Female debate questioner Susan Katz didn’t like how Romney answered her question or something

Susan Katz asked the “How are you different than George W. Bush” question of Romney last night, a question that I thought Romney answered quite well. But when asked today what she thought about Romney, she had this to say:

She says she was put off by Romney’s style, that he seems like a guy who doesn’t allow for other people to express their points of view. And she didn’t like how he wanted to go back to the previous question and clarify his position. She said he’s got to have the last word.

Does she even understand what the heck was going on last night? It was a freaking debate where they are both fighting to be president of the greatest nation on earth. Of course there is going to be back and forth. The only reason he chose to clarify his position from the last question was that he did not get an equal chance to respond to Obama’s statements about his position. The last question was asked first to Obama, then Romney answered, then Obama rebutted, and Candy jumped in and said she wanted to move on to the next question. Romney was left high and dry.

But who freaking cares if he wanted to clarify his position on the last question? He answered her stupid Bush question and he answered it well. But she’s so damn uptight that she’s got to find some reason to trash him the following day so NBC can highlight it for all their network viewers.

Oh wait, it’s all starting to make sense now:

I think [Obama] has matured tremendously,” Katz said on CNN. “There’s no question that we expected more from him. I voted for him the first time, I had great hopes for him. I’m disappointed, and when and I got the phone call from the Gallup poll, I was truly, truly undecided. … I saw in President Obama someone who has ripened with time. He deserves another four years to see his vision through.

Well, I guess we kinda knew that from her question. If I remember correctly, she thinks that the Bush policies caused the housing sector to go bust. She probably thinks the tax cuts did it too.

This is why I hate these town halls. It’s packed with hacks instead of actual undecided people who aren’t looking to smear the candidate they aren’t leaning toward.

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