Fantastic opening statement by Judge Jeanine Pirro on the Benghazi whistleblowers

It runs almost 12 minutes but it’s awesome. Judge Jeanine Pirro really puts the Benghazi whistleblower hearing into perspective and, as always, she doesn’t hold back or pull any punches.


NOTE: If it starts skipping, just push pause and let it load for a few seconds. Then hit play again.

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281 thoughts on “Fantastic opening statement by Judge Jeanine Pirro on the Benghazi whistleblowers

  1. There are always low-level IQ creeps on this kind of exchange and would appreciate their keeping any comments to me to themselves. They profit nobody and only frustrate me, and make me want to reach into the computer and slap ’em. You know who you are.

    1. TonyRuizTherein lies the problem with making PUBLIC comments.  You let them frustrate you, they win.  There is really nothing you can do about it, so as we say in the Infantry… embrace the suck.

  2. God damn obama, his entire administration and congress. They have stolen our country. And God bless Janine for having the guts to swim against the stream of evil along with us real Americans, a diminishing number.

        1. GOd is the one who has blessed this country with the freedom it has enjoyed. Wake up!!!

  3. Obama should have been impeached a long time ago.  He would have been if he were a Republican.  I almost believe Obama could pull an O.J. Simpson during a press conference on live t.v. and Democrats would still not vote to impeach him.  Obama thinks he’s above the law and the Constitution…..and he is.  As long as the Democrat party is corrupt to the core they will let their Presidents do anything and anything with no consequences.

  4. The dems are now turning on each other.  Hicks is a registered democrat who voted for Hillary in the primaries and then voted for Obama in both elections…and now he is reduced to telling the truth…  the truth will set you free…and the demon-dems will be coming out of the woodwork to tell the truth.

    1. jrenai67    Wishful thinking.  Dems always lie because they do not know  the truth when they see it.  Lying is in their genes.

    2. jrenai67 Except he wanted to tell the truth from the beginning.  He was demoted for trying to do his job the right way…..he tried to save American lives.

  5. Thank God for women/leaders/judges/media people like Judge Pirro!   And thank you, Judge Pirro!

  6. I wish that Ted Cruz would win the presidency and appoint Judge Pirro as U.S. Attorney General, and LTC Allen West as Secretary of Defense.
    But I don’t see how we’re going to make it to 2016, or how we can overcome democrat vote fraud if we do.

    1. lawngreen What is more worrisome is that the east coast cocktail elitists in the Republican party will push some wimpy progressive liberal again and we will lose in 2016 to  another socialist/marxist.

      1. FoxyladyNo1 lawngreen Isn’t there a flaw in that argument?  Republicans may have pushed Romney and progressive McCain, but they wouldn’t have won the primaries if we (collectively) didn’t vote for them.  The problem is us.  Not you or I, because I know you probably didn’t vote for either one of them in the primaries just like me.  But…..someone did.  Unfortunately a lot of someones.  We have to many idiots in our party that don’t know what conservatism is evidently.

      2. FoxyladyNo1 I don’t think that will work this time. I think the repub “leadership” realizes that they have been unmasked for the “stealth liberals” that they are. They have made it their business to crush conservatives for the past four years. They put boner in the House Majority Leader position to stomp out any fires the 2012 midterm triumph might have given us. That was boner’s sole reason for existence, and he has done a pretty good job.

        I think we need to push Cruz to start a 3rd party, and to announce his VP, SecDef and SecState early so everyone will know for sure he’s going down the conservative road. I know that’s risky, but we’ve played the repubs’ game too long already. They are dogs in the manger, nothing more. It’s time to decisively turn our backs on them and let them wither.
        Do you remember the Palin rallies when people thought she might run for POTUS? The energy of those crowds was so powerful ! This cynical, tired old man had hope again. I was deeply grieved when Sarah finally announced that she would not run. I do not think Cruz or anyone could generate such enthusiasm again, but we need to try for that conservative base and those moderates who have learned the lesson that libs can only talk, not produce results. Otherwise we’re playing the same old game, but both our enemies (dems and repubs) have grown stronger. For conservatives, it’s now root hog or die.

    2. lawngreen  Thank G-d that we have control over Congress.  If Dems had control over Congress, the Senate and the Presidency, term limits would be eliminated and we would never be able to get this dictator wannabe out of office.

      1. kong1967 Yes, we were blessed by God when it came to Congress. He gave us another chance.
        Almost half a century ago, I was in a discussion with a gunsmith about the threat to the 2nd Amendment that existed at that time. (Yes, I am that old, and yes, for the young people, the 2nd Amendment has been a battlefield that long.)
        In my youthful naivete, I asked him, “What happens if the government just repeals the 2nd Amendment?”
        He replied, “That’s when all the rules go out the window.”
        That made me realize that the 2nd Amendment is a tripwire.
        I think term limits for the presidency should be another tripwire. The day that POTUS term limits are abolished will be Decision Day for every resident of America. That will be the day each one of us will have to answer and begin to act on the question, “Am I an American, or just a subject of the emperor?”

        1. lawngreen  Wow, impressive statement.  One thing you can tell about how a person writes…..intelligence.  You have no shortage of it, lol.  I agree with you totally, although less eloquently.

  7. Here’s my question:  I keep hearing people saying things like: There wasn’t enough time to respond to the attack on Benghazi.  Since when do we utilize ESP or fortune tellers to tell us how long the attack will last?  Unless of course, someone knew in advance.  Who knew for sure?  Why were they so sure?  What was Chris Stevens doing in Benghazi?  
    The IRS scandal is a smokescreen to hide the truth of Benghazi.  Don’t let them get away with it.

