FACEPALM: Democrat witness accuses Senator Josh Hawley of putting ‘trans people’ in danger [VIDEO]

A Democrat witness on Capitol Hill today actually accused Senator Josh Hawley of putting ‘trans people’ in danger because he dared suggest that only women can have babies.

It’s an absolutely bizarre accusation by this leftist professor who teaches at Berkeley.

She kept using the phrase “person with a capacity for pregnancy”, which is why Hawley asked her about the phrase:

She voiced her displeasure at his line of questioning by calling it “transphobic” and saying he “opens trans people to violence” by denying they exist.

Hawley asked if this is what happens to students in her classroom, that they are accused of being hateful when they question her.

It gets worse.

When Professor Bridges was being questioned by Senator John Cornyn, she not only kept repeating the phrase but REFUSED to admit that an unborn baby has any value whatsoever:

Cornyn even asked her if an unborn baby has value the day before it is born and she still refused to answer the question, instead claiming the ‘person with a capacity for pregnancy’ has value.

Why not just say ‘no’ and answer the question? Bridges clearly didn’t like this question either, but she apparently didn’t like her own answer to the question because she refused to answer it.

It’s more than obvious she doesn’t believe an unborn baby has any value as long as it is in the womb, which is absolutely horrendous. But I doubt it will have any effect on her teaching career at Berkeley because they are all loons.

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