Fact-Check: Even the STAGING at Biden’s gas prices briefing was full of propaganda and LIES

Multi-vaccinated but still infected Joe Biden made a remote-due-to-covid appearance on Friday for what the White House called an “Economic Briefing on Lowering Gas Prices” during which he and his advisers of course lied repeatedly.

But it wasn’t just their mouths doing the lying, the staging, the concept — everything was one big propaganda play. Even the fact that the Mask-Wearer-in-Chief showed up by remote at all. As if it was somehow heroic.

RNC’s Tommy Pigott fact-checked the set-up in a tweet that really sums up the entire purpose of the so called briefing.

This is what this was about. There was no policy update, nothing to brief people on. It was just “working while having covid” photo op and a chance to lie to our faces about inflation and gas prices.


Of course.

Consider this an OPEN THREAD.

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