FASCISM: Mark Levin says a powerful Republican Congressman trying to silence his show in their district

Mark Levin opened his show tonight saying that a certain Republican Congressman who doesn’t like what he’s saying is trying to get the local affiliate in their district to stop running the Mark Levin Show. And apparently they are trying to do it behind the scenes. But Levin says EVERYTHING gets back to him and he will not tolerate fascism.

He gives this unnamed Republican Congressman a warning below noting that if they succeed in getting him silenced, he will expose them:

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267 thoughts on “FASCISM: Mark Levin says a powerful Republican Congressman trying to silence his show in their district

  1. DavidWestergaard Grahamnesty is in the Senate, Mr. Rocket Scientist.  He said it was someone in the house that takes away commitee appointments from conservative and Tea Party Members.  That can only be John “the RINO” Bohner, the eunuch SOTH.

  2. I’ve read most of Mark Levin’s books and they’re very informative.  I never did read his last book but I heard a lot of good things about it.  I rarely hear any of Mark’s radio show because of the time it comes on.  I’m surprised by some of the comments, given how much I enjoyed his books and seeing him interviewed.

  3. I could sit and listen to Mark for hours when he talks about the law and the Constitution. The rest of it is over the top. He infuriates me when he accepts compliments from politicians. I hate it when they appear to bow to him like Ted Cruz and Michele Bachman…even Palin. Like they’re pulling his leg. Oh, Great One. It’s ok when Rush calls him that but not politicians. I’m uncomfortable with the Levin money-bomb. There is no dignity. I’m uncomfotable with the way he treats callers. Clear Channel suddenly replaced him in my city of 750,000 in Texas last week. No notice. He was gone. I predicted it to my friends. He’s been replaced by a young, spirited Comservative by the name of Andy Dean. What a contrast.

      1. Syndicated. Premier Radio Network. Probably a cheap date and may not even be permanent, but he’s in the line-up with the big boys and has some creds.

        1. :). Ha! I’d like to be a fly on the wall when you first hear him. He sounds like Howdy Doody. He does a variety format. He’s funny and a quick talker. His Conservatism comes through constantly but he brings conversation from huge array of acquaintenances in professional entertainment fields. You can lighten up a bit.

    1. Lpasopooch That’s why they have the on/off button on the radio. If Mark is so over the top I suggest you do not listen. I get Andy Dean on after the great one. Seems ok but it on late by me.

      1. Look, Gitmo, :). I’ve been listening to Levin for years. You don’t have to suggest anything to me. I don’t listen to Mark at all now because he’s been taken off the air. I didn’t push the button.

        1. Lpasopooch I’ll suggest anything I damn well please. You have something against Levin. Fine. Don’t listen. But don’t say you can’t listen because he’s not on where you are.

        2. clubgitmo Lpasopooch I listen to Mark often, usually on his website. I have noticed a distinct change in his demeanor since the election.

        3. LOL. He was drive home here. I know I could chase him down on another source but I still have a life.

    2. Lpasopooch I agree with just about everything you’ve said here. I have noticed that Mark has become a little more hysterical since Obama won re-election. I think that he does show callers great disrespect, even some conservatives who call in and get nervous. All they want to do is talk to their hero on the air, and he gets impatient and rude with them. Not all the time, but sometimes I’ve heard that and it makes me feel awful for the caller.  We need inspiration and leadership now – not screaming and talk of the end of everything we hold dear, which Mark does too often. For the record, it’s Hannity that gave him the name, The Great One. There’s a clique going on in talk radio, and we need something more productive than talksters kissing each other’s behinds.

      1. thejimmyzshow Lpasopooch  Of course he is hysterical and screaming. We are in deep doo doo. Everything we hold dear is in jeopardy. Get your head out of the sand.

        1. Indianamom Good grief, Mom! Etu? I don’t have my head in the sand. I have a family and it’s being affected by this national horror too, you know.
          Mark Levin has nothing to do with it one way or another. I enjoy listening to his expertise. I do not enjoy listening to what sounds like ” a bitter hater.”I think Levin ate up the attention from politicians and believed himself to be a kingmaker…..especially pushing Rick Santorum. After the election he blew a gasket. Maybe he can get repaired.

        2. Indianamom thejimmyzshow Lpasopooch What a load of nonsense. Hysteria is NOT helpful, ever.  Yes, we have a big problem in this country, but we need thoughtful leadership and information – not hysteria and fear mongering and hopelessness.

        3. Lpasopooch Indianamom  I don’t believe Levin is a bitter hater. He is frustrated and fearful. I feel the same. Time for sweet talk has past.
          What do you want to hear from talk show hosts?

        4. Indianamom Lpasopooch The Bible is very clear, and that’s where I go at times like this: Fear not. There are many, many entries about not wasting time or effort being fearful. I know that despite all the crap going on right now in America, I do not lose sleep. I am confident that God is in control. Once you know that God’s plan will be done, no matter what, we have nothing to fear.

        5. thejimmyzshow Indianamom Lpasopooch God helps those who help themselves! If your child was about to run in front of a car would you try to stop them or would you leave it to God. I am a Christian and I believe God is in control but he put brains in our heads and he expects us to use them.

        6. Indianamom. I’ll bet no one has EVER associated Mark Levin with “sweet talk.” It’s up to the talk show host to develop a program that people want to hear. I’ve listened to Levin for years. He now has a show I don’t want to hear. It’s just a product. I don’t relate to him anymore. I would love it if he had continued to discuss the law and the Constitution…..even slipping his dogs in every now and then. I don’t think Levin is a “bitter hater” either but he manages to mimic one quite effectively.

