‘Feds are putting on off-Broadway musicals now’: Skepticism high as ‘Patriot Front’ marches in Boston

The left’s favorite mask-wearing buzz cuts “Patriot Front” are marching today in Boston and skepticism remains high on the right about who these mysterious guys in matching uniforms really are.

The group has shown up at random times in random places, never making much impact but always garnering an enormous amount of MSM attention and left-wing tweeting. Today they are in Boston and brought some snazzy drum music with them.

Who are they? As we’ve mentioned at Right Scoop before, there are some theories on that, uh, front.

This is interesting.

Hey you never know, this could be a real group, or it could be Feds I guess, or it could be Lincoln Project. For sure the left-wing blue check media circle of jerks are stroking their pointy beards over them on Twitter quite vigorously. But what was the point of the march?


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