Family of El Paso victim OBLITERATES MSM narrative about injured baby in photo with Trump

ALL over the mainstream media today and yesterday there has been outrage, outrage I tell you, about a report that a baby injured in the El Paso shooting was brought back to the hospital for a photo op with Trump.


Except, the family of the baby says they wanted to meet the president. Oops.

From the Washington Post:

Tito Anchondo wishes people would stop politicizing his family’s tragedy.

Anchondo, who lost his beloved brother and sister-in-law in the rampage by an El Paso Walmart on Saturday, said he wanted to take his orphaned nephew to University Medical Center on Wednesday to meet the president and first lady. The 2-month-old suffered two broken fingers in the shooting but survived after his parents, Andre and Jordan Anchondo, shielded him from the gunfire and were slain themselves.

Tito Anchondo said he sought to meet the president to share his family’s grievous pain. “He was just there as a human being, consoling us and giving his condolences,” he said about Trump in an interview outside his family’s auto-body shop in south-central El Paso.

Wow. How pathetic that the media is just lying through their teeth about this to get at Trump.

Tito says that his family is Republican!

Anchondo previously told NPR that his family is Republican and his murdered brother had supported Trump.

The president “wasn’t there to be pushing any kind of political agenda,” he said, describing “a private conversation between human beings.”

Asked if he felt consoled by the conversation, he said, “Yes, definitely.”

You all know I criticize el presidente when I feel that he has done something inappropriate, and it happens often. But in this case, the media is completely lying in order to criticize him, and it is truly disgusting. And they KNOW that their scumbag followers on social media will mock without actually looking for facts to back up their idiot behavior.

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80 thoughts on “Family of El Paso victim OBLITERATES MSM narrative about injured baby in photo with Trump

  1. …in this case, the media is completely lying…

    Uh…when is that not the case? They lie all the freaking time.

    Trump: MS13 gang members are animals.
    MSM: Trump said immigrants are animals.

    They do this crap every day.

  2. It’s unreal the 24/7 negative coverage the President gets. You’d think the unemployment rate was 20% and he’s gotten us into 5 wars…

  3. President Trump was simply saying thumbs up that the baby was on injured. But of course the fake news people had to figure out a way to make it look like something different.

    1. I agree about the MSM, but it looked a bit glib considering the solemnity of the tragedy.

  4. This is the side of Trump that hardly ever gets talked about & there are many stories like this of Trump being so different & very kind & generous to people in private. I remember one that I heard right before the election. There was an older couple broke down off the side of the road & he pulled over in his limo & gave them a ride & paid for the car repairs.

    1. This is true. However, there are also stories, Glenn Beck comes to mind, of people who would not do his bidding and he turned on them. That’s why I call him Tromp, he’s your best friend until he isn’t.

    2. Every time I hear about ordinary people who personally interact with him, they always seem so impressed with his warmth and generosity of spirit. I think especially of the families of those murdered by illegals who never got any attention by any other politician.

      1. This is so true. I heard that when Mike Pence met Trump in person for the first time, he described him the same way. Pence then pushed for Trump to run.

  5. This constant lying about Trump and his motives is definitely having a corrosive effect. I mentioned in another post yesterday that two liberal friends of mine believed he was personally responsible for an outrageous policy that actually was instituted during the Obama Administration. Why? Just because it “sounded like something he would do.”

      1. They are what Rush used to call LIVs, low information voters. Very nice people, good friends of mine, just don’t pay attention to anything more than what the mainstream news tells them in 60 seconds.

        1. Yep, that’s it. I posted earlier about my christian neighbor that thinks he is the antichrist LOL! She knew nothing except what the media fed her. I really challenged her with facts.

  6. This photo with the baby will be a keepsake that will be treasured forever. Should the President and First Lady be scowling?

    Kudos to the family for not being afraid to speak out. That took courage.

    1. They were attacked by a vicious enemy… and their family members were murdered by a monster. They have suffered enough grief for a lifetime.

      1. Not enough for the Dems – I am sure they will be protesting outside their home late at night since thats what they like to do. So sad.

  7. The DNC-MSM and the DNC written Press are training me day after day in reverse thinking. It is quite exhausting but I know now that bad news about Trump are good news.

