Failed fact-checker demands SYMPATHY and PRAISE for getting it WRONG on Biden checking WATCH as fallen Marines arrived

The so-called fact checker at USA Today who told everyone that it was some big right wing conspiracy, and no Joe Biden wasn’t checking his watch during the arrival of the fallen Marines – killed by his own failed exit strategy – as people were claiming was forced by the facts and actual video of the thing happening to correct his own fact check.

That jerk, Daniel Funke, then demanded sympathy for the poor hard working plight of journalists just trying to do their darn tootinest best. No seriously. And THEN his fellow activists posing as fact-checker chimed in to praise him as heroic. NO SERIOUSLY.

You remember the original story we’re sure. The “fact-check” treated it as a crazy conspiracy theory being floated right wingers.

But OOPS someone didn’t watch the video. And he had to issue a correction.

And on Twitter.

You regret the “error”? That was the SUM TOTAL of the fact-check. You were saying that it was FALSE and a conspiracy, and they let you keep the rating as a fact check. Now it says “lacking context.”

YOUR ENTIRE STORY WAS FALSE. NO RETRACTION. But still, somehow HE is the victim, and the plea for sympathy, embedded for your convenience in clicking and mocking, followed quickly.

None of you wants to fact-check Biden in the first place, and most, like CNN’s Daniel Dale, actively fact check his opponents and critics instead of fact-checking the administration. They’re running a Biden rapid response team.

I liked this response:

But not this one:

Sympathy and praise for the guy whose instinct was to fact check the grieving parents, not the watch-checking president.

Absolutely incredible.

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