FACEPALM: Teacher mistakenly shoots gun in class, injures three students…

This wasn’t just some random teacher who decided to bring a gun to school. This was a teacher who is a ‘reserve police officer’ who was trying to teach students about gun safety for whatever reason, when his gun accidentally went off:

NY POST – A California teacher who also serves as a reserve police officer accidentally fired a pistol inside his classroom while teaching gun safety and injured three students, according to reports.

Dennis Alexander was teaching public safety awareness in his administration of justice class at Seaside High School when he fired a semiautomatic handgun and hit the ceiling, KSBW reported.

Teachers are not permitted to possess firearms in California schools.

The errant bullet ricocheted off the ceiling, sending fragments that injured three students, including a 17-year-old who was struck in the neck, the boy’s dad, Fermin Gonzalez, told the station.

Seaside police said in a statement that no one suffered serious injuries.

Alexander had just told the class that he wanted to make sure his gun wasn’t loaded when it went off, leaving the children stunned, Gonzales said.

“It’s the craziest thing. It could have been very bad,” Gonzales said, adding that the teacher was about to demonstrate how to disarm a person.

Alexander, a reserve cop in the Sand City Police Department, has apologized for his ballistic blunder.

He was placed on administrative at Seaside High School and the police force as the investigation is conducted.

Why on earth would anyone who wanted to teach a gun safety course use a loaded gun in the first place? Why he was teaching it to students when teachers aren’t even allowed to have guns on school property in California?

I know accidents can happen, but accidents with a gun are often fatal which is why you NEVER use a loaded gun, period.

Also, it’s not hard to unload a handgun even with one in the chamber. The first rule is that you NEVER touch the trigger. For me, I prefer to have a thumb safety on all my handguns and I’m betting he was carrying one in the chamber without any such safety.

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