“F— that b—!” – Fairfax said to have used horrible language in private meeting about his accuser

The dumpster fire that is Virginia Democratic politics rages!

Now it’s being reported by NBC News that Lt. Governor Fairfax used profane language in a private meeting while referring to his accuser:

The statement NBC News is referring to is this one, which they had just tweeted two minutes earlier:

In it he says in part

I’d like to begin by emphasizing how important it for us to listen to women when they come forward with allegations of sexual assault or harassment. As a former prosecutor and someone who is close with a number of women who are survivors of sexual assault, I know that many survivors of sexual assault suffer in silence, and it is absolutely essential to their healing and our healing as a culture that we give all survivors the space and support to voice their stories.

Regarding the allegation that has been made against me-while this allegation has been both surprising and hurtful, I also recognize that no one makes charges of this kind lightly, and I take it and this situation very seriously.

We obviously don’t know if Fairfax is innocent or guilty. But using a profane slur like this about a woman who is accusing him of sexual assault will not bode well for him, especially considering how Democrats have been saying that we need to listen and believe the women when they make these kind of accusations.

Fairfax could be innocent of the ‘crime’ but still get into serious trouble over the way he handles it. The Democrats often hold Republicans to extremely high standards. Will they hold their own to the same standards?

Here’s a version that is more readable if you’d like to read the entire letter:

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