Fauci says US is heading out of ‘full blown’ pandemic

In what is surely a preview of the White House’s COVID press briefing today, it’s being reported this morning that Fauci is now saying that the US is heading out of the ‘full blown’ coronavirus pandemic:

THE HILL – The U.S. is exiting the “full-blown” pandemic phase of the years-long COVID-19 crisis that began in 2020, the Biden administration’s chief medical adviser Anthony Fauci told the Financial Times on Tuesday.

Fauci, who is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said that new developments that limit COVID-19, including vaccinations, medical treatments and prior infection, will alter the pandemic situation significantly in the coming months.

“As we get out of the full-blown pandemic phase of COVID-19,” Fauci said to the Times. “Which we are certainly heading out of, these decisions will increasingly be made on a local level rather than centrally decided or mandated. There will also be more people making their own decisions on how they want to deal with the virus.”

Fauci said that he hopes all COVID-19 restrictions will be halted in the coming months as well, citing mandatory mask-wearing as one of the restrictions he expects to end. He agreed that restrictions might end in 2022.

This tells us more than anything just how scared Democrats are of the coming elections this year. They are actually giving up these oppressive pandemic mandates and are going to spend the next nine months lying to the American public, claiming that Biden ended the pandemic when he had nothing to do with it.

DeSantis was right yesterday when he said the ‘political science’ is the only thing that has changed. Clearly the Biden administration is orchestrating this entire fraud with these Democrat states so they can make it look as if the pandemic is suddenly over and Biden can take credit for it.

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