        7. Indianamom. I’ll bet no one has EVER associated Mark Levin with “sweet talk.” It’s up to the talk show host to develop a program that people want to hear. I’ve listened to Levin for years. He now has a show I don’t want to hear. It’s just a product. I don’t relate to him anymore. I would love it if he had continued to discuss the law and the Constitution…..even slipping his dogs in every now and then. I don’t think Levin is a “bitter hater” either but he manages to mimic one quite effectively.

        8. Lpasopooch Indianamom I’m not sure about the size of his listeners. I am one of them and find him quite informative. He tells it like it is and doesn’t try to be politically correct. So far we are a free country and that gives you the right to tune him out. FYI I don’t consider Levin a “sweet talker” but that seems what you would like him to be. It is obvious we have a difference of opinion and probably not necessary to continue this conversation.

        9. Lpasopooch You should take my show for a spin. The most recent show is from Friday – I’d like to know how you think it stacks up against the big names like Levin. Your comments here make me curious – give it to me straight, I can take it. There are flash players or links to download the mp3s. I won’t be producing a show on Monday because I’m doing my T-words.

        10. @indianamom LOL you sure do misinterpret, don’t you. Someone responds to you using the exact words you write and you want to create a battlefield. You can’t presume someone wants to hear a “sweet talker.” I think I’ve made it pretty clear that Mark has gained my attention for years because of his expertise on the law and the Constitution. You’re right though. I do have the right to not listen to anyone who has become abrasive and disrespectful of his audience. I hope he can turn it around. I’m pretty easy.

        11. thejimmyzshow. Wow (spoken without the exclamation point.) Where have I been all my life? You have a new fan. Mastering the shoulder moves with the”rapid fire news and commentary” right now. Can’t wait to settle in. Your website is ambitious too. Outstanding. Can’t wait to try some of the others in your right column. This is huge for me. Thanks.

        12. Lpasopooch thejimmyzshow My main thing is to always hand over in the show notes every source I used, so that people can take the links and post them or use them or read them or whatever. Glad you like it, I’ll have a new show tomorrow for sure.

  4. Levin would do us a big favor and expose the congressman now.
    That way, it’ll be possible to support a serious challenger in the primary in 2014.

      1. harryojam Jim25  
        Why in the world are you pulling out the race card? I was replying to somebody who said their vote could’ve changed the election and you call me a racist from nowhere. 
        It’s true they aren’t enough of the population to have changed the election.

  5. I believe it is Speaker of the House, John Boehner. Levin has called for Boehner to be replaced & Boehner is the one that has removed congressmen from their chairmanships because they didn’t obey his commands. Let’s face it, the Republican party is filled with Progressives & Boehner is one. I can’t believe the House members didn’t remove him from the Speakership in January when they had the chance. Were they cowards or are they Progressives?

    1. Mail Carrier   Mark warned us not to guess that we might not be correct but from what he said it sure sounds like Boehner, and he is very critical of Boehner, Cantor, and McCarthy… but I don’t see it being the other two.  
      I think Boehner had the support of the RINOs and a few others just based on his seniority and the normal process…  and probably intimidated a few others.  There was a conservative movement to replace him but they could not get enough support, and there was always the risk of splitting the vote and the Democrats putting Nancy Pelosi over the top!  
      Louie Gohmert nominated Newt and I loved him for that!  That man has guts!!!   I am very disappointed in Paul Ryan and it is becoming increasingly clear that he is not a conservative – he has been in Washington too long and plays the game just like everybody else.  We need a true conservative like Trey Gowdy who knows how to fight as Speaker.  The Constitution gave the House enough power to stop a corrupt president, or at least slow him down… but the RINO cowards either don’t care enough to use it, or they are intimidated by the pc culture and the liberal media.  I am not even convinced that they understand what is going on in this country.  They live in that very wealthy and insular Beltway bubble schmoozing with the Democrats at their dinners and cocktail parties (and on their yachts, apparently) and they are completely out of touch.  They have clearly forgotten that they are supposed to serve by the consent of the governed.

      1. I think you’re correct about Paul Ryan. I thought he looked a bit like a weasel, but he managed to create a bit more excitement about Romney. Not a Newt fan since he is a globalist. My biggest disappointment was TN Marsha Blackburn being the deciding vote for Boehner. Not completely surprised since she is usually seen at the right hand of RINO Lamar Alexander who I think would sell his mother for a nickel. Trey Gowdy is impressive and should have been one asking questions about Benghazi. He was a former prosecutor and doesn’t seem like a ring kisser. All I can say is that people need to stop all the talk and start doing. “infiltrate” and work to see what is going on within your local GOP. Many times there are so few people showing up that everyone is a delegate. Get involved with a third party group as well. Where I live, the libertarians have yet to even get someone on the ballot in November. 2014 is when the leftists want to get a supermajority and jam everything down our throats.

        1. Jpclarksville  
          I trust Gohmert, Stockman, Huelskamp, Steve King, Amash, Bachmann, Massie, Labrador, Jones, Schweikert, Mulvaney, and Broun to fight for small government. Gowdy also. But the other 311 are either progressives or need to prove hard and fast that they aren’t progressives.

      1. clubgitmo  While listening to Levin’s audio, Boehner is the only one that came to mind. Thank you for correcting me.

        1. clubgitmo Mail CarrierLevin would take Boehner on more openly if it were Boehner that he was talking about. I think it’s King from NY……….

        2. clevonlittle clubgitmo Mail Carrier  Do you mean Rep Pete King,  the one that constantly criticizes Boehner and threatens to switch parties because of the RINO garbage?  So you think he’s really a double agent?

        3. ohneclue clevonlittle clubgitmo Mail Carrier  
          Haha, he actually criticized Boehner from the left, over the Hurricane Sandy funds he and his friend Christie wanted. 
          Steve King’s a conservative, but Pete King’s not.

