FACEPALM: Trump quotes someone saying Jews love Trump like he’s the “second coming of God!”

Allen West used to say that he doesn’t “drink his own bathwater”, meaning that he doesn’t pay attention to what people say about him. Clearly Trump is of the opposite mold, which is more than evident from this morning’s tweets:

The King of Israel? The second coming of God? These accolades by Root are NUTS and Trump should have just ignored them.

I don’t care how true some may this sentiment is, it’s ridiculous for Trump to tweet it and makes him look like he’s got an ego the size of the planet. Even Netanyahu must be shaking his head at this. Seriously.

I like Trump but he really needs to stop drinking his own bathwater, at least publicly, because it’s making many of us nauseous.

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4 thoughts on “FACEPALM: Trump quotes someone saying Jews love Trump like he’s the “second coming of God!”

  1. The idea that Israeli Jews would love Trump “like the second coming of God” is very strange. In Judaism, the Messiah is a king or priest, not God. The idea that God will come to earth again as Christ is a Christian concept.

    1. it dont matter what we label it as. the matter is he will come back whether we think so or not, it matters less whether we care about it or not. Jesus, God in the flesh, is not donald trump, nor did trump claim to be so. it dont matter how the judaism followers view the messiah, the had it wrong the first time, that boxed type thinking gets us nowhere. yes God chose the jews, he also blinded the majority of them till his time.

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