    1. another conservative but I an from heaven: I agree with the conservative from hell. these people knew of this planed attack it has been said Obama hired a special group of the Alquaida group to be the guards of this compound . so it was a known fact this group was hired through some company in England. by Obama ? What was Chris Stevens doing there  it has also been said it was another of Obama and Holders gun running scheams for guns to Syria.

    2. ConservativeFromHell Why did they send an openly gay man to be an Ambassador to a Muslin country in the first place?  Did they want him dead?

    3. ConservativeFromHell
      They had no intention of saving any lives because (as you say) they never know how long the battles will last and should send help no matter what.  It’s like calling 911 and the ambulance not showing up because you’ll probably be dead before they get there. 
      Obama’s not only impeachable, but I think he’s a traitor.

  8. One thing is sure, no other American President would have let Americans abroad be murdered without a fight or some rescue attempt.
    People, the “fix was in.”   If you don’t know that the election was bought or paid for with American blood and mus lim money, you will have a long road back to the truth.

  9. Saving the election was far more important than saving lives. No matter how much damage control they have to do now and how many little people have to fall on the sword to preserve the elites.

    1. Dr. Strangelove not saving the election but stealing it.  This administration will live only to regret the lies upon lies.

  10. Justice Jeanine makes a great case for high crimes and treason against Nero Obama and the Old Hag of D. C., doesn’t she?!
    John Craven – New Orleans

  11. Wow… 
    Judge Jeanine Pirro reminds me of Sarah Palin… she, um… definitelyknows law and order, and she talks like a commn sense Constitutional conservative.
     “… a lie is a lie is a lie…”

    Uh, Judge Pirro, will you consider the appellation of Madam President?
    Just wonderin’… for now.

    1. ajtelles This is a woman I could vote for and I do not say that lightly.  Most woman I have worked for carry knives in their purses to stab you in the back, like Hillary.

  12. I concur.  That was awesome.  A very thorough synopsis of the events.  How anyone has the cajones to say this is a Republican witch hunt given the facts is beyond me.  Actually it’s not beyond me.  I know exactly why they say it.  Obama is their messiah.  But it sure has to be getting harder to defend such a contemptible administration.

  13. It has to hurt any American deeply to hear audio of Americans under attack in a foreign post, and realize the American Government is not doing anything to protect them or rescue them from what they are facing, even though help was available.
    Instead, your President and your Secretary of State, watched the drama unfold on video in the Situation Room.
    Why, you ask?  Because Obama wanted to get elected for a second term.  And Hillary wants to slip into his shoes when he finally leaves, if he ever leaves.
    You can put all the spin you want on this, but here is the bottom line.  Four Americans died.  The White House would have you believe they died at the hands of Muslims.  Incorrect by a long shot.  They died at the hands of the Kenyan Immigrant and the other Clinton.  And Jay Carney has a place in Hell waiting for him.

    1. white531 Amen on Carney. He may not be a criminal, but he sold his soul to the devil a long time ago. And nothing can excuse what the whistleblowers have revealed. Congress should already have obama and clinton in jail.

  14. One minor change in the talking points.  Sure, it went from the truth to complete fabrication.  Serial-liar-in-Chief.

  15. Thank you, Judge. Unbelievably VITAL to hear it all brought into clear focus with all the facts spelled out clearly.

  16. Very powerful stuff and all true. I can’t think of anything that would anger the CIA more than to have its operators in Benghazi left to twist in the wind and nobody coming to their rescue. I will bet you anything that in the next few months you’re going to have several people from the CIA coming in to testify against what happened here and what was said after the attack. The entire truth will come out and as Americans are seeing right now, it only seems to look and sound and smell even worse than it did eight months ago.

  17. Judge Pirro is awesome.I think she should run for presidency…she would make a change the American people would be proud of.Obama is a POS. He needs to be kicked out of office and he needs to take Hillary w/ him.His whole administration is corrupt and is set on destroying America and what we stand for.

    1. summerred69  Top supreme court justice is what she needs to be.  Palin for President and Brewer for Vice President.  Americans want women in office, those are the only three that would come close to getting things done right.

    2. summerred69  come man.. ever person that gives a good speech shouldn’t be nominated for President. This is what’s wrong with people today. You get a little bit of spotlight and Boom, you’re in the White House or HOR. Not discrediting what she said because I love her and think she’s great.

      1. TommyJohn summerred69 It’s not just a good speech. It’s clarity and truth on a critical issue when the regime and the Propaganda Press are desperately trying to minimize and distract. It’s moral clarity and moral courage and mental toughness.
        She is risking her life by speaking the truth so bluntly. Remember Andrew Breitbart? The Benghazi betrayal was about getting obamatollah elected a 2nd time, and he and his minions did not hesitate to allow Americans to die to achieve that. They can be counted on to do the same again whenever they think it necessary and feasible.

  18. Have to disagree with the good Judge on one point.  Wednesday was not a sad day for us, Wednesday was a great day….The truth was told and the groundwork for making things right and exposing the fraud in this administration to the uninformed masses was put in place.
    Wednesday was a very good day indeed!

    1. NYGino I agree with both of you.  It was a sad day to hear how the Ambassador said they were under attack, how the people with Hicks tried to rescue them and we told to Stand Down.  It was also a great day because the truth is surfacing.

