Far left progressives are BURYING Biden because he SCOFFED at this question in the debate

The far left progressive nutcase wing of the Democratic party is attacking the presumptive nominee of the establishment because he smiled and scoffed at one question.

Anand is an extremist on the left and can be found frequently screeching about racism and patriarchy on MSNBC. The 400 years reference is of course about slavery, because Biden stupidly scoffing is just like white people enslaving blacks for centuries, of course, of course.

But he ain’t the only one who is ripping on Biden for not being woke enough:

Now look, I don’t think Biden meant to laugh dismissively at the question. He’s old. He can barely hear. He does this a lot when he’s confused, he just smiles stupidly at something. I think that’s what happened here. Biden knows he can’t laugh at a question like that.

But these cretins are going to pretend he did it on purpose just to slam him:

The Democrats, and especially the younger ones, are just woke social justice warriors waiting to behead anyone that might accidentally say the wrong thing. And Biden is going to give them plenty of ammunition! And all of this just helps Trump of course…

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