      2. clubgitmo Mail Carrier   Interesting because he doesn’t criticize that many in Congress… it would have to be Cantor or McCarthy then, I guess.

        1. I can’t access the statement to which you replied, so I’m leaving my response to you right here.  I’ve had some tangent dealing with Gingich and his people, and nothing came of it, presumably because he saw no way to make lots of money and gain political momentum from my issue.  After all, I’m not seeking wealht and power for myself, just empowerment for the people in general. 
          Newt Gingrich is an apologist for liberals.  His rants in the late 90s telling conservative and Republicans to submit themselves to the climate change context, and his perverted way of looking at anothe crisis structure (socialized medicine) pretty much nip it in the bud for any true conservative, anyone who aspire to imbibe in individual freedom, liberty, property.  His solutions and his willingness to seek opportunities with liberals, to get rich and powerful, make his unworthy. 
          Like anyone with at least some intelligence, Gingrich is capable of making correct decisions, just as a broken clock is correct twice a day, but comparing him to Churchill is quite a stretch.  You should be very careful what you think about New Gingrich.  He’s a fairly loose cannon.

  6. The Supreme Court has reviewed the evidence on Obama’s fraudulent documents on 2/15/13. Select members of Congress were given the forensic evidence IN THIS CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION on 3/15/13 and at CPAC.  The whole mess is going to come out—the bribery, extortion, blackmail, money laundering, forged documents, murders, treason and deception. EVER PERSON WHO HELPED OBAMA will be held accountable.  http://moralmatters.org/2013/04/13/proven-obama-fraud-april-2013-update-big-plan-a-underway/

  7. That’s not fascism, you moron.
    But I love it – the Republican Party is further to the right than it’s EVER been, but YOU are still way too extreme for it, and you STILL think it’s too liberal. 
    But the extremists COULDN’T be YOU.

    1. ignatzzAnd the Democrat Party is further Left than Lenin & Stalin! The Republicans and Conservatives just want smaller gov, a fair tax code and to stop wasting our money. The democrat party was built by the KKK and Communists. WHO WOULD WANT TO BE A COMMIE?  The original birthers were Bill & Hillary Clinton until Bill’s buddy Phil Gwatney was gun down during the primary and a super delegate was found brain dead in her car. YOU SUPPORT A USURPER & FRAUD. It is all about the Globalist Agenda, Agenda 21 and the new world order after everything collapses.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VebOTc-7shU

      1. LoriPatriot ignatzz Yeah and look who’s calling somebody a moron!The only morons I know are the Obama supporters,who can’t seem to see the forest for the trees.They would cut off their noses to spite their face.ignatzz is so stupid he’s funny! What a hoot!

  8. Meet at the capital on Monday at 4 pm on Tax Day, 4/15/13. Event sponsored by Freedom Works. http://www.MyNewFairDeal.com/ The media refused to cover Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor, Restoring Courage & Restoring Love that had millions attend,
    BUT WE THE PEOPLE WILL BE SEEN AND HEARD. The media is no longer
    needed. We will win this battle for America BECAUSE GOOD ALWAYS TRIUMPHS

    1. LoriPatriot Had I known sooner I could have made arrangements to be there,but I guess I will have to settle for being there in spirit this time.I have been to D.C. 2 times in the last four + years for gatherings.The numbers are going to have to be much larger than at past rallies to get anybody’s attention.Need a whole year of planning.

  9. THE MINISTRY OF TRUTH: “He who controls the present controls the
    past and he who controls the past controls the future”. I remembered George Orwell’s
    description of the press and historians in recent nightmare about something
    Obama said, “America?
    Why it’s a free country you have no choice”. In 1838 Abraham Lincoln warned the
    nation about the possible Obamas of the future in a speech at The Lyceum.
    Before him was the opinion of Thomas Jefferson that the occasional revolution
    would serve as an occasional tonic. Today it was reported that all three major
    television news outlets forgot to cover the Goznell. But what the hell the week
    before 60 Minutes forgot every prominent story of the week before as well. It
    must just be going around, this amnesia thing, huh? The lefties have almost
    total control of what Americans hear as the news and in Texas they are rewriting all the history
    books. Only one more world to conquer: your child’s first seven years of life.
    Obama said, ”If I can haveyour children
    before the age of seven and they will belong to the government for life”.

    1. JimmyTravis 
      I’ve heard about Texas rewriting the history books, but not in a pro-liberal slant like they typically are but with an evangelical slant.

  10. THERE IS A SOLUTION: Congress, in 2014, all 435 must go! What hopefully will be accomplished, is the new members and their policy staff will realize it was “WE the People” who put them in office, and who can take them out of office. 
    The cost of this removal is the loss of a few in Congress today, who are working for the people, and the hope is that they support the removal of ALL 435, and they can be put back in office in 2 years.


      1. Hi Not Myprez – Tried that in 2010 and they continued to fund Obamacare.  Michelle Bachmann and Steve King were the only ones pressing Boehner to stop.  I agree that the Dem’s are communist, and I agree on getting rid of RINO’s, but if the R’s submit another RINO for office, I won’t be yelling at the Libertarians anymore to get out the vote!  Right now I want the R’s to suffer for all that they go along with – they go along with the Dem’s all the time.

        1. BS61  
          I’m glad we removed Pelosi from the Speakership by such a historic margin, but I think we should do whatever we can to get rid of the GOP leadership RINOs.

    2. comingapart  
      …Let’s keep the ones who work for the people. We need them more than ever, and we can’t afford to replace them with squishes.

        1. tumblecreekhomes Jim25 comingapart  
          There’s a dozen but no more than that.
          Gohmert’s one, Bachmann’s another.