    The story about this family is devastating. My prayers go out to them.

    1. They will get a hold of their tax returns or sift through their garbage just to find something for sure. The media can’t stand it when someone says Trump is a good President.

  8. Had Trump wept inconsolably, they would have criticized him for being fake. The media will never tell the truth about him.

  9. The elites want their globalism back. At all costs.

    The President did not need this job. He’s doing it out of love for country and her citizens and sovereignty.

    It’s time for the President to start hitting the Ds on their destruction of the inner cites. Highlighting the inner cities is a winner.

    1. That is a winner. There have been videos of interviews with Baltimore residents. Many are thanking Trump and almost all are saying he’s right. Democrats think they have the vote of inner cities just like hispanics and blacks. Trump can turn that around. Stay firm on no gun control and work on inner cities.

      1. Inner city residents have been ignored for so long, generations already, and have lived on meager handouts and weak promises by Dems. And what do they have to show for it? Gangs, murders, filth, rats, and a “quality of life” that’s on par with some third world countries.

        Trump is spot on to highlight these problems, and when he gets criticized from the Left for it, I can only imagine the law abiding residents of these neighborhoods asking “Why are they picking on him for telling the truth?”

  10. The corrupt media is wrong in assuming all hispanics and blacks support democrats. They are completely out of touch with every day Americans. God bless and protect this family.

    1. There are some Leftists who accuse blacks and Hispanics of “treason” if they stray from the Democrat Plantation.

      1. I would say a big majority of the Lefties have “special” hate for these good people who have freed themselves from the shackles of the Dem Plantation. As you noted, they call it treason when these people become deplorables.

        God bless these fellow Americans for having the courage to stand for what is right when they know the horrific price they are about to pay. We see what the Dem brownshirts are willing to do with the wink wink approval of their masters. The Left is under the full blown delusion of Satan.

    2. The left knows there are lots of minorities that support President Trump. As usual, they are continuing to push their lies, in hopes that people will believe it. And, they have to push the idea that all of them support the left, hoping to cover for the voter fraud they have planned.

  11. May God bless this orphaned child and his family.

    As for the media they are the enemy of the American people. No two ways about it.

    1. Amen. The, “thumbs up,” must not be looked upon as a heartfelt thanks to the parents for sacrificing themselves for their child, nor that the child survived by their sacrifice, nor that the child’s future will be cared for by responsible/loving family members.

      What a dastardly lot the left is.

    1. no because they adore killing them
      but they decide ….born alive…should we let it live or kill it hmmmmmm

  12. These people are sick, in they’re eyes our President can’t do anything right and it is truly diabolical.

    1. a bunch of nutters and complainers. I’m sick of them. They’re always looking for a reason to be offended.

  13. Meeting both POTUS and FLOTUS is a rare once in a lifetime event for most people. Regardless of your politics, when invited to meet them, you just go.

    1. I shook hands with Reagan, Clinton, Bush 41 and 43 and Trump. I still can’t get the smell of fish off of my hand after shaking Clinton’s hand in ’92,

        1. it didn’t smell like “flowers” either Speaking of Gennifer in April of 1990 I ran into her in a bar in Dallas’ West End late in the afternoon. She gave me the once over and it was one nasty look. lol Perhaps I should have offered her a cigar

    2. I’m not sure that I would have met with 0 and the First Wookie. I would have had a difficult time holding back my disgust.

      1. I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to meet those two whiny nits. But if I had met them I would have respected the office. I always think that’s the thing to do when you can’t respect the office holder.

        The Dems should think about that. They’ve given the right permission, by their disgusting behavior to treat the next Democrat President with a complete absense ot respect.

  14. I’m shocked! What is the deplorable, white supremacist president doing taking a picture with people of color?

    Seriously, I don’t think that the thumbs up was particularly appropriate, but I’ll give him this one. Politics aside, he’s a decent, sympathetic human being on a one to one basis.

    1. There could be an explanation. Photogs use motorized cameras and take bursts of shots at a time. Trump may have been giving the thumbs up to someone in the crowd ( he appears to be looking elsewhere and not at the camera) and this might simply be one of many, many photos.