  19. Don’t forget the diverted bodies from Dover to Andrews for a photo opp where bold face lies were enforced in from of the fallen! It’s also now clear the Stevens and the CIA were running a arms depot and running arms to Syrian al CIAda. So they murdered Stevens and his crew who were doing the dirty work, to remove the leak since half the world and the UN knew the Obama Admin was involved in Illegal weapons running and hiring al CIAda and Mercs to overthrow a the sovereign nation of Syria. Chemical and over 5000 sa-7 Russian stingers weapons were diverted from Libya’s stockpiles to terrorist lead (revolutionaries) in Syria.  They are now using chemical weapons on Syria so said the UN, and trying to blame Syria for using them. I suspect Stevens was not happy finding himself deploying chemical weapons to terrorists. Since any terrorist faction is for sale in that region and we not only were paying them then we continue to overtly fund them now. It would be entirely possible for Obama to hire terrorist to murder Stevens and his crew!

  20. All hands on deck, lies of Benghazi, no match for America, last time I looked we weren’t’ a third world country, secound thought, OB did say he was going to fundamentally change America, suppose this is his latest test …. you betcha, silent majority push Boehner for select committee, all bets are off .. shakeup in DC bubble busting .. happening currently, toady, next week, couple months, years, implications abound .. what kind of America you want ?   both parties to blame, Rove world, complicate, all hat no cattle. Ted Cruz has cattle. Tea Party / Sarah Palin on the move to a town near you ..

    1. misterlogic0013 …and the IRS conveniently “confesses” and “apologizes” to targeting rightwing groups and POOF! the focus is gone, the opportunity lost.
      America’s last chance to take down the traitors by means of legal action vanishes.

      1. lawngreen misterlogic0013   You’re exactly right.

        It absolutely amazes me how Congress gets so easily distracted by “shiny objects” and Obama knows it.

        1. PoCoTex lawngreen misterlogic0013 I agree. You would think they all suffered from ADD.
          But the powers behind the scenes, such as soros, never waver. Someone once observed that American companies plan for today, literally. They might have a mission statement, but they have no economic plan for several years into the future. Japanese companies, it was claimed, had 5- and 10- and even hundred-year plans.
          I don’t know how true that is, but it illustrates an important missing element in republican and, so far, conservative thinking. Shucks, conservatives are still divided over whether we must have a 3rd party. We certainly have no accepted national-level leader, unless Ted Cruz steps up to bat. Which it does appear he may be about to do.

      2. (cont’d)
        Or, perhaps, Obama throws so much of his garbage at Congress, they’re so distracted, they don’t know what’s most important.
        Or, even better, Obama is so incompetent, and therefore generates so much garbage, that Congress has to clean up his mess.
        We’ve all been assuming, to one degree or another, that Obama has the brains to be president.
        know something? A lot of what’s going on with Obama and his
        administration reminds me when I take out my garbage can and open the
        lid to check it out. The odour can sometimes be truly disgusting.

        1. PoCoTex I agree that it’s unlikely that obama has the brains to be president. How can someone who needs a teleprompter for a two-minute speech be smart enough to tie his own shoes, much less be president?

  21. Might be true but your a Mafia princess, your not one to inform America about its leaders. I find you so the biggest problem in this country, you and people like you who are paid to attack anyone who disagrees with Fox News. I’m also a reg Republican and all you and people like you do is weaken the country with your hate message. Does not matter what happens in the world you’ll go against

    1. J Bauman That post was brought to you by Sorros.
      Like he said paid to attack.
      He protesteth too much.

    2. J Bauman Your comment sounds a little hateful itself. Hypocrite much?  If you think the Republicans in office today are any better, you are a foolishly blind person who is lying to yourself.  This entire administration is corrupt.  They are ALL out for their own gain, and have been for quite some time.  The last REAL Republican just retired.  Dr. Ron Paul.

    3. J Bauman  You’re either a liar or need to re-register as a democrat forthwith. What she is asking for is the truth. Since when is the truth anything other than right and good? 
      Right and Good. Looked upon by the left as silly and weak.
      Someone needs to inform America about it’s leaders. Too many of them are clueless regarding the manner of persons we have running things, and the rest of the media perpetuates that. They pounce on decency while celebrating evil and communicating with lies.
      There is no virtue whatsoever contained in your post.

        1. famouswolf Can I sprinkle a little bacon dripping on your food to enhance the flavor?

        1. jdbauser WolfieUSA jdbauser Are you a friend of the moos-slime that trolls here trying to fool people into believing it’s a conservative too or is this your alternative identity?

        2. jdbauser WolfieUSA jdbauser
          If we want to know who you are and where you live, we can find out, Moby.  We prefer to honor people’s privacy here.

    4. J Bauman not a fan of Fox, not about Fox, get you head out of the sand .. Hillary done, Obama done, your done ……..

    5. Go against who, you reg Republican you.
      Mafia princess, LOL.
      Hate message? Hey, around here we hate traitors and quislings, which is exactly what oblasphemy and friends are. I think the good Judge expresses the rage and fury felt by people on this site. Just so you know.

    6. J Bauman 
      You are no reg Republican… you are a RINO and no better than the Demokrats and lame stream media who blindly follow BHO and his Regime. Since January 2009 BHO and his Regime has done more to foster the unrest around the world. American weakness on the world stage does not and will not lead to world peace.