  11. expose them NOW why wait??????????????????????? we are tired of the GOP selling us out  no respect for any of them except a handful……………….the real conservatives not GOP

  12. Having read all your posts, and the speculations who may or may not be the culprit, I wonder, I really do wonder if it isn’t one none of you have named. 
    The one who came to my mind is Paul Ryan. 
    No reason, just a gut feeling …

    1. colliemum  
      I’d like of Scoop would put up a poll – listing say 10 possibles and let us vote on the most likely one! 🙂  Since we can’t bet on it, we can at least vote and see who’s right when/if Mark reveals who it is. 🙂

      1. WolfieUSA  Excellent proposal – seconded!
        Scoopie – are you reading here?  What about it?

      2. 1guest WolfieUSA  As Rightscoop and others have been pointing out – McCain is a Senator, not a Congressman. So it ain’t him.
        The Great One also speaks about ‘The House’ – so the Senate is out, thus none of the other RINOs in there are in the running.

      3. 1guest WolfieUSA colliemum  
        He says they’re in the House. It’s McCarthy’s and Peter King’s style. It’s Don Young’s too, but he’s not very powerful in the conference.

    2. colliemum No…Paul Ryan was cleared of targeting Conservatives in early December.  So was Kevin McCarthy.  It boils down to two…Boehner or Cantor and my money is on Boehner.   Usually the rise to power keeps you on your p’s and q’s…..it is after you get there you tend to get sloppy.  Remember what Levin said…the Congressman removed conservatives from their committee posts and dried up their funding.  Only one Congressman has that kind of clout and he wears a tutu.  lol

      1. suzy000  Well, Mark Levin tweeted today that it was not Boehner, as Wolfie has posted here.
        So he’s out.

        1. I don’t know who it is but I didn’t think it was Boehner. Hmmmmm……. I think you are onto something, it’s probably not who everyone thinks it is.

      2. suzy000 colliemum  
        When were they cleared? They were both on the steering committee. I think it’s McCarthy myself.

    3. colliemum  
      Paul Ryan would have a LOT to lose if it was revealed to be him. It would be a shocker to a bunch of people and his presidential chances, so if it’s him maybe that’s why Mark’s keeping it anonymous.

      1. Jim25 colliemum   But Mark Levin has always liked Paul Ryan and though he has objected to a couple of his recent comments, he really has not criticized him… whereas he has called for the removal of Boehner, Cantor & McCarthy…?

        1. DeborahClemence Jim25 That’s why I think if it were one of those, he’d have not hesitated to name them straightaway.

        2. Mark was very specific with his clues and only one of them fits Ryan
          (member of the Steering Committee). But all of them describe Kevin

        3. ChurchillLover If he was going to talk about this at all, he should have NAMED the man. This guesswork is ridiculous and a real negative for Levin and his show.

        4. ChurchillLover If he was going to talk about this at all, he should have NAMED the man. This guesswork is ridiculous and a real negative for Levin and his show.

        5. ChurchillLover If he was going to talk about this at all, he should have NAMED the man. This guesswork is ridiculous and a real negative for Levin and his show.

        6. thejimmyzshow ChurchillLover   You forget… Mark Levin is a lawyer and he said that if this person is successful he will go after him in a civil law suit…. I am sure that is why he does not want to name the person at this point.  If he starts talking about it on radio before anything actually happens, it could weaken his case.

        7. thejimmyzshow ChurchillLover Just how is this a negative for Mark’s show? That makes no sense.

        8. clubgitmo thejimmyzshow ChurchillLover Because it’s cheap radio, talking about something and not naming the culprit.

        9. DeborahClemence thejimmyzshow ChurchillLover The last thing he wants to do is sue the guy and lose the radio outlet.

        10. thejimmyzshow clubgitmo ChurchillLover Cheap radio? No one is more down to earth and tell it like it is than Mark. You statement is simply a cheap shot.

        11. clubgitmo thejimmyzshow ChurchillLover No, no cheap shot from me. The cheap shot is cheap radio, accusing no one in particular, letting his listeners guess as to who he’s talking about, and if the person whoever it is stops what Mark accuses him of doing, we’ll never find out. Cheap way to get all the chatter going.

        12. thejimmyzshow clubgitmo ChurchillLover Not true. Mark has the ratings. Doesn’t have to resort to cheap radia as you say.

        13. clubgitmo thejimmyzshow ChurchillLover Then why would he? He did, absolutely. And by the way, he’s not number one in all markets.

      2. Jim25 Could well be the case, and while he looks like Mr Clean, you never know, he’s not been exactly outstanding when Boehner was being re-elected.
        At least we know it won’t be Louie Gohmert or Rep Stockman!

        1. colliemum Jim25 
          I think it’s McCarthy, but Ryan would be the appropriate amount of shocker and would explain his hesitancy.

  13. If I were that congressman, I’d desist immediately.
    Notice how Mark Levin said ‘civil courts’ – and his voice was very quiet, gentle, but like a coiled spring hidden in a glove?
    Notice how he was very very soft-spoken throughout, no loud voice?
    That is far more frightening than one of his famous rants.
    That congressman better pull his horns in right now – messing with The Great One will have one outcome only.
    (Mind – I’d love it if that congressman were going ahead – and getting the full force of ire not just of the Great One but all of us!)

  14. Well, we can whittle it down to those who are the heads of Committee in the House. Mark said it isn’t Boehner, so I don’t really know who it is now.

  15. Just so everyone knows: John Boehner is NOT the one who Mark was talking about. This as per a tweet Mark sent out to the twitter world. The first person I thought of was Cantor.

        1. thejimmyzshow WolfieUSA clubgitmo 
          I wouldn’t call it a radio shtick.  I think it’s called “fair warming/”

        2. ChesterSimms thejimmyzshow WolfieUSA clubgitmo If he’s going to bring this up, he needs to name the person because in the meantime, people are guessing and accusing people who have done no such thing. It’s cheap and sleazy.

