Fantastic new Romney ad crushes Obama’s dishonest Bain attacks

This new ad counter-punches Obama right in the teeth over his dishonest Bain attacks, using the words of his own key supporters:

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30 thoughts on “Fantastic new Romney ad crushes Obama’s dishonest Bain attacks

  1. I hope ads like these start rolling out on national T.V. – this needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

  2. I read a great article over on the Wall Street Journal today defending Bain.

    Just a few things I took away from this:

    1) Obama leaves out the fact that only one branch of the company was shut down. The rest of the company still employs nearly 3000 people and making profits of over 6 billion a year.

    2) The invested about 180 million in 1993 and by 1996 and 1997, they were making profits of 1 billion yearly. So people ask how he made money when the company failed? Well, apparently the company was doing quite well for a while. Plenty of time to get back his investment, plus some.

    3) In 1999 the union had a choice. Accept lower pay and wages, or shut the doors. The union decided no job was better than a lower paying job. They also didn’t lose their pensions. They were paid out by a federal corporation.

    4) And most importantly, it reminded me how much I HATE having a candidate that I have to spend more time defending than praising.

    1. Thanks for sharing the real facts. The truth is something bo and his lackeys fear! The darkness always hates the light of truth 🙂

    1. The liberal lemmings will blindly follow each other, so the funniest thing to do if one starts to wander off the plantation is to point some others in his direction and they’ll trot along too.

      Sometimes you’ll get lucky and they’ll wake up one day and realize they’ve strayed far from the herd.

  3. Are these ads on TV? I live in New York state, and I never see them. I hope they’re not just preaching to the choir.

    1. New York State is lock in Democratic but here in Florida it is a swing State and I’ve never seen any of them either. Maybe they haven’t released them yet, too early and the Dims are doing a lot of harm to themselves right now without our help.

  4. With so many Democrats starting to defend capitalism, I’ve got to start questioning whether capitalism is actually a greedy hateful practice that results in people being denied their basic rights? After all, Democrats are socialists, and they are wrong 99% of the time, so for them to start defending private equity firms and capitalistic practices, that indicates that capitalism is probably wrong. Democrats like Booker wouldn’t support capitalism if it were a good thing.

    1. Huh? I hope you were being facetious. This is the 1% of the time that you mentioned about them being right.

    2. Ever hear the expression ‘to see the light’ or ‘stop beating a dead horse’ or ‘insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results’?

      How many countries around the world have gone economically capitalistic and are beating the pants off of us?

      Have you never changed you mind for the better or had someone advise you on the error of your ways or been tired of the results you’ve been getting by being stubborn in your thinking or deep down know your wrong about something and finally reach the point that you’re willing to accept that fact? I know I have.

      1. I think he may have been “pulling our cyber legs”….that sounds alot like me…if bo or a demoncrat is for it…I have to start examining my position…(wink, wink) And if these democrats are suddenly seeing the light, that’s great…but, i wonder maybe for some if they just don’t see the handwriting on the wall? They may be employing some cover you know what?? I dunno….

        1. Well, maybe this proves my point. Maybe you’re advising me on the error of my ways and I’m reading Bombs and Dollars wrong. If he is being sarcastic I stand corrected. Anyway, thanks badbadlibs.

          1. I mean, I was being sarcastic about how I am personally questioning capitalism, but I do find it funny how so many Democrats, including that comedian from SNL Lovitz who keeps appearing on Fox News, are trashing Obama lately for his anti-capitalism policies, yet they never think twice about voting for the madman even though their publicly stated positions are at odds with him.

  5. I live in Indiana and they just do not play any of the ads that I see here on our stations. I wonder if it is because they think the state is swinging to Romney? I have to watch for the ads on this site or hope they show them on Hannity.

    1. Probably- they likely are spending their dough in states they consider battle ground states. Although here in TN, no ads of late from the Romney camp, but there was an ad for Obama.

  6. “I’ll make mincemeat outta that mouse!”

    C’mon! Bring it on, bring it up and bring it out!

    If this sack of crack gets the old softshoe routing from the Republican side this time, I’m going to scream like a girl…ok, I’ll scream like a bear. I want O’ to be screwed, glued, and tattoed, right on the forehead, as a one-termer, worse than Carter ever was. I want his embarrasment to last a lifetime. A landslide election that takes the rejection the American people have for O’ and slaps him upside the head with it. The slap heard round the world. Kapow!

    Then we can say “thanks, he needed that” and GIT! If I think of any more cogent cliches or quotable quotes, I’ll add them later 🙂

    1. I was getting sleepy until I read your post…I’m wide awake now! “Kapow”! Good one, and why don’t you have your own column anyway????

      1. Oh man that would be sweet. Easy money. I actually work now. I have to convince people to buy stuff rather than opinions and viewpoints. I package lots of items and am surprised I can still work a tape gun. Should have carpal tunnel or some-such by now. We own the biz so sometimes we just turn it off. That’s rare and expensive though. I love writing and reading good writing. Thanks badbadlibs. I plagiarised the kapow from one or more 60’s vintage Batman episodes, the one with Adam West. Clang!

        1. I was thinking you got the kapow off of a Chinese menu. General Kapows Chicken. And now it’s clang? You told me it was clank. I’m so confused.

          1. Duh Bears do luv duh Chinese food. Maybe subconsciously some kind kind of chinese/batman continuum thingamahuh(?), flummoxed…in a bad way.

        2. Best wshes and God’s blessings on your business! Oh yea…I remember “Bam”, “Pow”. Though I’ve just aged myself, I remember, “Bam”, “Pow” being used often! At any rate, I appreciate your writing talent and always look forward to reading….

  7. Good ad. Democrats are starting to reject their Marxist messiah in droves. Everyone was pro-Obama in theory. Although, when his job killing policies were enacted, the results have proved to be just as damaging as the Socialist, big government theory promised to be. Even democrat politicians have to make sure to keep the private sector working. He’s getting rolled in November.

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