        1. J Bauman Proud_2_B_American What are you smoking? Your reply makes no sense!

    7. J Bauman wow…… what part of only Hillary Clinton had to sign off on the sub-standard ” mission ” don’t you understand ? Only Hillary Clinton, not an underling. What part of how long is a current battle going to last don’t you understand ? What part of Carney’s lie about only one word being changed by either the West Wing or State don’t you understand. ? Leon Panetta on 10’25 knew how long the jihadists were going to attack , but he damned sure didn’t know on 9/11……. Pirro spoke well. Panetta , Dempsey and obviously Obama left any American on the ground in Benghazi to fend for themselves while under attack from rpg’s, mortars and small arms fire. Do you still buy the ” spontaneous demonstration in reaction to an internet video ” horsequack ?
      Sadly, like countless others you ridicule anyone who is presently questioning , or has questioned this horrible sequence of events and subsequent obfuscation of the truth. Not until ABC allowed Jonathan Karl to air the sequence of  edits to the talking points did anyone pay attention. Karl to his credit , credits the reporting of Steve Hays for the outline of his report. Ooops ! Hays works for the Weekly Standard and Fox News. Can’t trust what he says , nor give your post any further thought. IRS anyone ? How about Fast and Furious ………..isn’t Holder still in contempt ?

      1. clevonlittle J Bauman Thanks for all your insight. Now get out of your house and off your apple.

        1. jdbauser clevonlittle jdbauser
          Okay, we can only stand such weak trolling for so long.  Your time is up.

        1. Orangeone NYGino jdbauser They give themselves away instantly and they don’t understand how. It’s about ideology. People are either Right or Left, and ideas are either Right or Left. Attack a Right person or a Right idea, ID yourself as a Leftie. They just never seem to get that. Maybe it’s the natural consequence of having deviant – excuse me, devious – minds.

    8. jdbauser And my baloney meter hits the top of the scale.  Yeah, it’s “we people” who are hurting the country with the truth.  By the way, Pirro was a district attorney and a judge.  And I seem to remember she did challenge your girl the Hildebeast in that little election in New York.  Sorry the truth hurts you so much.

    9. jdbauser I wish to God she was the biggest problem we had. BTW, “reg Republicans” are an extreme problem for America. But N/A, really. I think you mean “reg democrat”, don’t you? (Your sheep’s clothing is slipping a little bit there on your LEFT flank.)

      Pirro is “paid to attack anyone who disagrees with Fox News”? I fail to understand how any sane, sober adult who is even moderately well informed could believe that.

    10. jdbauser  
      Hello, Moby.  Say hi to all the kids at your next “We love Marxist Terrorists” meeting.

  22. Powerful.
    Love this Judge.  She rips all the Democrats a new one.  Calls out their LIES in no uncertain terms.
    IMPEACH Hillary and Obama is the only correct solution.
    Then send them to Prison for homicide.

  23. What happens concerning this cover up will determin which road America takes,….the road to the truth and freedom or the road to surfdom,lies,Islam , genocide,more corruption,end of America. Will the media continue to lie and cover-up  for the most corrupt administration in our history,This is so much bigger than Politics

    1. ScottBashaw I agree. I think the IRS “confession” is a planned distraction by a desperate regime. They’re feeling the heat from the Benghazi betrayal like nothing else that has happened.

  24. Traitors all of them.  Their agenda is to destroy this country, and nowt that they are in a position to do so from within, they are picking up the pace.

  25. The care less attitudes of Obama/Hillary/Panetta/Biden, et al on Benghazi is indicative of their valuation of human life in general.
    Remember – these are avid, enthusiastic supporters of every form of abortion – even the most brutal and inhumane – third trimester, partial birth and post-abortion terminations of human life.
    To them, Islamists killing is NO BIG DEAL.  Millions of babies are killed every week in the US and Western countries.
    And their buddies, the Islamists kill more every single day in just Pakistan than were killed in Benghazi.  That’s just a bump in the road to Islamophiles:
    Look at the number of Benghazis committed by Islam in the last month alone:
    For Islam and the Obama regime – life is cheap, except their own.

    1. Weekly Jihad Report
      May 04 – May 11
       Jihad Attacks: 60 
      Allahu Akbars*(suicide bombings): 10
       Dead Bodies:  249 
      Critically Injured:  488
      Monthly Jihad Report
      April, 2013
       Jihad Attacks: 202 
      Countries: 25
       Religions: 5 
      Dead Bodies:  957
       Critically Injured: 2403
      These are Jihad attacks and do not include wars and rapes of women and children so prevalent in Islam.

      1. Granada1492 Nor all the Christian women forced to marry Islamic Pigs that raped them.  Epidemic in Egypt and all the other new “Democracies” Odumbo created.
        Obama has created more pain in the world to jews and christians than any other man save Hitler.

        1. steveangll77 Granada1492 And the honor killings of women because the sicko moo-slime think their family reputation has been damaged.

      1. AmericanborninCanada Rshill7 
        It was snowing when we woke up this morning. As we were exiting the restaurant where we had breakfast this morning, we were pelted with sleet. Our colorful recently bloomed tulips are sad 🙁
        And a personal Happy Mom’s Day to you Dear Teacher Lady 🙂

        1. Rshill7 AmericanborninCanada Snowing? :{:{:{  I had snow twice last week but did get 5 minutes of hail yesterday.  But I am sending you warmth and sunshine!

