Farm Loving Congressman Bruce Braley Not Sure Which Country Or State He Represents?

Farmer-hating trial lawyer and Democrat politician (but I repeat myself) Congressman Bruce Braley just can’t seem to get the hang of Iowa.

Braley, you’ll recall, is the congressman running for Senate on the “farmers are stupid” platform. Always a winner in IOWA.

Well poor Braley took some flack over his candid camera moment and is keen on showing how he really is a pro-forma .. excuse, pro-FARMER, candidate. Unfortunately, someone, presumably BuzzFeed, uncovered a photo of a farm that is on Braley’s Facebook page.


As @BuzzFeedAndrew notes on Twitter, the farm is awfully familiar.


Recognize anything?

Maybe you’ll recognize it more from Congressman Bachus in Alabama?

In fact, a Google image search shows it’s a pretty popular photo. Maybe TripAdvisor and other sites just flat out stole the pic from the Congressman’s Facebook page (snicker)!! Or could it be a stock photo? I’ll go with Occam’s Razor. In any case, it definitely proves that Braley loves farms and farmers, wherever those smelly hicks come from.

Oh and just as an added point? Tripadvisor has a claim posted for the image, stating that use of the photo requires attribution to TripAdvisor. Your move, internet.

Braley will eventually face the winner of the Republican primary in the race for the Senate. You can read about Sarah Palin’s preferred candidate here.

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