        3. thejimmyzshow ChesterSimms WolfieUSA clubgitmo Cheap and sleazy? What the hell are you talking about? There might be a very good reason why Levin doesn’t want to name who it is. To call that cheap and sleazy is way off base.

        4. clubgitmo thejimmyzshow ChesterSimms WolfieUSA It’s cheap radio. Tell the whole story, name the guy, or don’t say anything.

    1. Not sure whi its going to be, but it is definitely a RINO so that helps some.  RINOs are to conservtives what bluedogs were to democrats.  Bluedogs, like RINOs, lied pathetically to their constituents until the polls close, then stab their supporters in the back.  Bluedogs are now extinct which is just a matter of time for the RINOs.

      1. volsense  
        We could’ve played pychological games with the liberals by fawning over the blue dogs like liberals do to certain RINOs, and lecturing them sanctimoniously when they disapproved of one like they do to us regarding the RINOs. We could’ve nonstop lectured them on how supposedly “sane” they were and how they should all ditch their base and platform and listen to them.

        They’d be on edge if we did that to them and know how we feel when they swoon over Huntsman, Lugar, or Powell. 
        But we had too much class for that mostly.

  16. Boehner (the man with the fake tan).  And his clown supporters put him in AGAIN.  Just like they RE-ELECTED Obama. We’re screwed America.  Screwed. I don’t think 2014 will save us.  I am no longer a repubican.

    1. sly311 No, you can’t replace Boehner because you’ll get a Democrat (in a state like Ohio). 2014 is looking good – many Americans are getting a huge slap in the face with Obamacare taking hold. Stand up and be a force for optimism.

      1. thejimmyzshow sly311 I have thought about Pelosi leading the house or Boehner.  I have finally deduced that when..not if..this society/economy collapses, conservatives will get at a minimum half the blame and deservedly so.  We had a 60% chance of not collapsing with the scenario of Obama as President and a true Conservative running the house.  With Boehner running around with his tutu on, we are sunk.  See….Boehner has squandered TWO YEARS.  He has allowed Obama and the Dems to have a government allowance of 3.7 trillion dollars year after year via CR’s.  Funny how the Dem’s would only let Bush squander 2.5 to 2.7 trillion in his last few years of office.   SIX TRILLION WASTED….or if you are a Dem….a very worthy investment because it bought them FOUR MORE YEARS of control and BOEHNER handed this to them wrapped up with a pink bow….man has got to get rid of that tutu!
        Now after saying all this…I think I would have preferred Pelosi to have been in control verses what we have….then after the fall….Republicans…no I mean Conservatives will rise to power and finally get this country back to where even our founders would be proud.  Other wise…we will get the blame and Dems will be able to convince these lame brain Americans that Republican interference in Obama trying to implement his policies caused the collapse.  They will rule again….all because of Boehner’s tutu!

        1. suzy000 thejimmyzshow sly311 Boehner & Company have squandered all of the conservative progress that Newt made when he was speaker – a balanced budget and massive welfare reform that reduced welfare recipients by 50%.  THEY are the ones who stood in the way when Newt wanted to get term limits.  Well, they got rid of Newt and turned their backs on conservatism and they are just as responsible for what has happened to our country in the last 20 years as the Democrats are!

        2. Newt isn’t all that. He’s a RINO too and hopefully, this time around people will be more careful who they vote for in 2014. Boehner is up for reelection, and since no one will be able to challenge him at the GOP, they need an independent or libertarian to run as a third party.

        3. DeborahClemence suzy000 thejimmyzshow sly311  
          I remember two years ago this website was anti-Newt and loved Ryan.
          Times can really change. 
          One of the mindsets back then was a real whopper: “Forget Rick Perry (who I really like, he’s not perfect but he has a nice conservative record), let’s run a REAL conservative like Chris Christie!” I’m not even kidding. It almost makes me laugh.

        4. Jim25 DeborahClemence suzy000 thejimmyzshow sly311   There are still pseudo conservatives pushing Chris Christie, like Ann Coulter and even Eric Bolling!  Christie is a country club NE RINO who is soft on illegal immigration, the 2nd amendment and Sharia. And somehow I don’t think his bully tactics would work in Washington DC.  I like Perry too… he certainly is standing strong in the face of this progressive onslaught and he has some very strong conservative positions and ideas.

  17. Name and Shame Mark, Name and shame! It’s not whether he succeeds or not, it’s that he’s trying!  And I’m trying… Trying to guess who he is.

    1. He should take the guess work out of it and just let us know who it is. He has to know we are on his side!

      1. nosilasunny It has to Boehner, he’s the only one with enough power, from his good buddy Obama, to make that threat.

    1. JungleCogs   Two things I’ve longed to see: one, a debate between Newt Gringrich and Barack Obama; two, Mark Levin going after a major RINO face-to-face.
      The first one, alas, was not to be.  There’s still hope for number two.

  18. The field is pretty narrow… narrowed to those Levin attacks most… and Boehner is the most logical one at present.  We can all take an educated guess.
    There are litigious issues to be considered.  Levin’s no dummy. 
    Levin’s making a charge, but without evidence it would be slander. 
    He’s waiting to get his own ducks in line then proceed with an action
    against tortious interference in a contractual agreement… in this case
    Levin’s contract with the radio affiliate.  Mark’s not being coy, he’s being prudent and smart.  
    Whoever it is will back off because of the stakes involved.  If Levin has enough evidence he could use that in a full frontal attack even if the culprit turns tail and runs.  He could use it with no fear of a counter suit for slander or libel, but it has to be solid.  And that solid evidence trail is what Levin’s going after.