  26. Today, Mark Streyn did his musical tribute today to What a Difference A Day Makes, and it got me to thinking that yea, this might be a good tune for Hillary and Obama cause I really think you’re on the ropes, and this can’t be your favorite song so I think I’ll make it mine today.  Sing it Dinah

  27. Trying to imagine how happy I would be if Pirro and Cruz formed a team for 2016.  I think that would be awesome and imagine Hillary”I lie, but what difference does it make?” Clinton being used as a floor mop by the judge in debates! 🙂

  28. waytngtymAnd his pandering to Latinos by offering amnesty in exchange for future voters.
    “As a party we need to grow bigger and…attract the Latino vote,” Paul said. “This is a very practical thing and I’m not ashamed to admit it. We need to attract the Latino vote, we need to attract the African-American vote. It is somewhat of a gateway issue and we have to change the way we are talking about it and who we are if we are going to attract the Latino vote.”
    Paul, who has previously spoken about the need for immigration reform, said he could potentially vote for the current pending legislation as long as stronger border security was added.
    He said illegal immigrants already living in the U.S. have “de-facto amnesty” anyway, and that Republicans “need to treat immigrants with dignity and respect.”
    “Their kids will be voting and if their kids think we’re hostile, they’re never going to vote for us,” Paul said.

    1. waytngtym Orangeone I appreciate you bringing out positive things he is doing.  I worry when people say this is a single issue.  It isn’t.  If someone is willing to ignore the law in the most serious ways, our national security, it’s someone I don’t want anywhere near the WH or its cabinet.  That’s not to say he doesn’t add some value in the Senate.  He’s all over the board and resembles his father more and more every day. 
      Because we are openly watching and discussing, we are catching on to the true sides of many, Rubio, Paul, etc. before it’s too late and we have given $$$ and they are the candidate.

  29. The Constitution defines treason in Article 3, Section 3, Clause 1:
    Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

  30. way to go judge…tell it like it is…..every American, left, right, center, and don’t care politically should be ashamed of the elected “leadership” about this sham, cover-up, and ensuing perpetuated lies by the mainstream media…they are all supposed to be PROTECTING American lives….not continuing known lies…..a sad day in the history f the worlds greatest nation…..either love it or leave it…..with great power comes great responsibility – and accountability…..

    1. AndyHoneycutt “with great powenr comes great responsibility – and accountability…..”  not in DC it doesn’t.  They are currently trying to pass a law that keeps them from be held criminally accountable for their various illegals actions.

  31. What a fascinating commentary, and I know she didn’t need a teleprompter. I hope this goes viral, the citizens of this great Country need to know this side of the story, and actions need to be taken to stop these people.

      1. Orangeone IvanCardona I agree. But Judy reminds me of captain Bligh  of Mutiny On the Bounty when she’s serious. I Think Pirro is more conservative than Judy-I could be wrong.

        1. IvanCardona Orangeone When we see Judge Judy she’s on the bench hearing a case.  Pirro could be quite good when people lied to her too.  I think they are comparable when they rip people living off the taxpayers :}  Given where she lives Judge Judy is more likely a Democrat but she does take shots at the current Admin.

  32. the Obama Regime along with Hillery are the most corrupt politicians our country has ever seen

  33. …then truth shall set us free .” (period)
    Praise and Glory to my Lord & Saviour
    Jesus Christ

  34. The sad thing is this bunch is going to get away with all this. I don’t understand it but they will. It is a sad day for this country. The media is going to cover up and keep egnoring all this bull they are throwing around. This country is in the toilet and it keeps on going. My grandchildren are screwed. Th best country as we know I is gone.

    1. spotty_rockstar Keep fighting for the sake of our grand children and great grand children.  This is exactly why our Founding Fathers fought the Revolution and we can do no less.

  35. obuma  and old hag hilary can all go you know where and kiss my you know what I’m sorry but I wish you all the evil in the world you make us all like this with your cover ups plus why don’t you RETIRE

  36. I just wish I could get my hand on these ass holes and make them go and fight and hope they get killed or injured to the point that they can not do any thing . This should make every AMERICAN VERY MAD

  37. On October 1, 1985, I was stationed with the 5th Army HQ in Germany when we received the news that the Achille Lauro Cruise Ship near Egypt had been hijacked by four Palestinian terrorist bastards (gasp! Yes, I used the ‘T’ word). Our RDF was IMMEDIATELY put on stand-by for deployment. Within one hour we were rucked-up and waiting to leave, but later we were released to quarters, and we found out that President Reagan had sent F-14’s to intercept the Egypt-bound plane which had negotiated with the cowardly bastards that had killed one disabled AMERICAN man, Leon Klinghofer, and thrown him and his wheelchair overboard. Yeah, for ONE AMERICAN, President Reagan didn’t hesitate to send in the cavalry, F-14’s, SEAL Team 6, and Delta Force…what a difference the man in the oval office makes…

  38. Now we know how much our Blood and our Lives mean to these people.   You are nothing but a very expensive meal ticket for them with your vote.       I want to say I am sorry this happened  to the family members of the dead.   We who care are saddened beyond belief that this has happened.    Now lets do something about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       Put pressure on Washington.

    1. jwbandit27 Actually DC benefits if we die.  The death taxes went up to 55% in ObamaCare

    1. AnnGrubbs  I, for one, will be asking God – the Christian God – to protect her from all harm and put His hand of safety completely around her.

