Federal judge rules that all Texas voters must be allowed to vote absenteee

A federal judge just ruled that all Texas voters must be allowed to vote absentee because of the coronavirus:

FOX SAN ANTONIO – A federal judge on Tuesday opened a path for a massive expansion in absentee voting in Texas by ordering that all state voters regardless of age qualify for a mail-in ballot during the coronavirus pandemic.

Days after a two-hour preliminary injunction hearing in San Antonio, U.S. District Judge Fred Biery agreed with individual Texas voters and the Texas Democratic Party that voters would face irreparable harm if existing age eligibility rules for voting by mail remain in place for elections held while the coronavirus remains in wide circulation. Under his order, which will surely be appealed, voters under the age of 65 who would ordinarily not qualify for a mail-in ballot would now be eligible. Biery’s order covers Texas voters “who seek to vote by mail to avoid transmission of the virus.”

In a lengthy order, opened by quoting the preamble to the Declaration of Independence, Biery said he had concerns for the health and safety of voters and stated the right to vote “should not be elusively based on the whims of nature.”

“Two hundred forty-years on, Americans now seek Life without fear of pandemic, Liberty to choose their leaders in an environment free of disease and the pursuit of Happiness without undue restrictions,” Biery wrote.

In the federal lawsuit, the Texas Democrats argued that holding traditional elections under the circumstances brought on by the coronavirus pandemic would impose unconstitutional and illegal burdens on voters unless state law was clarified to expand who can qualify to vote by mail.

Talk about a liberal wet dream. If they can’t turn the state of Texas blue the normal way, they’ll do it by hook and crook under the auspices of protecting voters from the coronavirus. And this federal judge, who was appointed by Monica Lewinsky’s infamous ex-boyfriend, gave them exactly what they wanted.

It’s really dumb when you think about it. If you can go to Home Depot or the grocery store, then you can stand six feet behind someone in line wearing a face mask and wait your turn to vote. It’s really that simple.

As the article notes, you can believe this will be appealed to a higher court. Let’s hope that we don’t end up with an absentee ballot fiasco come November because Democrats will try and beat Trump any way they can, no matter how illegal. That’s how much they hate him.

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