Feinstein defends Clinton on Benghazi: No evidence she even knew about it so let’s move on

Senator Dianne Feinstein defended former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today on CNN regarding the security situation in Benghazi. Senator Marco Rubio released a statement today, following the release of the Senate’s report on Benghazi, that said “Clinton’s failure to provide adequate security” should be reexamined. Feinstein was asked if the buck stops with Clinton:

Well let me say this…and it’s interesting that the first thing out of the box is something that’s political. There is no evidence that Secretary Clinton even knew about this. There is an undersecretary for management, there are others that run these facilities, that evaluate these facilities, that make the decisions with respect to security. But for the future, we now know we have to beef up security and we should do that. And rather than casting recriminations, I think the most constructive thing to do is see that any facilities which need increased security get that increased security.

She also pointed out that some of the groups involved were ‘loosely’ connected with the international Al Qaeda group, but not with the Al Qaeda in Pakistan.


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