScoop —————-> ^5! Patriot


    Prepare for #WAR, Conservative Patriots, of all stripes …. watch for Leadership from Levin, Palin, DeMint, Cruz, Paul ….

    (and hopefully Rush also … tomorrow he is gonna address this ‘Rove Move’ on his show … I know he is Pals with many in the GOP Establishment and the Big Donors …. )

        1. I agree.There are way too many other important issues.I could really care less about the Super Bowl.The well being of our country is at stake!I think he has to address this issue if he wants to remain credible in the eyes of conservatives.

    1. Ex, don’t be surprised if Rush soft pedals on this one. There is no way in hell, he will take Rove to the wood shed like Mark did!!!

      1. I have been wondering what he will say korn … he is very good at reading the mood of the Conservative Electorate …. we shall see … (I mean, we shall ‘hear’ **__**)

        If Rush was to break with his Pals who ally with Rove …. it would be HUGE ….

        1. Ya know what Ex, you are on to something. If Rush throws Tokyo Rove under the bus tomorrow, then it will be big. I sure hope you are right on this one!!!

          1. I don’t know if he will korn, but it would be an incredible boost to the Tea Party and America’s future (IMV), if he clearly goes with the Grassroots …

            1. Ex I honestly believe it coming to that! Looks like we are in for some fun time!!! I wonder when Sarah will get into the mix. Or better yet maybe she will stay above all this and walk in after Mark clears the deck.

      1. I personally didn’t hear it, but I read it on FB or saw it on Twitter …. I hope it is correct … perhaps it didn’t come through on audio, but on a Rush tweet or Rush website source?

        but, I think Rush will HAVE to address this Rove move – it is causing huge angst amongst the Conservative Grassroots

        1. Rush said:
          “Karl Rove and his PAC. What is it, American Crossroads? Is that the name of his PAC? There was a New York Times story a couple of days ago that basically said they are gonna end up choosing Republican primary candidates so that they’re not “Tea Partied.” The Republican establishment has had it with nominees like Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell, Todd Akin, and Richard Mourdock. They say (summarized), “No more! And if we have to, we’re gonna run Republican money against Tea Party candidates to keep the Tea Party outta here,” ’cause the elites say the Tea Party is destroying the Republican Party.

          Let me tell you what really is happening. Either by accident or by design, this announcement and this newspaper article about Karl Rove’s intentions is only serving to unite the Tea Party in ways even now it hasn’t been. It is energizing the Tea Party in ways that it hasn’t been. After the election, everybody on our side faced a bit of demoralization, and this has ratcheted it back up. The conservative base of the Republican Party has now been targeted by the Republican establishment.

          So what the Tea Party people now realize is that they got two political forces gunning for ’em. Obama and the Democrats and the Republican establishment…The Tea Party/conservative base has been energized. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that. I’m getting feedback, e-mail, phone calls and this kind of thing. People are furious about this, and they’re getting focused and they’re coming back after having been demoralized by the election results last November.”
          Read more there.

          Sounds good to me!

      2. Yes, at the end of show he said he would talk about this tomorrow. He was getting tons of Emails on it.

  36. If I lived in Kentucky, I’d give serious consideration to support the Democrat running against Sen. McConnell.

      1. Rand Paul endorses McConnell?? Are you kidding??
        Santorum endorses Spector??
        This should be the end of Rand Paul.
        The Tea Party needs to present a candidate to run against McConnell. If not, then why have a tea party?

        1. The KY Tea Party candidate lost big time to a corrupt GOPe pol in the primary for Governor who then lost big to the Dem who is running the state into the ground. The Tea Party seems to have more people who like dress up as Founders; a number of their candidates had trails of bad financial decisions etc. I think that’s why Paul is trying to re-educate McConnell.

        2. I feel the same way. Rand Paul should have more than enough influence in Kentucky to endorse someone better than McConnell. Kentucky would surely vote for whoever Paul endorses over Ashley Judd.

      2. If the Democrats were serious about winning McConnell’s seat, then they would get behind a more viable candidate than Ashley Judd.

        1. She’s probably the best they’ve got against Mitch. She’s a UK Basketball nut highly appreciated by other nuts. She wants to stop MTR (so called mountaintop removal mining) and got into it with coal miners. Low info voters just know her from the movies. You’d be surprised.

    1. Well at least McConnell wants to filibuster Hagel which will then require 60 votes but McCain is pushing back to stay with only 51 required to confirm Hagel. For once McConnell wants to do the right thing.

  37. Kudos to Mark for having the courage to talk about this. I listened to Rush today but he never said a word and for me that was a disappointment. If the GOP doesn’t want us around, so be it.

  38. We need to link to Roves website and crash the server with e-mails letting them know just how we feel about their diabolical plan.

    1. Don’t waste your time thunderbird. Rove is officially now a dead man walking! Levin has set that in place tonight.

  39. Levin is 100% correct

    Karl – Go AWAY!

    You’re 15 minutes is long over

    You have gotten EVERYTHING wrong

    YOU helped blow the election with false info and your stupid white board

    Assisted living is the next stop!