  19. ‘If one of these jerks is that brazen with someone who is not under them, junior to them in the house, how do you think they treat conservatives who don’t go along?’ I can’t respect conservatives who continue to remain in a party that functions like this, or regard them as leaders. They’re more like hostages with Stockholm syndrome. Ted Cruz, Louis Gohmert, jump ship and go 3rd party now. Get out from under the thumb of these fascists.

  20. For someone who listens to Levin’s show regularly, why the heck would he want to shut it down.  Can’t figure that one out.   [sarc. off]

  21. Why is Mark using his fans like this?  Give us the individual’s name, or handle it on the QT.  Mark is great, but episodes like this, and his spitting on the Obama birth certificate issue, and early reluctance to call Obama a Marxist keep me from going all in with this guy.

    1. Matt2Matt   Mark’s pretty pissed, and for good reasons.  The Republican “leaders” (including Gingrich, Romney, Dole, McCain, Boehner, Hastert, et al) have been active apologists for liberal policies as long as I can remember; justifying and kowtowing to the repetitive, sinuous approaches that empower government and weaken free people’s ability to prosper and exercise their rights; all while pretending to have our best interests in mind. 
      Seeing how the GOP rank and file are content with playing games and screwing us all in the name of party politics, Levin is justified to pursue his own tongue-in-cheek methods.  Frankly, I’m hoping the federal government finally collapses on its own weight.  And I’ll stop right here.

      1. iammrlackey Matt2Matt   You should be careful what you say about Newt Gingrich.  He is much like Winston Churchill in that he is not consistent, but he also orchestrated the first GOP majority in the House in 40 years when all the others insisted it could not be done, and he led a Conservative revolution unparalleled in Congress pulling Bill Clinton to the center to balance the budget and pass massive welfare reform reducing the number of people on welfare by 50%.  He also tried to get term limits but his own party blocked him!  If you are not aware of what Newt managed to do with a Democrat president in 1994… I recommend that you watch this:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yksP8VHICek&feature=related  This is a documentary by Bill Kristol that is bipartisan and gives you a real insight into the workings of Congress and this era in our history.  Gingrich also had the guts to close the federal government for 3 weeks to get what he wanted from Bill Clinton.  He may not be a constant conservative but he does not belong in the RINO group wit the others you named.  Like Winston Churchill, you can’t put Newt in a box.

        1. DeborahClemence iammrlackey Matt2Matt Just a couple of things here….while I cannot dispute anything you said..I would like to elaborate.  They are finding out now that many and I mean many people that did go off welfare ended up on the SSI rolls.  What prompted that insight was today.  People went of unemployment only to go on SSI.  Next…how did Newt accomplish what he did with being so ALL OVER THE PAGE?  I hear Newt one day and then he speaks completely different the next. (one day he is ultra conservative and the next he is a progressive Republican) It is mind blowing but it WORKED!  See…Obama and the Dems see Boehner coming before he even leaves the building…he is PREDICTABLE…Newt was not.  Heck…I don’t think even Newt knew how he would do something from one day to the next.  Newt’s strategy was “Newt” and a lot of luck…it was not planned.  This made many in Congress nervous and ended being his demise and failed future legislation.  But like I said…your facts are right….there is just some more tidbits I wanted others to know along with them.  And you couldn’t be more right about not putting Newt in a box…they haven’t made one yet that would categorize him.  He is a unique breed.

        2. suzy000 DeborahClemence iammrlackey Matt2Matt   I think there is a huge correlation between Newt and Winston Churchill… both brilliant, both students of history and authors, both erratic (Winston Churchill even changed parties) and not trusted by their colleagues, both great thinkers and I think that is the key.  You can’t label them or put them in a box.  Newt loves this country and understands our history and sees the big picture.  He is constantly looking for solutions and sometimes those solutions are not as conservative as we would like, but his basic framework is conservatism.  He understands how Congress functions and how to get things done.  Nancy Reagan confirmed that Reagan turned the torch of conservatism over to Newt so clearly he was recognized as a conservative.  I think he is against socialism, as Winston was, but he is not against government – he just wants government to function efficiently.  For instance, he supported the idea of Bush’s prescription drug coverage for the elderly, but he insisted that they should have found a way to pay for it.  If you have not seen this documentary, I highly recommend it.  It was hosted back in 1994 by Bill Kurtis and it is bipartisan, a fascinating look at the Republican Revolution and Newt’s accomplishments as Speaker from both sides of the aisle.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yksP8VHICek&feature=related

        3. DeborahClemence suzy000 iammrlackey Matt2Matt  
          I agree with you a whole lot. Newt is Newt. I support him in most of his idea.

  22. I think its john Boehner or Eric Cantor. He said it was someone that kicked conservatives off of committee’s. I would think it was one of those two. I hope its Boehner. This would help in he extinction of the leadership in the house which we all know needs to happen.

  23. Whoever you are, we know, cut the foolishness. You don’t deserve to be a representative. I support Mark, and I stand with Mark. This is more than that, it’s a matter of right and wrong, it’s a matter of principle. How moronic a coward in action. People like this don’t deserve to propose and write laws.

    I hate bullies !

  24. Mark is doing what he must to defend his market presence but we need to know who this is – whether or not he succeed in getting Mark off the air. These actions are despicable and deserve no protection from public shame.

  25. And still Mark doesn’t support a third party and he was cheering when Michael Savage was banned from Britain.

  26. C’mon, Mark, Stop being a tease. You know we all want to know. Truth to tell,
    brother, we need to know. Time to start naming names and take ’em all down
    before we lose what’s left of the Republic!

  27. DawgfaninFL   Don’t forget Marco’s problems with vetting and his potential closeness to another FL state politician who ws caught with his cookie hand in the cookie jar  where it didn’t belong.