    2. AnnGrubbs Had the same thought. I agree with you.
      But Washington didn’t back down, Nathaniel Greene, and neither did thousands of  others patriots in 1776t and they were criticizing a King, a man who every one had agreed had been slected to be King by God Himself!
      Tell liars they are liars, the cowards that they are yellow to the core, slap their insolant visages in the street and defile their progeny. If they stand up fight them. If they come at you in the dark deal with it. Never give up. Never surrender. 
      Or, like some of our fellow Americans, apply for welfare, live on your knees, bow to every crosstown tyrant that walks up and offers you a piece of cheese like a diseased rodent
      As for me, Give me liberty or prepare to defend yourselves, liars!

      1. WordsFailMe AnnGrubbs Remember just a few days ago Barky is telling college grads to ignore those saying the gov’t could become tyrannical? I think this and the IG report on the IRS targeting made our case for us.

    3. AnnGrubbs Probably more likely that FOX News Management will shut her up before the Obamanites can get her home  address published in the New York Times.

    4. AnnGrubbs The IRS may be a start. Tea Parties were targets from these Chicago thugs.

    5. AnnGrubbs It is so sad that one even has to worry about their government coming after them, but AnnGrubbs, you are spot on that this could happen in our country.  It wouldn’t have happened when President Reagan was in the office, for sure !  0bama is an evil SOB and we all know what he is capable of.

  39. What a human! What a patriot! What a woman!
    She reminds me of Mrs. WFM except more patient.

  40. I heard people talking about a select committee/commission, here are some that I think should be on the GOP side of that committee/commission


      1. wtd Regardless of everything else, they have been pushing for answers on the Senate side.

        1. DarkKnight2016 wtd I used to have a simailar deam about SCot Brown, Chris Christie, Marco Rubbio. Time to wake up and spoon the horse puck from the coffee.

        2. WordsFailMe DarkKnight2016 wtd What dream? McCain, Graham and Ayotte have been the ones on the Sneate side pushing for answers on Benghazi and they have been for months.

        3. DarkKnight2016 WordsFailMe wtd It’s true, they have been out there fighting.  Keep them busy with this so they can’t muck up Immigration, AGW, Gun Control and all of the other freedom killing measures that Harry Reid wants to blame on the Republicans.  The idle brain is the devil’s playground.

        4. DarkKnight2016 WordsFailMe wtd All 3 have also tried to violate our 2nd Amendment rights.  Two are pushing for massive illegal alien amnesty, rewarding those that illegally entered & remained in our country, worked for cash and didn’t file tax returns or pay income taxes, have been draining our social service programs and governments into bankruptcy.

        5. Orangeone DarkKnight2016 WordsFailMe wtd That doesn’t have anything to do with investigating Benghazi

        6. DarkKnight2016 wtd That’s not much of an endorsement.They are only two Senators out of 49 Republicans who are all doing the “pushing.”  And frankly, they both need to let someone else do the heavy lifting, because they are not up to it. We need someone who can actually defend Liberty.

      2. wtd he only said them because of their military history. Otherwise I would have responded in the same way.

        1. m0r0 wtd EXACTLY!!!


        1. Orangeone wtd I would put Ryan and Johnson for budgetary reasons. We have all of these claim by the liberals that these people died because lack of security spending. Paul because he has also been tough on this issue.

        2. DarkKnight2016 Orangeone wtd I used to trust them both but Ryan has demonstrated he is closer to a democrat than a republican, and both have flipped away from marriage.  I wouldn’t trust them with ten cents.  
          I do agree that budgetary is important, surely there are better choices.

        3. Orangeone DarkKnight2016 wtd Ryan hasn’t. Paul Ryan…being the Budget chair surely knows the government budgets inside out which is why he was able to raise through the rank and became chairman. I also chose Johnson because aside from being a member of the Senate Budget committee, he is part of the Foreign Relations Subcommittee on International Operations and Organizations, Human Rights, Democracy and Global Women’s Issues. Also the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Subcommittee on Financial and Contracting Oversight (Ranking Republican).

        4. Orangeone DarkKnight2016 wtd You said he flipped on marriage, this is him supporting gay adoption.

  41. dear leader can take Air Force 1 for a freaking fundraiser, but he can’t send fighter jets to save Americans.
    He can call a terrorist attack an act of workplace violence on a base in Texas, but he can condemn the killings of muslims in war.
    He can congratulate a homosexual basketball player for being gay, but he still can’t bring himself to call the wife of Chris Kyle to give condolences during the past four freaking months since he died.
    He can send the freaking evil brotherhood F-16s and tanks, but our Marines gotta save their ammunition because they’re running out.
    He can condemn the burning of korans which were used for passing secret messages to the enemy, but doesn’t say a word about burning Bibles described as “trash”.
    I could write all stinking night- but we already know how much of an evil America hating, Christian hating, Military despising, un-patriotic piece of marxist muslim loving piece of crap he and his administration are.
    I can’t take any more of this right now. I’m done for the night.
    God Bless our troops, keep them safe. Bless our veterans. Bless the Gold Star parents, Bless the moms who lost their sons in Benghazi.

    1. AmericanborninCanada   It’s a new day Ducky, Mother’s Day, and maybe, just maybe, the words of Pat Smith about Hillary will turn the tide, and the eyes of Americans will be opened to the lies and deceit of the current regime.  ……. oh a Happy Mother’s Day to you.

      1. americalsgt AmericanborninCanada From Your keyboard to God’s Ears. . . we Pray  Oh, Lord. Thank you for the Mother’s Day wishes.

