Far left progressives PROTEST Pete Buttigieg and attack him over BIG MONEY donors!

Progressive Democrats are realizing that a lot of the moderate and centrist democrat support is behind Pete Buttigieg, and they are out for blood. Here’s one example:

SO they’re really angry that he won’t come clean about who is going to his fundraisers. They think his campaign is being buoyed by big money. And it might be.

HuffPo is going after him:

Pete Buttigieg struggled to explain why he does not open up his high-dollar fundraisers to the media or why he no longer discloses the names of his campaign “bundlers” during a brief press conference Friday night.

Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, clearly understands that there is some public benefit to knowing the names of high-dollar donors. After all, he began his campaign by publicly releasing the names of his “bundlers,” the super-donors who give and raise large amounts of money for a candidate. But he has not updated his public list of bundlers since April, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Following remarks at the Local America presidential candidate forum in Waterloo, HuffPost asked Buttigieg whether he would consider revealing the identities of his bundlers.

“I think we’re already moving out bundler information,” Buttigieg replied. He also noted that the identities of individual donors, rather than bundlers, are available through official Federal Election Commission data that the campaign files every quarter.

But Buttigieg was noncommittal about whether he would actually release the name of the bundlers, seeming to imply that it wasn’t in his control.

“I’ll ask the campaign to check on that,” he replied.

His campaign didn’t return a request for comment on the matter.

Yup. Now watch this one:

Same deal.

They’re protesting him too:

Again, this isn’t from the right, it’s left-wing progressives attacking a Democratic candidate! You just love to see it.

Well that’s it for Sunday. We hope you had a great weekend. Scoop’s Cowboy lost and my Buffalo Bills lost, so go easy on us in the comments. Or don’t.

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