  28. That’s the sincerest form of flattery.  If they’re afraid of you, then you’re threatening their power by making inroads with the folks.

    1. I say we all ship him a box of the cheapest hankies we can find and ship it to him. Think it will make our point? Doubt it. The new feminized man. He is so empathetic…sorry a little nauseous. Forgive me…sniff.

  29. If it IS BOEHNER……………………..He might flippin CRY!!
    Ya’ll just watch for it, OK? Crying, I mean……..

      1. DawgfanInFL I’m glad you clarified. I thought you were talking about sending hankies to Levin!

        1. PNWShan DawgfanInFL I was not as suttle as above. I believe in putting it out there. I do like yer reply though…..

  30. I wish you the best Mark, in ALL you do! I especially pray for you and wish you best luck in confronting and bringing out the loser that wants you to be out, and stays in the shadows!

  31. Well I guess it’s on. Thanks to Mark millions of Americans are on to the ruling class that comprise both parties. The more we push back the more fascist they will get You don’t really think Homeland Security has contracted 1.5 billion rounds for mere target practice, do you? Unless, of course, we are the targets.

  32. There is only one party in Washington now.  It is beyond sickening what is happening to this country from within.  The great comfort I have though is knowing God is still on the throne 😉

  33. The congressman would have to pull a giant plug, people can listen to audio broadcasts on the Internet and hook up with any radio station in the country. I’d love to know who the GOP rat is.

  34. I suggest we call or e-mail our prospective congressman and senators and let them know exactly how we feel about this.After all I am sure there are people here from nearly every state..It has to be somebody’s congressman.

    1. If that is true, then why are there Jews in the US protesting against Israel and support the Palestinians? It’s an upside down world.

      1. 3seven77 Tea Party Jew I’m with you 3seven77…..if Tea Party Jew was was evenly remotely correct….Obama would not have won the election.  Voting for Obama was voting against Israel and Obama got what…70% of the Jewish vote?

    1. nosilasunny I wish Mark would let down his guard and expose this person so that we could tell them loud and clear,HANDS OFF of Mark!

  35. This is interesting. Levin absolutely must expose who this person is. Not keep them anonymous.

    Don Young? Nah, while he’s an insider he’s not powerful enough.
    Kevin McCarthy or Peter King. Should I narrow it down to one, I’m guessing McCarthy.

  36. “Hey, why is everyone looking at me?  sniff, sniff, weep, weep”
    Speaker of the House of Horrors, John Boehner

  37. You people are anyone who believes that this guy is in it for anything other than the money. All of these talk radio guys are the same. The most insidious is Glenn Beck – he promotes silly conspiracy theories and then gets you to buy survival food, seeds, gold and books that teach you how to survive a dirty bomb. One notch above a televangelist – the worst con artists.

    1. pnels4 hey buddy–Mark Levin is the main attorney with Landmark Legal Foundation, the group that defeated Obama’s illegal recess appoinments.  Levin is a true patriot, you idiot.

      1. Doesn’t mean anything. Televangelists claim to believe in God, but their greed gives away their hypocrisy.

        1. pnels4  Of course, we know how “altruistic” Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews and the rest are since they’re doing what they do for free…
          Oh wait…they’re not.

        2. pnels4  Dr. Mark Levin served in the Reagan administration and he is a prominent attorney, an author and a scholar.  He does his own research and writes his own books…he doesn’t use ghost writers as so many people do: Men in Black about the Supreme Court, Liberty and Tyranny, and Ameritopia.  His Landmark Legal Foundation argues cases in front of the Supreme Court.  His scholarship puts him way above almost everyone in Washington DC and he is doing his best to educate people about our Founders and the philosophies that inspired them, our unique history, and the Constitution, and warn them that we are rapidly losing our liberty.  He is trying to save our republic, which is systematically being destroyed.  You should read his books… if you can keep up with him, you will learn something.

        3. pnels4 And what does that have to do with the topic of the thread Please enlighten us !BTW,I personally had Olsteen pegged as a  phony a long time ago!Anybody that portrays the Christian life as easy and without pain has never been a Christian!I can spot a  charlatan from a mile away!

      1. Don’t I have free speech or does the right scoop want to do to me what Levin claims some congressman is doing?

        1. pnels4 Maybe not for very much longer since some Democrats in Congress have been rattling their sabers about limiting the 1st Amendment.
          Ah heck, let’s just toss the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights out and let Obama right us another one.
          It would start, “I Emperor Obama, do hereby appoint one branch of government – me…to make all laws that people must obey at all times…”

        2. pnels4 Posting on someone else’s blog is a privilege not a right. A privilege which you have abused with your trolling, so it’s a privilege I am revoking.

        3. pnels4 You have a right to your opinion, but when you start off a comment by “You people” and proceed to insult them, don’t be surprised to have some flack.  I did edit your comment and someone else’s.  Let’s keep it civil please. Thanks.

    2. pnels4 Your just disgruntled because Air America left wing loons couldn’t stand on their own.I suppose the leftist MSM is in it because they care?You are a hoot!

  38. It has to be Boehner, because Mark said that this person has removed people from committees or threatened to, and harassed freshman Tea Party members.  It’s Boehner.

  39. There are too many RINOs who have taken over the GOP, which is why the party sucks big time and can’t be trusted.

  40. I believe a Senator can be called a Congressman. I could be wrong but I also believe that Mark intentionally widened the field by calling him a congressman. My guess would be goober graham.  He is up for reelection in 2014.

    1. TruthSociety  Actually if you listen closely he specifically mentions “House” in his comments, but only one time so it’s easy to miss.