      I don’t see anything wrong with the photo. It’s not a big deal. I’m not going to set my hair on fire or get my panties in a wad over it. He could have simply been giving a thumbs up for the little guy. He often uses the thumbs up gesture. It’s not like he gave anyone the finger.

        1. Everyone seems to be happy and smiling, Melania is smiling and apparently the people they are looking at are smiling, so the atmosphere in the room seemed to be one of celebration of life and hope and not gloom. Trump could have even been lowering his hand after giving someone the thumbs up as the photo was taken. Who knows. If he wasn’t smiling the media would be calling him a grumpy old man. I’ve met him twice. I’ve been to five of his rallies. He’s okay. I guess since he was raised in NY city he’s the typical brawler. You have to be tough to grow up there and survive. Its a tough city to live and work in. I do know that he gets along very well with blue collar guys just as well as with the rich and famous. He’ll I’d sit in a bar and have a few beers with him

    2. We do not know what he was giving the thumbs up for. Maybe the photographer or someone standing around at the time said something to the President about the family. Maybe the family said something to the President right before the picture was taken and to show a thank you or a sign of support, President Trump used the thumbs up to show his approval

        1. I’m tired of worrying about the context of things because our
          “holy” media has a problem with it. They weren’t concerned or made a peep about how it didn’t look good when we watched Clinton having himself a good chuckle or two or three or four at the Wellstone Memorial. They are like the Pharisess – vipers who said that they stood for the truth. They never knew the Truth and became instrumental in crucifying my Lord.

          That is the appropriate definition of the MSM – the modern day Pharisees. On the outside, they look like they have it all, success, the right look, the right zip code, the right friends. They are arrogant and condescending but underneath it all, their hearts are hardened because they are anti God. 95% of them are little petty anti-christs. And as it is written, Jesus will say – I do not know you. That is my God avenging the Sin that these people continue to perpetuate on America.

          1. Or the “optics”. Sometimes things are not what they seem. This faux pas, if it was such hardly registers on my Richter Scale.

    1. Yeah, brown people who had the temerity to stray from the Democratic plantation. Let the doxing begin! (Interesting side note, spellcheck on the new tablet recognized doxing.)

    1. I agree, I think that after the murder of the child’s parents, more solemnity was in order.

      1. OK, let me re-phrase that.

        The idea of the photo is fine. The “thumbs up” was blunder.

        What was the “thumbs up” FOR?

        1. Who knows? A-Okay for the safety of the baby, or even perhaps Trump was giving a Thumbs Up to someone in the crowd I see no problem with the photo at all. t’s no big deal but many are after Trump for every little thing and over analyze every little move. It’s ridiculous.

          Most of these photos are taken with motorized cameras. You push a button and 25 photos are taken………. and it could simply be that this was the shot published in the burst because it would trigger the nutters and complainers and give them something to complain about.

        2. Agreed. It sends off a “everything’s A-okay now” vibe. But I understand, sometimes when you don’t know how to pose you go to awkward.

  15. Sorry Sooper, the media has lied about the President, his remarks, his intent, his thoughts more times than we can count – I would say 90% of the time.

    The lies that were perpetrated during that Charlottesville episode is being brought back to life by that bumbling very rich white liberal idiot Biden. Thank God for people like Joel Pollak who is trolling the WOKE candidate.

    Again, I say enough is enough. The President condemned neo-nazis, white supremacists and Antifa that day. The media and those who continue to spout lies are accessories to all of the lawlessness we are seeing today.

  16. All the idiots are out in force. THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THE PHOTO. Now run along to your momma’s basement and cry a little more, IDIOTS!!!!

  17. why Can’t the media be sued for Defamation. I know the Covington kids are going to try you think the fake news would learn from what happened with the Covington Kids

  18. The left shows us who they are and those ordinary citizens who support and vote for Democrats might want to start thinking about that. The Dems were fund raising on the Texas tragedy while some of the bodies were still on the Wal-Mart floor. That’s who they are.

    This pretense of caring about this baby is contemptible. They endorse and fight for the right to kill babies.

  19. Anything the Pres could have done in this situation would be criticized and condemned by Dems and the media. So as Ricky Nelson has so profoundly said “You can’t please everyone, so you got to please yourself.” Its a real shame what’s happened to this country.

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