Federal judge blocks new Trump asylum policy AGAIN

Trump’s new asylum policy, which the 9th circuit freed from an injunction by a federal judge last month, has been blocked again, by the same judge:

AXIOS – A California federal judge re-issued a nationwide injunction on Monday, blocking the Trump administration from denying asylum to migrants who have not first applied for refuge in a “third country” they’ve traveled through.

Last month, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals narrowed federal Judge Jon Tigar’s first preliminary injunction to apply only to the 9th circuit. The move allowed the Trump administration to enforce the policy — which would all but deny asylum to Central American migrants — in Texas and New Mexico. The policy will now be blocked nationwide once again.

If the 9th circuit ‘narrowed’ Tigar’s injunction before, perhaps they will narrow it again. But clearly if they send it back to Tigar, he will do the same.

Or the Trump admin will get a different set of judges in the 9th and they will allow the ban to continue, and the fight will have to go to the Supreme Court.

As we’ve told you before, Judge Tigar is an Obama appointee.

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9 thoughts on “Federal judge blocks new Trump asylum policy AGAIN

  1. The courts suck. Judges are corrupt. Judges are advancing their personal political agenda instead of interpreting the law. That’s not surprising news and is beyond our control.

    What about all the gates in the border wall being locked open around El Paso?

    The IWBC claims they only locked open the one gate where the We Build The Wall section was built, blocking access to some lame mile marker. Who locked open all the other gates in the El Paso area? Are they still locked open? If so, why?

    That’s something the administration, CBP, and homeland security should have control over.

  2. If the block was lifted how can he block it again? If a judge can ignore higher rulings then why can’t Trump ignore judges?

  3. Weren’t all the circuit courts started by Congress, as they are not in the Constitution. Just asking, I know nothing can be done.

    1. Yes, only the supreme court is required by the constitution. Jefferson fought the judiciary tooth and nail. The history is worth looking into..

  4. When is this country going to get serious about stopping the runaway, unaccountable, unconstitutional overreach of the federal judiciary? This is more than a rhetorical question. It concerns a real and festering disease that we have allowed to exist in our governing system.

    1. When the lower courts are allowed to conclude anything that restrains the left’s political agenda is a violation of someone’s civil rights, which they conflate with constitutional rights, they can make law out of nothing at all.

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