    1. skspls it’s definitely boner….he doesn’t want his re-election challenged and wants the sheeple in his district to stay uninformed

    1. Reasons are:  He’s an insider, a party guy.  He’s high up the food chain, so he has all the cover he’ll ever need….he’s in a battleground State which could easily shift hard left if enough people don’t show up for Dems, and he’s an investment they need to keep in power in his own district.

  41. My guess is boner but no matter who it is they need to be exposed to show how shallow and chicken sh-t they are. A man handles things up front, a coward sneaks around like a snake. Yep, it’s boner.

      1. Even though Mark mentioned removing people from committees etc. That is honestly why I thought Boehner. I’m probably wrong but when Mark mentioned “kinda powerful”
        I automatically went to Boehner. He could be mOre powerful but he undercuts himself time an time again.
        Maybe I should say tear after tear, he underscore his authority. Heck, even as a woman, I know better than to cry on the job. Geez.

      1. SheerPolitics UlyssesArn Both Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsay Graham are Senators and not Congressmen, the title for House of Reps so it would have to be a House member, right?

    1. UlyssesArn Boehner wouldn’t want his fingerprints obviously to be on this (too chicken is he). I’d say either Kevin McCarthy or Eric Cantor, two of Boehner’s faux-conserv enforcers.

    1. StevenValdez   Steven, there are litigious issues to be considered.  Levin’s no dummy.  Levin’s making a charge, but without evidence it would be slander.  He’ll need to get his own ducks in line then proceed with an action against tortious interference in a contractual agreement… in this case Levin’s contract with the radio affiliate.
      Mark’s not being coy, he’s being prudent and smart.

    1. Tea Party Jew Wish I could agree but the list is very, very long!  I think it’s Boehner.

  42. National Socialist Republican Party-they are the brown shirt Nazi’s.  Trash them, expose and destroy them

  43. I would like to know who it is either way.  If he/they are attempting to dry up tea party fundraising, we need to help those candidates with our funds.

  44. It’s rather telling that a number of names and faces come so quickly to mind. That’s a shame.

    1. DawgfanInFL The list of who it isn’t is MUCH shorter!  In fact, I can only think of 3 or so.

      1. It’s enough to make one not believe in the system as it’s being administered today. All we can to do is keep the faith, pray, and hold their a**** to the fire!

  45. If anyone messes with the Professor I KNOW that there will be an uprising the likes of which this “sliming around” re-pubic-an can’t begin to imagine. Most of us are just spoiling to open a mean can of whup-ass on this gang of greedy buggers in DC and CLEAN HOUSE. Our house.
    HEY, FACIST– YOU WORK FOR US, and we will not have some lackey-hack like you trying to strong arm or threaten Professor Levin.

  46. I need to know who this so called “Republican” is. I guess whoever it is might be okay with the New World Order. We really need to clean house.

      1. therightscoop wales Good point. My bad. Can I take back the “bet my life on it”? ;o)
        It does sound the like the underhanded intimidating way McCain operates though…

    1. jgilman I thought Boehner at first……but he is the Speaker and a very powerful R. Mark said a “fairly powerful congressman”. Cantor or McCarthy. Bet it is Cantor. I once attended a Tea Party meeting and heard Mark Meckler say that Cantor cannot be trusted AT ALL! He would do anything to save his political power.

      1. PVG jgilman It’s not Cantor; Levin doesn’t air on any local stations in Cantor’s district.  I’m betting McCarthy.  Since Boner is who he disses most, Levin said it wasn’t who we thought it was — which makes McCarthy the man.  He also mentioned “I’m not some freshman TEA Party congressman you can threaten with re-election funds! (which is what I believe McCarthy does for Boner).

        1. Truly though, how powerful is a speaker who barely, got the gavel from Pelosi, and cried for the duration of his speech. For a powerful position, Boehner does not exemplify a quality, strong speaker of the house. Bit hat a shame that as a conservative that I have so many people that fills the role as a mole in the conservative party. It’s pathetic really. You sure can’t just vote party lines anymore. You end up with the Scarborough’s, or the Charlie Crists. Florida is seriously going blue people and we can’t seem to stop it. I thiught Rubio had a chance until he took center stage for amnesty. Ah, no.

        2. palintologist PVG jgilman Didn’t know Levin isn’t on in Cantor’s district. I know for a fact McCarthy’s district gets Levin, I’ve heard him when visiting family down there. So my guess is McCarthy. Thanks palintologist!

    1. Conservative_Hippie Yes it is. And if anyone has any doubts, go back to the National Labor Relations Board case that Levin’s Landmark Legal Foundation participated in that found Obama’s appointments unconstitutional!  Levin puts his $$ and intelligence where it counts.

  47. I would like to know who it is.  Right now, I’m registered as Republican and I think I’m going to change that.  The Republicans used to call me asking for money, and after I told them what I thought they stopped calling me.

      1. Laurel A marthachandler I don’t believe that they are listening anymore.  Doesn’t matter what I say.

        1. marthachandler Laurel A They are listening. Trust me. You need to get more voices to add to yours but I can tell you when Republicans are doing election autopsies they are listening.
          I’m thinking of engineering a votecott.

        2. But with autopsies, it’s too late.  Gotta listen while the “patient” is still alive.

        3. marthachandler Laurel A Last time RNC called my husband for money, he told the RNC what he didn’t like about their approaches and THEY HUNG UP ON HIM!!!!  Not a big surprise but I under estimated their rudeness.

      2. Laurel A marthachandler Exactly! Every time they call me I tell them that’s another $100 to the DNC until John Boehner is removed from Speaker

      1. Laurel A Jake Bourgeois via Mark’s FB page: Boehner is not the Republican who asked one of my affiliates to drop my show. I will reveal who it is if he keeps it up.

    1. Jake Bourgeois I’m in CA, and for some reason I can’t get the show on my computer today. Stranger than fiction.

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