FANTASTIC IDEA: Kirstie Alley says politicians locking Americans in homes should FOREGO their own FAT SALARIES

This actually seems like a no-brainer, but it took actress and Trump-supporter Kirstie Alley to get the idea a huge amount of attention. That idea is that politicians and officials who shut down business and take away income and earnings from Americans working or running businesses should THEMSELVES do without through that time.

It’s a little concept called leadership, something we lack at almost every level in this country. It’s a fantastic idea and it should be put in place IMMEDIAITELY, in my opinion.

She followed up just a few minutes ago.

This is definitely right. How many stories have we seen, now, of politicians locking Americans at home and then going out themselves? To salons, to parties, to restaurants? They make exceptions for themselves, living the high life while working Americans get the shaft. It’s DISGUSTING.

And why should they be getting paid with TAX MONEY while American workers are losing income and small business owners are going out of business and they can’t even sign a stimulus bill to stop the bleeding that THEY started??

She is darn right. They need to STOP getting paid with OUR money when they are preventing US from MAKING that money!!!

And you know what? Lots of people agree. Like THOUSANDS. Here’s a few.

There are literally thousands more in agreement.

This should not just be a tweet it and forget it. This is obviously what should actually happen. We need a prominent GOP congress member to put this into the machinery like NOW.

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