  42. The democrats and the media have received their marching orders:   Protect Hillary at all cost!   And this is exactly what they are going to do in the next few days.  They may shift the blame on the White House but ultimately they try to shelter Hillary from the consequences of the failure of her leadership.

        1. Orangeone Boricua03 Sorry it took me so long to reply; I was using my tablet but it’s a WebOS (Palm software), and Scoop displays good videos but the comments often disappear and reappear; when I try to post it gets stuck so I have to get to a PC.

  43. Why did the State
    Dept / Hillary Clinton, and her boss President Obama, not only not have the
    security beefed up at such a dangerous location as Benghazi Libya, but Hillary
    Clinton had what little security they did have at the consulate in Benghazi
    Libya reduced even further down to an unarmed civilian Libyan force, especially
    when it is recorded fact that the State Dept spent millions of dollars
    renovating Embassy’s in many non-threat areas around the world, when there was
    at least 2 billion dollars in their State Dept account that was specifically
    there for Embassy Security purposes. In fact Hillary Clinton, as the evidence
    of e-mails and testimony have corroborated as factual truth, directly rejected
    any requests by Ambassador Stevens to have more US Security installed, let
    alone not have any contingency plans in place in the event of an attack. 
    There is Office
    of State Security and Emergency Coordination. Department
    of  Fire and Emergency Services Authority (FESA) just as a last
    resort, but even they were not requested, let alone our own counter terrorism
    task force that was directed by someone in the White House, and or State Dept,
    told to stand down, and not rescue our US Ambassador and 3 Consulate Security
    and Diplomatic personnel, whom were left to die at the hands of Islamist
    Al-Queda affiliated terrorists.
    This is what happens
    when a Nation elects an anti-American, not just once, but twice, (talk about
    useful idiots) as it’s leader- someone whose 1st allegiance is to Islam and
    Socialist Marxism- Not to America and the American People.
    The massive evidence
    against Obama, and to Hillary Clinton, of deliberate willful dereliction of
    duty, as well as intentional sabotage of US National Security for ideological
    political purposes, sacrificing US lives, is so overwhelming, their should and must
    be Impeachment procedings.
    Benghazi Reveals Obama-Islamist Alliance
    – James Lewis  Nov 1, 2012

  44. The more I hear about this the more outraged or maybe enraged I become .
    I fill up with tears for those brave men who were lost, those injured and their families , I want to scream at those who let them down . 
       I want someone to pay dearly for this .
     Yet , I know the most that will happen is their careers and reputations will be destroyed . That’s not enough !

  45. the judge knocks it out of the park AGAIN like she did on guns………………………….you go girl keep it up truth hurts those little liars that are destroying this country

  46. That was a much-needed breath of truth-telling. One thing, though: Mark Levin stated the other night that Hillary WAS NOT sworn in when she gave her “testimony” (in that emerald-green suit); which is a major, major BLACK mark on the committee before whom she testified since she was essentially free to prevaricate without repercussion — as in not being subject to charges of perjury for any lies she concocted.

    1. OliviaHT No doubt it was part of the agreement for her to engage in conversation with the Committee.

    2. OliviaHT Yeah, this made me mad also, but when anyone is hauled up in front of any committee they are expected to tell the truth.  It seems odd that they didn’t swear her in, but I have to say I am sure that is why she testified.  Otherwise she would have hidden out until after Obama was re-upped.  It was probably one of the conditions.  It was totally obvious she was lying with every word.  
      Compare her testimony with Gregory Hicks.  Prevarication……..Truth.  So obvious.

  47. Thank You Judge Pirro.  
    Courageous, passionate, and right on point.
    Fantastic summation.

  48. Fact: Judge Pirro is made of pure awesome. She is a fearless champion for justice. Thank you for posting this!

        1. 57thunderbird Orangeone froggy19510 Had to get some laughs tonight :} I think this is the 1st time I’ve made you blush LOL

        2. Orangeone 57thunderbird froggy19510 If we didn’t laugh we would cry or scream.I think it was yor first blush from me. 🙂 🙂

  49. She was wrong about Hillary lying under oath..(i’m sure not intentionally tho).. Mark Levin said she wasn’t even sworn in when she testified.. which is REALLY MESSED UP!  Neither the dems or repubs. swore her in.  But, I LOVED the Judges rant!

    1. temi227 Whether she lied under oath or not she lied and intentionally and with malice aforethought.

      1. deTocqueville1 temi227 I agree, but, now she can’t be charged with perjury for lying.. that is what sux about it.

        1. temi227 deTocqueville1 Holder wouldn’t do it anyway.  I can already see her ads “I was never charged…”

        2. Orangeone temi227 deTocqueville1 She needs to be subpoenaed and made to swear an oath to tell the truth, the WHOLE truth and NOTHING but the truth!  But you’re probably right.

        3. temi227 Orangeone deTocqueville1 Yes she does but it will be much more difficult now that she is no longer Sec of State.

        4. Orangeone temi227 deTocqueville1 Maybe that’s why she stepped down… these people are snakes.

        5. PoCoTex temi227 deTocqueville1 Hellery was NOT sworn in when she lied to Congress.

    2. LuvU temi227 Trust me,I don’t think you will find any love loss for Hillary coming fron temi.

      1. 57thunderbird LuvU temi227 Thanks fro having my back! I don’t even see how anyone could conclude that I like her from that post!