  40. Karl Rove’s White Board: Levin – 100, Rove – 0 (zippo, zilch, nada)

    It told me a lot when Fox renewed Rove’s contract. What a total waste of space.

      1. Yeah, I guess we can call Karl Rove the Fox News weatherman now. It doesn’t matter how wrong he is, he still has a job.

  41. Again, conservatives are new to the Republican party. The first Republican president decimated the 10th amendment. And all of them except Reagan, were big government presidents.

    1. I wouldn’t say Calvin Coolidge was a big government president but you are right in that the good ones are few and far between.

      I’ve always thought it was changing senators to popular vote instead of state appointments that eroded states rights. Believe it was the 17th amendment.

      1. Nope, it was allowing the 10th to be eroded, BUT, the states are not represented. There should be 3 branches of representation, The president represents the nation, the Senate WAS to represent the states, and congressmen were to represent the people. Now we have the Senate and the House representing the people and the States interests are not being represented, thus all the unfunded mandates.

        1. Well yes that is correct, Ray, but it was because of the 17th amendment that the senate no longer represents the states as the senators are elected by the people just like the house of representatives.

          In your original post you stated that the first Republican president decimated the 10th amendment. Can you expound on that?

          1. Article 10: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

            Abraham Lincoln, even though he was trying to right what he perceived as a moral wrong, elected to free the slaves. Nowhere in the constitution is there a power for the federal government to tell states what they can or cannot do in regards to things not enumerated in the constitution.
            NOW, I said “what he perceived to be a moral wrong”, he set a precedent of ignoring the 10th amendment or any other amendment if the president at the time feels he needs to right a moral wrong.
            Lincoln strengthened the federal government to unheard of and I believe unconstitutional levels.
            Before Lincoln, when the United States embarked on something, the nomenclature was, “The United States ARE….” after Lincoln, it is “The United States IS…..”

            1. I also think that the broad interpretation of the interstate clause is wrong, I believe it was meant to be limited in scope, when taking the 10th into consideration.

      2. Paraphrasing and clarifying Rockefellar: Its easier to buy a senator rather than a whole state legislature.

    1. Some people are calling the Rove coalition as drones.

      The word “drone” came from the honeybee social structure.

      Drone bees are the males who are physically incapable of doing the work of harvesting nectar or pollen and have no use except a once in a lifetime fertilizing of a new queen, after which the lucky one immediately dies, happy I suppose. Drones can’t even feed themselves…they have to be handfed by worker bees (who are female, of course). But drones are needed for the morale of a hive and are the only bees that can go from one hive to another and be accepted. They are simply moochers, but when honey is flowing freely and everyone is busy and happy, they are welcomed and even loved.

      Their problem comes in the fall when winter is in the air and the worker bees think about the months of no nectar flows and the mouths that have to be fed over the winter. Suddenly, the arrogant drones are simply a huge liability and feeding them is a matter of survival for the hive. Suddenly, drones are not welcomed anywhere and they are simply booted out of the hive, where they quickly die, and if they are persistent in trying to get back into the hive (wondering what the heck happened, most likely!), they are killed. Only a few drones are allowed to overwinter, in case a new queen has to be fertilized. The rest die.

      It used to be that the political drones were welcomed and gave us a hearty dialogue but now, in the winter of our nation appearing to be upon us, they are a threat to our survival and are no longer welcome. This confuses them and they don’t immediately understand. They try desperately to fight their way back into the hive, certain that there has been a mistake. (Though drones have no stingers and can’t fight like a girl either). But there has been no mistake. They are dead to the hive and will not survive.

      That must be what they are feeling now. News that Sarah Palin has left Fox, with the promise of getting her message to a broader audience, and they go into survival mode. This is it…the final struggle.

  42. Thank you Scoop! Is it any wonder why Levin is the Great One. Thank God we have him on our side!!!

    on a side note, h/t to StandingGround.
    Herman Cain has a new idea called HITM which will alert us to urgent issues. Instead of sending ineffective individual messages to our Reps that don’t go anywhere, his sources in Washington say if we can send messages in mass of 100K, we will get those jackleg’s attention. As a group with HITM, we can send in mass.
    On top of his radio and CAIN TV this is a great thing. You can sign up here: http://www.hitmwithheat.com/content/signup1

  43. Thank you RS for posting this.I have been anxious to hear Mark’s take on this subject since the first time I read about it.

    1. Me, too. I sat through 3 hours of Rush today and … nothing. Crickets. Unbelievable. Thank God for Mark Levin!

      1. I missed Rush today,and I am disappointed to hear that he didn’t address this issue.I will listen tomorrow since Exodus said that he is going to address it tomorrow.We shall see.

        1. Rush said he was going to talk about it on today’s show. So he did say something about it even if just to say he was going to talk about it today.

  44. Thanks for posting. This is one of Levin’s very best monologues. As many people as possible need to hear this.

  45. Thanks scoop! I just started using iheartradio and Mark Levin is now one of my ‘stations’ for whenever I need to catch up if I miss anything on his show!

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