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35 thoughts on “Fast and Furious: Will Obama, Holder come clean?

  1. I’ve been following and supporting Ted Cruz for a while. Michelle Malkin and Amy Kremer have been supportive of him, too. I really hope he wins the primary in TX! I think he would be an excellent public servant.

  2. GREAT AD! Don’t indict Holder until Mittens takes office…then Obama and Holder both can be indicted on a myriad of treasonous items. Obama can’t pardon Holder after the fact, ie..when he is beaten and out of office.

  3. CNN and the rest of the Lying Media call Fast and Furious a “botched” program,as if it were just a slight mistake, a kind of an oversight by a minor official

    F&F was not a “botched” plan as the commie perv at CNN implies. The plan to walk guns to criminals and then blame the American gun dealers was a clear communist operation, designed to be used for propaganda and extortion at the ballot box and in the Congress to destroy a fundamental institution in this country–gun ownership.

    Can you imagine what kind of low minded, scum would participate and foster this operation? The first Black President. This is what you get. This is what legal considerations and preferential treatment for racists brings to a society.

    When can we get some hard-hitting, dyed in the wool, Quran-toting mf’ers with stones into the CNN studios?

  4. You keep ringing the bell and sounding the truth as far, wide and loud as you can Mr. Cruz! We the constitutional loving Americans are with you in our prayers and support!!!

  5. Fantastic ad. It actually had depth and something to say. Most ads don’t say much, but this one hits hard.

  6. Two thousand guns were sold and fifteen hundred of those guns were sold to FOUR people. Kind of hard to track, I guess.

    1. They tried saying the batteries went dead an hour or so after they were sold. Yeah, like our agents are that freaking stupid. It was intentional so they could push gun control.

  7. Maybe it takes an ATF officer to be black and murdered in Florida for dishonorable Holder and his boyfriend to step up. God forbid it happen again.

    1. Very strange Hawg…..but I’ve always thought the same thing. BF that is! I think you’ve got it right.

  8. FYI – The best coverage anywhere on Fast and Furious is by Jim Quinn, the single best-kept secret in talk radio. He hits this topic almost daily. Hour for hour, the best use of your time if you want to stay abreast of issues like this. His shows cost nothing, they’re at

  9. That gave me the chills! Wow, what a great ad… might have to find out more about this Ted Cruz…

    1. This government is above the law.

      We have no choice but to get behind politicians who are willing to stand up and say what we all know is true. Any politician who does not, is complicit with the regime.

    2. Take a look at the link Mr. Cleary provided, his Bio is rock solid and he would be a terrific asset in the senate.

        1. YEAH – Well I have had an open sore that won’t heal until he’s gone

          Beat that one! bro

          (and I would watch where that thrill goes – you may not like it)

    3. Go to YouTube and check out his interview with Fox 26 in Houston, also Mark Levin is in his corner.. I haven’t done my research yet on the Texas Senate race but my gut is that Dewhurst is a RINO. I think Craig James is also running.. the ESPN guy.

      Hope my absentee ballot gets here soon.. I’m liking this Ted Cruz.

      1. I checked out that video yesterday and this morning I sent an email to a few of my friends in Texas asking them to check this guy out…

        I wish I didn’t live in California so I could have options like this.

  10. …lies ,lies,lies, lies, lies and more LIES from this Mao Obama REGIME !


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