    3. LuvU temi227 
      LuvU: temi227 was stating a fact. She was not engaging in advocacy, I’m sure you’ll realize when you re-read her comments.

    1. mcgurn 
      In fact, my dream is to have Ted Cruz, Trey Gowdy, and Judge Pirro preside over the Benghazi Select Committee; I’d be happy to include Rep. Chaffetz as well.

      1. OliviaHT mcgurn deTocqueville1  If you are going to toss in those not elected to office, I’d like to add Mark Levin

        1. Orangeone OliviaHT mcgurn deTocqueville1 I would love to see Levin as Chief of Staff in a Palin Administration.

        2. deTocqueville1 Orangeone OliviaHT mcgurn I would love to see Mark Levin as Ted Cruz’s Attorney General and Sarah Palin as his Press Secretary (giving the MSM the what for) while Senate confirmation hearings for her Sec of Interior are underway :}

        3. Palin as Press Secretary? Never considered that before, but I like it. The White House Press Pool would have an epic meltdown. It would be wonderful!

        4. nosilasunny Yes, yes and yes!  Wouldn’t it be great to have all the major appts including Levin begin as Press Secretary to show people how it’s done while Senate confirmations are going on?  I would be glued to every press briefing :}

        5. I saw this at another site. I just hit view image and copied the url. It was an actual screen grab from Friday’s press briefing.

        1. nosilasunny He was great wasn’t he?  He is surprising me with his positions, pleasantly!

        2. Yes, I think he just might be a keeper! He certainly has shown he’s not just words but actions.

      2. OliviaHT mcgurn Chaffetz has too; he is involved in all this. Don’t forget Gowdy! 😀

  50. Benghazi whistle-blower a Democrat, voted for Hillary and Obama twice
    Read more:

    1. How did he vote for him a second time knowing what they did? That’s the definition of insanity. Smh.

      1. nosilasunny I’m not surprised he is a registered Democrat.  I’m not surprised he voted for Obama both times.  Absentee ballots are used for those abroad. The outside includes your name and witness.  IMO those ballots are scrutinized to ensure the party line is followed.

  51. I believe she will run for a high profile position in the near future. One very bright Lady.

      1. Orangeone deTocqueville1 Well, while I love your picks I still believe it will be a Palin Presidency, perhaps with West as the VP. We shall see.

        1. deTocqueville1 Orangeone I don’t even think Palin or West plan on running. I think they will remain activists.

    1. deTocqueville1 I am not so sure. She is a New Yorker at heart. I am sure she cannot win in New York unless she is a Nelson Rockefeller Republican and I don’t think she plans on going anywhere else.

      1. DarkKnight2016 deTocqueville1 But she clearly is not (having been a young guy in those days and active politically I can say she is the opposite of good old Nelson). I am hopeful that New Yorkers will see the light, after all, Bill Buckley’s brother served one term as a Conservative  Senator there and the people are surely having the scales fall from there eyes.

        1. deTocqueville1 DarkKnight2016 Regardless, I think she is happy where she is with her shows.

        2. DarkKnight2016 deTocqueville1 She has no ‘shows’. She is at work rebuilding.

        3. deTocqueville1 DarkKnight2016 I think she won a daytime Emmy for her TV court show.

      2. DarkKnight2016 deTocqueville1 I believe Palin is laying the ground work as we speak. She is one astute politician and could see the obstacles coming at her from both sides last go round. While many of us were disappointed she was prescient. As for West he is most definitely not done. Can you imagine him as the VP cleaning house at both Defence and State/

        1. deTocqueville1 DarkKnight2016 As much as some would like 2 conservatives on the ticket, I think it has to balance out to unite the party. I would go for a Sarah Palin/Jon Huntsman ticket.

        2. No Huntsman. Shudders. Why do we have to settle? Electability is what got us into this mess to begin with. Sorry conservatives are proven winners. Let’s not forget if Romney’s turnout had been equal to Bush’s from 2004, he would have beat Obama. Moderates make people stay home.

        3. I don’t think it matters. A running mate is supposed to be a vote total enhancer not a vote detractor. He is awful. But I reread your post and saw what you were trying to do. 🙂 It’s all good my friend.

        4. nosilasunny I am not too sure about the analysis but yea I thought the Palin-Huntsman thing was clever.

        5. DarkKnight2016 deTocqueville1  
          Huntsman? Can’t we at least get a Republican?

          Why not get Michelle Obama while we’re at it?

        6. K-Bob DarkKnight2016 deTocqueville1 It was meant to be a clever joke. Palin – HUNTSMAN. I thought of it after her NRA speech when I was thinking about her as the possible GOP nominee in 2016, who would be a good VP pick and I have even gone so far as to think about who she should pick for cabinet positions…even closing a few.

    1. 57thunderbird The WHOLE segment was fantastic! SEALs don’t like to be lied to, and the military is on their side.

      1. Boricua03 57thunderbird I believe you that the entire segment was great.I agree also about the military and the Seals.

    1. nibblesyble She was the GOP’s candidate for New York Attorney General in 2006 but lost to now-Governor Andrew Cuomo.

      1. DarkKnight2016 nibblesyble Thank you for that.  I have been rummaging around in the dark recesses of my brain to figure out what office she ran for.  I thought it was more recent than that, but in NY all things are not possible.  I think she had this show at the time and retreated back to it.  Too bad NY is such a lost cause.  They always have been as far back as the Founding.  JP is a hero and all she had to do was forcefully tell the truth.  We need more of it.

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